CheapAssGamer Founder Also Confirms That Call of Duty: Ghosts Is 720p On Xbox One

Call of Duty: Ghosts is an upcoming new addition to the series of Call of Duty. Xbox was always the get-go and platform of choice by Call of Duty players with Activision also releasing timed exclusive content for the Xbox platform. Recently rumours surfaced which enraged gamers and questioned if Microsoft will be delivering on its promise about HD gaming for next-generation with Xbox One. With the review embargo date lifting for Call of Duty: Ghosts on November 5 for all platforms except for one, the Xbox One. Staff from Microsoft and from Activision have remained quiet on the matter and have given no official word or statement about the resolution.


CheapAssGamer founder, David Abrams, tweeted that although he is not reviewing any Xbox One games, he confirmed that Call of Duty: Ghosts is indeed 720p on the Xbox One as opposed to 1080p on the PlayStation 4. Former IGN editor also confirmed but not directly (probably sarcastically) that Call of Duty: Ghosts is 720p on Xbox One.

David Abrams is of the optimist type. He thinks that these multiplatform differences will be sorted out in time and parity can be/will be achieved on both the next-generation platforms as was the case with PlayStation 3 playing catchup with Xbox 360 this generation.

But all of this begs the question if Microsoft’s next-generation console is indeed ‘inferior’ in performance when compared to PlayStation 4, even though it was said by Microsoft that the system can perform the same and is indeed powerful and if games on the platform are being rushed instead of being optimized well for the platform. Call of Duty: Ghosts is not the first game to be confirmed running at 720p resolution, Battlefield 4, Killer Instinct, Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 are also rumored titles that are running at 720p resolution. With its competition doing 1080p resolution while also being $100 cheaper, Microsoft should seriously rethink their strategy and give ample enough time to developers to develop a solid title for the Xbox One.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released on November 5 for PC, Xbox 360, Wii U and PlayStation 3. It will be released at launch along side the PlayStation 4 on November 15 and on Xbox One on November 22.

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  • Ben A


  • Master Troll


  • Sam Burns

    1080p will be expected. 900p (Ryse?) is disappointing, but acceptable. 720p will piss off many, especially when they consider that they could have spent $500 on a budget gaming PC which could easily handle the PC port at 1080p-30-60fps.

    • Master Troll

      Will just suck more dust into that huge piece of crap xbox while you play the ps4 through the hdmi in…still your choice

  • Edonus

    My first question is how would this guy know what the resolution of a game on the One is? How would he have access to COD Ghosts and the set up to benchmark it at 720p and Ps4 version to mark it at 1080p?

    This is just those ghosts that the Xbox One has had to fight since reveal. I dont remember any thing being confirmed for either system.

    Another thing is why discount the upscalers so much. Thetech behind upscalers have been increasing and being perfected for years. Should they really just drop this technology just to push a system just that much harder for so little of a performance increase.

    • Master Troll

      The insiders have confirmed on twitter do some better research on your precious xbox 720p

      • Edonus

        I ask serious questions that have to do real information and the best you got is Twitter.
        The same twitter that anyone can register on and post anything they want Twitter. Twitter and confirming anything are complete opposites. You just want to believe that crap is all.

        Take it back to the Sony Circle Jerk your hands are getting dry.

    • Master Troll

      Don’t trip the confirmation will come today don’t worry silly xbot puppet

  • Dakan45

    People think that when it “changes” the game will look the same, it wont, it will look inferior or run worse in some areas.

    Same goes when comparing a game on pc and ps4.

    • Villian

      I was thinking about finally buying a PS3 but since you say this I think I will skip it since the entire gen third parties have struggled and ended up with crap ports. And we measure the system on these party games. Oh wait, we don’t measure at least that’s what the fangirls said all gen, until now. I guess besides being the biggest group of douchebag fanboys we can also add they are the biggest hypocrites as well.

      • Dakan45

        Dont know exactly what you mean, but the sony fantards were going on saying that ms pays developers to make the ps3 version look worse and not simply the developers having trouble with da power of da core bs.

        Dice stated that bf4 will run on the same resollution and framerate on both ps4 and xbox one, again sonytards saying that ms pays off devs to not improve the ps4 version, i guess ms also pays devs to improve the pc version from the next gen version.

    • Mike Sombi

      Oh.. so that’s why the PS4’s version of Need For Speed: Rivals and Thief (among other games) has been confirmed to actually look and run better on PS4 right?

      • Dakan45

        Neither of those was confimred you dumb fuck. Thief is 30 fps confirmed on ps4, nfs was gonna be 30 fps, its now unlocked and we will see the graphics when released. Too bad black flag, watchdogs cod ghosts and bf4 are 200% confirmed to beat the ps4 version on pc.

  • kryteris

    Titanfall, Dead Rising 3 720p source?

