COD: Advanced Warfare physical PC version comes on 6 DVDs

Well, this is a bit crazy. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is supposed to be a huge game and weighs in over 40GB on the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version is supposed to be even larger in size due to the ability of choosing better textures and resolutions. The PC version of the game sold at retail stores will be on 6 DVDs.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions come on a single dual layered Blu-ray disc, which is able to hold up to 50GB of data. Even though modern PCs come with the latest hardware, the adoption rate of Blu-ray drives is still very low. So most if not all developers who release physical version of their games are forced to release them on DVDs. Since the game is so huge I expect the DVDs to be dual layered as well which carry around 8.7GB of data, so 6 discs make that around 52GB of data which sounds about right.

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Check out the retail packaging and discs of the physical PC version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the image below courtesy of Reddit user /u/dasfrettchen63.


The physical copy also comes with a download code and does not require the discs to be inserted to play them like the console versions. So buying physical copies is understandable for those who have slow connections or limited bandwidth. Anyway I thought this was interesting, good luck to the guys getting the physical copies, installing 6 discs is gonna be a pain.

Which platform are you getting Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • monkey god

    This reminds me of back in the day when we had to install like 10 floppy discs for a single game shortly before cdroms became common. We are heading towards that again.

  • crazy thing is it only takes 8GB from DVD’s and after switching from Disk 1 it forces the download of 35GB from the internet..

    • Jaden Hageman

      So wait, all 6 are not required? Or does it download 35gb from the internet and make you put in the rest of the disk after?

      • ubelai

        I’m currently going through the installation process myself and have also noticed that after Disk 3, it began the massive 35GB download as well!

        But I’ve just found a workaround, if it does begin to download, simply insert Disc 1 and hit ‘Reinstall’. It will carry on from the last progress of the install, saving you from having to download it!

        • sunny oberoi

          i think we should install in offline mode and after fully install then update… this a ok?

          • Blittzz Chui

            That’s no offline mode:( I just buy and need steam to download

  • hi

    How long does it take to install with the 6 disks?

  • andy

    Holy crap. So that €4000 PC I have still doesn’t even come with the ancient technology known as bluray? Why doesn’t some game company just force everybody to move forward like Hideo Kojima did when he brought Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty to PC and sent waves through PC land as it REQUIRED you to have a DVD drive…………………… 2003 lol.

    • DoctorPervySage

      pc does have bluray its just that bluray drives are expensive and still not that great as of right now same thing as when dvd came out years before it was there but it didnt read it all that fast and wasnt that cheap ive talked to multiple people who build PCs and same thing they said just get a ps3 or something if you want to just watch bluray

  • Guest

    Wow, cosidering the fact that Blu-Ray sales still haven’t passed DVDs and that digital downloads have a larger market share than Blu-Ray I’m not surprised. Apple e.g. refuses to adopt it and they’re right, digital is the way to go. It’s a big package though.

    • Harry Sansom

      I don’t think they are right. For me back home (at uni now) the internet is 1mbps and the phone cuts it out which couldn’t be fixed after many attempts. For a 50gb game the only way I’d be able to play it rather than download without me or my family is to use the disk option. It’s not just out of preference for some.

  • VaMoose

    There is also a 2.1GB update once you install it on discs.

  • VaMoose

    There is also a 2.1GB update once you install it on discs.

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