COD: Advanced Warfare Old vs. New Gen Image Comparison Reveals A Generational Leap In Visual Fidelity

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare copies are currently being shipped out for all the platforms. The game is also out in the wild and plenty of users are streaming it on their PS4 and even Xbox One. Since Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the first game in the series, which has a next generation focused development, it is also the one which has the biggest leap in visual fidelity going from the PS3/X360 to PS4/XBO.

You can check out the difference in the slider comparisons below.

[twentytwenty]cod-aw-comp-1-2 cod-aw-comp-1-1[/twentytwenty]


[twentytwenty]cod-aw-comp-2-2 cod-aw-comp-2-1[/twentytwenty]


As can be seen from the comparison above, there is indeed a generational difference between both versions of the game. Also we can confirm that the game runs at 60 fps (or unlocked frame rate) on the old generation, but this definitely takes a huge toll on the image quality as they PS3 and Xbox 360 appear to be running at sub-720p resolution versus native 1080p on the PS4 and 900p on the Xbox One (Update:Sledgehammer Games revealed that the game runs at a dynamic resolution on Xbox One. So the game is still 1080p but scales resolution dynamically depending on engine load with the min resolution being 1360×1080).

What do you have to say to this image comparison? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • The images of the comparision is completely out of sync and renders this comparison futile. (through different lighting and animation ‘sequences’ of when the shot was taken)

  • Delta Korponay

    if you compared PC to the older consoles or any console you can see a big difference PC Master race

  • MattS71

    Where’s the WII U version? sniffs…

  • Can you specify which pair of the screenshots from the two provided above compares the PS3 and PS4 versions and which compares the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions?

  • matt

    Basically looks as good on ps3 ect ?? I’m not impressed with ps4 graphics….

    • Ziggurcat

      it’s great that you love nintendo, and all…. but to come here, and try to argue that a system that is barely better than last generation hardware has games that look better than systems that have at least 8x the horsepower is laughable.

      you pretty much lost your argument the moment you said xenoblade looks better than destiny/bayonetta looks better than infamous SS.

    • DecayingDaylight

      Bayonetta 2 looks better than Second Son? Lmfao. You are out of your foolish mind. I have both and completed both. Bayonetta doesn’t even come close. But it isn’t trying to either. Platinum went for stylized over photo realistic graphics. You obviously have no idea what your talking about.

  • Lag-Fighting Tactics

    We were the least platform with DX12 and full 1080p on the Xbox One,
    But due to the NDA now been extended ,it’s only using the old SDKs.

    • Scott Lindsey

      Who extends this NDA?

      And why do they want X1 to suck?

    • Ziggurcat

      again, no. NDAs are to keep information private until it’s deemed okay to release to the public. misterx (a.k.a. “insider”) has no idea what an NDA actually is, he just uses it as an excuse anytime his hair-brained nonsense gets debunked.

  • Lara Croft

    The PS3 and X360 versions still look decent, considering the old hardware.

    • mwalker

      No one is. Can’t be. There is ZERO deference in the comparison videos that I have seen

  • Kim Marius Falch

    I am laughing at everyone who believes that this is a comparison between XB1 and Ps4… i am dying

  • pcmasterrace

    PC > Console

    You peasants talking about graphics is hilarious.

    • AttackOnTitan805

      Rather have consoles than be a single platform peasant.

    • TheReal_Yoda

      I’d rather have a console then worry about drivers, and a bunch of more annoying issues.

    • console>PC

      I’d rather have three platforms with three different libraries to choose from than one which banks solely on graphics/mods/horsepower and other bullshit that comes after gameplay and creativity.

      Console > PC. 99% of the greatest games of all time are console games. Go have sex with your Geforce 9999ZXT.

      • RickyT23

        What a load of absolute nonsense. ‘99%’ – real quantifiable stuff. And you talk about ‘creativity and gameplay’ as if those things are reserved only for console games. Doesn’t even make any sense.

  • Darren McCoy

    There’s not ten years of difference between this shots! They should be ashamed.

    • Nathan O

      One of the consoles is at the end of its life cycle so they’ve exploted the hell out of the hardware. The other one is at the beginning so they are still learning the hardware. Are you just new to console gaming or something?