    • Master Troll

      All Games upscaled to 1080p no native 1080p games for xbox one except forza lmao

  • shinningserpent

    720p is not confirmed for bf4,this site is made by a bunch of Japanese cock sucking suckstation fans.

  • NIkon

    Not bashing Xbox One, I could honestly care less what system everyone buys so lets not go there. That being said, this has to be a least a little disappointing to those who are purchasing the console. I expected developers to be somewhat lazy with their next gen iterations of current gen franchises, that’s understandable when you’re making a game for so many platforms. However, what’s the excuse behind games like Titanfall, Dead Rising and Killer Instinct? With the minor exception of Titanfall (which will also be appearing on PC) the rest are console exclusives. Why are exclusives not pushing the technical boundaries of the console? I’m aware that even exclusives will always look their worse at the beginning of a console’s lifespan as opposed to the end, but this just doesn’t seem right.

  • Michael Clanton

    another biase fanboy article that makes no sense, little thought, and a range of conclusions based off of launch games…. ps3,xbox360, wii u…if all systems were judged by what they launched then the game industry would be bad bad bad. not an educated article, to much personal opinion then fact.

    • Villian

      Lair comes to mind. I can’t believe people still take rumor as fact. Again, there is one group making a huge deal out of this and it’s the sore butt league of PlayStation.

      • Master Troll

        Were just laughing xbots will be doing all the complaining once they all find out ps4 is gonna have a better version

  • ArijanPajazetovic

    You do realize CoD ghosts is 4k on xbox one?

    • Hi54Geezus

      Are you referring to CoD being played on a 4k TV, cuz if that is the case my entire PS1 collection is 1080p?

      • caBooOm

        wall said

    • Master Troll

      Your smoking some good shit

  • yao kouassi

    Abrams “How PS3 MP games were inferior to 360 for quite a while”. Quite a while? They were inferior right up until the end. And so it shall be for the XBONE.

  • ariessiren

    For a next gen system, 1080p is a must. 720 was last gen. Inexcusable

  • REP

    Remember 720p is not even 900p…let alone 1080p. That is a huge difference nobody want anybody said. This just prove that Xbox One is a inferior machine. People can say oh…it will get better in the 2nd year…but who’s to say that PS4 won’t get better as well? C’mon…get rid. PS4 > Xbox One.

    • By the time devs get a hold of Xbox One and its optimization, PlayStation 4 might be doing 1080p/60fps for all titles is what I believe. Hopefully for Xbox fans, devs start optimizing the Xbox One soon to achieve parity in not only resolution and visuals but also FPS at said resolution and visuals.

      • Tom R

        Guarantee it will be 1080p on XB1, there is no way that Microsoft will allow the biggest gaming franchise
        in the world to run at a lower resolution against the PS4, even it means
        Infinity Ward lowering the graphical effects or textures on XB1, it
        will run at 1080p 60fps on XB1.

        • YnotNDalton

          Now this might be a possiblility

      • Dakan45

        Nope you wont be getting 1080p/60fps EVER, unless games look unimpressive. NEXT gen is not as big of a jump as last time. Also this time there is not that much figure out. Each time a new console came out, it was diffirent architecture and devs had to learn it. Now its pretty close to pc architecture to make it easier to optimize games. You wont see such a large jump in graphics in the future.

        • Villian

          Tell that to Forza 5. The only people acting like rabid children about this are Playstation fangirls. They spend half a generation getting crap ports for 3rd party while they yelled about the ultimate power of the cell. Here we are and they are doing the same thing but this time with off the shelf parts. If the fangirls really wanted power they would chuck that Playstation and get a PC. Fact is nothing beats a PC and the couple exclusives the console get do not make up for the huge difference in graphics on the PC.

          • Dakan45

            pretty much, but in the end its about GAMES the most fan i have with games is not with graphically impressive ones, quite the opposite, if xbox one has an awesome game, no matter how better ps4 exlusives look, it wont change which one is the better game.

          • Master Troll

            Game is still the same if we’re talking ghosts just the PS4 version has twice as many pixels than the xbox one version

          • Dakan45

            Not confirmed, just rumors.

          • Mike Sombi

            It’s been confirmed actually. Along with a few other games. There plenty of games on PS4 at 1080p and 60fps that look better than the pc version. NFS: Rivals to name just one.

          • Dakan45

            Not confirmed stop posting bullshit. NFS rivals is a rumor, here goes your bulshit out of the window proving you wrong.

          • Mike Sombi

            pc has the biggest library of games, most of them (80 to 85% being rubbish though)
            Console games have better games, better gameplay, story, ect.

          • Dakan45

            Right all of them are rubbish but your precious consoles dont have rubbish FACEPALM.

            Better story and gameplay my ass.

