Check Out How Final Fantasy XV Runs On PS4 Pro In This Gameplay Video

Final Fantasy XV will utilize the extra hardware power of the PS4 Pro to improve its visual fidelity compared to the standard PS4. Square Enix has demonstrated the visual capabilities of Final Fantasy XV for the PS4 Pro at Tokyo Game Show 2016.

While it is not possible to see the true visual fidelity, as the gameplay recorded is entirely off-screen and there is no way to determine the effect of HDR on Final Fantasy XV without a HDR capable display, we can definitely notice improvements in the gameplay footage, mainly for the level-of-detail, foliage density and texture quality.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on November 29th while PS4 Pro is set to arrive on November 10th. It is clear from the footage that Square Enix is trying to utilize the extra hardware power offered by PS4 Pro to greatly improve the visuals of the ga,e. We can also expect to see 4K resolution and HDR support in addition to improved graphics.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on November 29th for the PS4 and Xbox One. Details about the PS4 Pro version are still shrouded in mystery but we can determine from the off-screen gameplay that it looks great.

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  • But is it stable fps? Normal version dropped below 30 far too often on Master video.

    • Alibaba035

      Some people have said that the playable gameplay at TGS was just as smooth as what was seen on the pro demos, so it looks like the optimisation has been working out

  • Zenos71

    I’m definitely getting the pro now.

    • Russ Palk

      Same here 👍

      • Moon Strife

        Same here!

    • I’m definitely waiting for the pc version so I can all the features they removed due to console limitations and 60+ fps at even better visuals.

      • Mitta Connor

        lol I probably will too, but in the meantime I’ll get the pro version. Square has a bad record of terrible PC ports and I’ll be damned if I wait one or two years just to get a version that may or may not even be an improvement.

      • Hossi Blumengaarten

        did they say if its coming out on pc>

        • Raziel2001au

          Nothing’s been announced as far as I know. All they’ve said is that it would take a year to prepare a PC version if they were going to do it.

    • Mike

      I was getting one no matter what.