      • Kim Marius Falch

        These consoles are still using the same PC components that pretty much are already utilized.. there is something called PC gaming, and games are made on a PC.

        • Andy

          There is also something called low-level optimization 🙂 Ubisoft showed 24x gains in cloth physics performance on the PS4 through pipeline and design optimizations at their GDC presentation…

        • Yeah but no developers have tried optimizing for PC. You’ve seen pc ports…

      • Obi Alfred

        The new consoles are using X86 architecture. It’s the easiest to work on. Take your misinformation elsewhere.

        • Nathan O

          If a dev was making a game specifically for your PC set up, it would run the very best on your PC and the devs would end up learning something in the process about your specific set up. The AAA space in console gaming spends an enormous amount of resources of optimization. Every game shipped, the software engineers learn more and more about the quirks of the system, and how to exploit them.

          Yes, both consoles are x86 architecture but they are not PCs and they are both heavily modified components and designs. I assure games are just going to continue to look better and better on these consoles for the next several years

      • AMK

        the hardware on the next gen console is same as PC, are you telling me they dont know how to utilize PC?

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    looks bad on ps4

    • Blazin_28

      They look the exact same on PS4 and XBox One. Only PS4 is at native 1080p and XBox One is 900p.

      • Lag-Fighting Tactics

        Only because they changed from using DX12.
        NDA means they are using the older SDKs

        • Scott Lindsey

          So, a AAA title can’t use the latest SDK because of an NDA? How does that make any kind of sense?

          Usually, a non-disclosure agreement is between the console manufacturer and the publisher, so I don’t know what NDA you are talking about.

        • Kilo

          Just keep telling yourself lies to make you feel better.

    • SassyBlackGamer

      If it looks bad on PS4, it looks horrendous on the X1.

      Don’t forget to jump off a cliff, white boy.

      • Bobby Griffin

        Looks better on xbox

        • Ziggurcat

          care to prove that with evidence? because 1080p automatically means it looks better on PS4.

          • Being X resolution in no way “automatically means” anything looks better on any platform. Ryse is 900p, and is still the best looking game to come out of 8th gen.

          • Truth

            You obviously dont know wtf you’re talking about. Higher Resolution means longer draw distance, you want that, especially in a shooting game. I dont expect xbots to know this anyway.

            You are not humans but drones/bots.

          • You obviously dont know wtf you’re talking about. Higher Resolution means longer draw distance,

            … Are you trying to be as moronic as possible?

          • Draw distance and resolution are two totally different things

          • rxl209

            ryse is NOT visually impressive

          • Ziggurcat

            ryse is actually a really nice-looking game… it’s the one thing crytek is good at, but sadly the gameplay is about as shallow as a dried up puddle on a sidewalk.

          • i3myX1

            Again your subjective opinion, I had a blast playing that game. I had a lot of fun, thats the most important thing I expect from a game.

          • Ziggurcat

            actually no. i’m not talking about the fun factor, i’m talking about the actual gameplay mechanics.

            when all you have to do is alternate between the shield smash, and normal attack followed by finishing move to defeat *every* enemy, that’s shallow gameplay.

            if you thought it was a blast, great! but i had more fun playing max: the curse of brotherhood than i did ryse.

          • i3myX1

            That is your opinion, but have you even tried the game on legendary and tried to reach a 40+ combo score to open to more advanced finishing moves? That is really demanding (requires additionally the block button, and perfect timing) and so many people complaining about the game are overseeing that the combat is easy to learn but hard to master.
            Clearly you had no joy out of it and I respect that but what I don’t get from most people complaining: What do you expect from such a type of game??? It is an action combo game, what do you want more??

          • i3myX1

            If you would be objective you would admit that Ryse is a visually impressive game. Which game might be the most impressive so far is a discussion about personal preference. But saying that it isn’t at all is simply NOT true!

          • DecayingDaylight

            The only reason Ryse looks great is because it was supposed to be on rails. I have played Ryse and Infamous Second Son looks better, and its open world.

          • Kilo

            On PC it is!

          • Ziggurcat

            we’re not talking about two completely different games by two completely different developers with completely different skill sets. we’re talking about the *same* game by the *same* developers with different resolutions on two different systems. upscaling an image results in the reduction of image quality. therefore, the PS4 version, which has a native resolution of 1080p, automatically looks better than the xbone version that has a native resolution of 900p.

            and ryse being the best looking game this generation is your subjective opinion. there are other games on PS4 that visually look a lot better than ryse.