            So what is gameplay you dumb fuck? What is gameplay? ANOTHER killzone and ANOTHER god of war?The same fuckign shit that we have played a 100 times over? The same dumb down bullshit skilles pieces of shit with very little gameplay and the rest of the game being a interactive fuckign movie like the last of us?

            THIS is what you call “better games”

            This is your idea of better games? No thanks shove those “better games” up your ass , id rathet play unique, innovative and varied complex games with skill and support small developers than the AAA polished turds that play like a fucking movie. Go back to your consoletarded bullshit with their kiddie gameplay and high budgets to pay the actors, id rather play GAMES not movies.

            My god what a pathetic fucktard you are, but ofcourse, thanks to ps3, alot of retards who dont know what games are, were attracted to gaming. Thanks for ruining the industry dipshit.

          • Master Troll

            Forza 5 only 1080p game xbots can even bring up followed by ryse at 900p LMAO

        • Mike Sombi

          Ha… You are gonna look like an ass once Naughty Dog’s first PS4 game comes out 😀

          • Dakan45

            ahahaahha didnt gave a flying fuck the first 100230520502 times they made a fucking game on a sony platform.

      • Master Troll

        There gonna need to keep hoping its gonna be awhile

    • caBooOm

      it’s that 32MB which needs a lot effort and smart pipelining the date throw it .. but with devs that working on ps3/x360/wiiU/ps4/x1 and pc it’s kinda understandable to see some console suffer from this lvl of poor optimization

      just like we saw with the ps3 when devs were plying with the CELL :S

      this is my poor opinion nothing more 😀 PS4 day one for me

      • Tim

        It is confirmed by IGN (and Sony) that COD Ghosts runs at 1080p/60fps on PS4, bet they are crunching at Activision right now to make sure Xbox1 version does as well. Microsoft will not let COD, the biggest franchise in gaming, to be worse on Xbox1 than the PS4 version.

        I’m just glad they did not play politics and do the easy thing of nerfing the PS4 version to be the same as the Xbox1.

        • caBooOm

          i think the GDDR will always get the best out of games engine even if it wasn’t that optimized all thx to the crazy bandwidth

        • Baconelite

          Just a small note: Mario is the biggest franchise in gaming. 🙂

        • Master Troll

          Games already boxed and shipped at 720p for xbox its fun to hope though

    • Abba Okoro

      So your dumb enoguht to take a retail store founder more seriously? God damn people are stupid

      • Dustin

        Aren’t you the same xbot that got humiliated in that debate with BlackBusterCritic? He made you look so bad lol. I would leave the internet if I was you.

        • Abba Okoro

          Oh wow another 12 year old GTFO

      • Master Troll

        Don’t get butthurt I forgot your in denial never mind go back to being butthurt btw have fun playing all your games in 720p like you did on the 360 🙂

        • Abba Okoro

          OK LOL ok looks liek both will be 720p

    • Dakan45

      Well i was doing 960p on my pc back in 2003, thats why i stick to pc, you can just get the P and fps you want without limitations, dont think ps4 is far from it, ubisoft, iw and dice have confirmed the pc version will beat the next gen versions.

      THEREFORE, stop arguing about graphics and focus on gameplay. It seems to me over the year the POINT of games has been lost, its not about graphics its the gameplay.

      if xbox one has awesome games, you bet people will buy it, just like they bought ps3s for the exlusives.

      The most powerfull system NEVER won. it was the weakest most of the time.

      • Lucas Petrini

        Well said.

      • Bob

        That was probably because the weakest is generally the cheapest. Let’s look to the wii which not only had motion controls, but was the cheapest of the bunch. Before that, PS2 and PS1 dominated. And before that, nintendo, nintendo…

        • Dakan45

          ps2 was weaker than gamecube and xbox, same price.

          • Mike Sombi

            PS2 could play DVD’s without any restraint (Xbox had to have a controller, gamecube used mini-discs with small capacity). Let’s use logic that every console has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

      • Mike Sombi

        I love how you say “stop arguing about graphics and focus on gameplay”

        When you made well over 200 trolling comments about Crysis 3 having better than any other game in the world. You lost that arguement by the way but I just wanted to say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

        • Dakan45

          I like how you are a fucking retard, the point is pc wins on graphics,so stop arguing wherever that last of crap looks good or not, IT DOESNT it looks like mediocre shit, every multiplat on pc has better graphics.

    • Larc

      dont forgett 4.5 gb of ram for games, problems with the heat in gamescom and tgs, games delayed drive club, watch dogs yes im talking of ps4

      • Master Troll

        Watchdogs had nothing to do with the consoles it had to do with gta 5 making $$$ and ac4 releasing at the same time u moron

        • Larc

          shut up dumb ass the version of xbox one of watchdogs is gold u dont know nothing

          • Master Troll

            Don’t get butthurt dumb xbot have fun playing on 720p u puppet

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