          • TJ

            Rose being the best looking game was said buy a lot of devs including PS4 only dev…try again

          • i3myX1

            ” there are other games on PS4 that visually look a lot better than ryse.”
            And that is your subjective opinion.

          • Yeah but CoD has big advertising deals with Microsoft. Big. Ver big

          • Ziggurcat

            that doesn’t have anything to do with the actual specs of the game, though.

          • Bliss Seeker

            I believe he was referring to multiplats.

          • Scott Lindsey

            — and it would look better in 1080p.

            (Assuming that framerate, AA, and game content is the same.)

        • Fetch > Delsin

          As always.

      • Lag-Fighting Tactics

        We were the lead platform with DX12 and full 1080p on the Xbox One,
        But due to the NDA now been extended ,it’s only using the old SDKs.

        • Denial

          “We were the lead platform with DX12 and full 1080p on the Xbox One,
          But due to the NDA now been extended ,it’s only using the old SDKs.”

          What ?? WTF ? Now I’ve heard it all…. So its been built with DX12 but because of the “NDA” they only use the old SDK’s ? BRILLIANT ! MR X would be proud.

        • Scott Lindsey

          “We were the lead platform”…

          So you work for Microsoft?

    • Fetch > Delsin

      I agree. I don’t know if it’s the upscaler or what but games just tend to look better on XB1 no matter what.

      • Nathan O

        feel that way to but then whenever I talk about it I get berated for being an xbot fanboy

        • Fetch > Delsin

          Too many rabid Sony fanboys out there.

          • Nathan O

            yeah, i’ve gotten used to it

          • Fetch > Delsin

            That’s a sad statement. It’s never been this bad, Sony’s just brainwashed a lot of people.

          • Lara Croft

            As apposed to MS haven’t brainwashed a lot of people!? it works both ways. ALL fanboys are equally bad.

      • Bliss Seeker

        If that were the case Xbox would be using it as a selling point. Are they? No. PS4 games do look better than their XB1 counterparts I honestly don’t know what you’re on about.

      • pd-

        It’s the black levels. XB1 produces them better for some reason. I have a Viera Plasma that is professionally calibrated, and with all the settings equal for both consoles the XB1 produces an image that has the best black level.

        • Ziggurcat

          no, it’s the RGB mode you’ve set on the console.

          i’m willing to bet you have the PS4 set to limited, and the xbone to full.

          • Kim Marius Falch

            Haven’t people figured this out yet? LOL.. haven’t people also figured out preferred settings on the tv? I have saved multiple settings. One which was calibrated, One for gaming and one for animation. and people should learn to use the settings on the consoles as well.. This have been a discussion since last gen..

            Early last gen XBots even said that the Ps3 had no games.. they dried about it for a certain amount of time.. It didn’t last for long 😉 neither will it this gen..

            I can’t bare how people just rebooted their stupidity from last gen

          • matt

            I think if this is the best ps4 can do then I’ll stick to my WiiU as i think wiiu has the best graphics this gen by far….yes i did own a ps4 for a week it wasn’t impressive one bit ??

          • DecayingDaylight

            Consoles get better over their 5 plus year life cycle. You getting rid of a console after a week proves your a casual and not a real gamer.

        • Scott Lindsey

          yeah PD google “crushed blacks”. Neither console has better pixels than the other, that’s just silly. When you see a screenshot with higher contrast on the X1 that just means it’s misconfigured. It’ll look better in some circumstances, but if you are playing a game where it gets dark everything will turn black before it should because the blacks are “crushed”.

          Better to configure correctly and use your TVs contrast controls to make things look the way you think they should.

      • Ziggurcat

        i think it’s your rose-coloured glasses making you think games looks better on xbone.

        an upscaled image will *always* look worse than an image in its native resolution.

    • Ziggurcat

      it’s an old gen vs new gen comparison, you twit.

    • Jason Mounce

      your face looks so bad in real life that Ubisoft must’ve been your mother ;D because they downgraded the f*ck out of you before your birth/launch.

    • TheReal_Yoda

      Oh you asshole you *chuckles*

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