COD: Advanced Warfare Pre-Load Glitch On Xbox One Wipes Full 46 GB Install, Restarts Download Again

If you have Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pre-loaded on your Xbox One, you should be wary of a game update that might look like it is updating the game but in reality, it actually wipes away the pre-load data and starts the download again from scratch.

This issue has been reported online on reddit as well as on NeoGAF. It seems like the users who were affected by this have their download restarted. They either seem to get stuck at 100% install with update, or start back with a 0% install.


While there is no solution to this issue so far, and it seems to be rather random, it seems to happen if you are in Xbox Update Preview Program. In that case, it is highly recommended that you stay on the latest update in order to avoid any issues.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be released officially on 4th November, 2014. Users can now play their Day Zero edition before the official retail release of the game. You can also check out a comparison between Old Generation versus New Generation if you are interested in finding out the difference between both.

  • DW1315

    Mine has been updating since last night it only at 10 percent? I have the limited edition Advance warfare bundle and I am using the digital download anyone help please.

  • Ben Garnett

    keep getting to 89% then it goes back to 80%. god dammit xbox…

  • jim

    Cancel the install then reinstall the game, when its asks you if you would like to update the game click install later and it will install the game not the update

  • O

    I got the disc version of AW for xboxone it downloaded fine but I cant get into a multiplayer match at all, anybody have any idea how to to fix this?

  • Cayan Prola

    ive already played the game with my ps4, but i turned off the console for a few minutes, and now the game doesnt start anymore, can anyone help me ?


    Disconnect from internet and install. It will be done in about 15min

  • Benozeal

    Mine was stuck at 100% but then i seen a yellow bar update on the multipayer menu of the game that also downloads and you have to wait till that has completed. Don’t go by the 100% in your queue option on your xbox one go by the yellow bar update on multiplayer.

  • TJ

    glad i never had issues with my downloads

  • Convergence87


  • sirwel

    i got the xbox one advanced warfare console and been trying to downloadsince ten p.m its at 30% this is lame. digital copy blows!

  • UnholyV3nd3tta

    Alright everyone! If you purchased a physical copy of the game there is a way to at least get your game installed. One way of doing this is to go into your Network settings and there will be a “go offline” option, choose this option, after doing that you must uninstall any progress that you have made so far and then start reinstalling it, again in offline mode. That will at least let you get the game installed and then you can worry about the other stuff later. If that doesn’t work, then completely power down your Xbox One console, by holding down the power button for 10 seconds or so. And then repeat the first actions that I described. That should at least get your game installed to your system and then you can worry about that update later once the demand for it has settled down a bit.

  • Mark Rosser

    Wot a load of bollux,more paid journalism by sony

  • You have to go offline to install it.

    • AC

      Thank you x10000!!! Disconnecting my Xbox from the network fixed this for me. You’re officially awesome.

  • Tyler

    I bought the COD Bundle for Xbox One, and I’m trying to download the game. It just says “Installing” but no progress bar is showing. This sucks. 🙁 Any suggestions?

    • DW1314

      Mine is taking forever to download the digital installation 🙁

  • Mauro

    f####… this midnight…my digital version was deleted!!! now I’m still waiting new download
    I will never buy another digital version….45% after 8 hours!!

    Activision— how did you do the test?? with pinguins?

  • luis

    Its fucking 325 n now its finally downloading slow but its working I think what messed it up for me is wen It told me it was ready to play . but that was jus to play while waiting for the full download and that mus it messed it up for me

  • luis

    Its fucking 325 n now its finally downloading slow but its working I think what messed it up for me is wen It told me it was ready to play . but that was jus to play while waiting for the full download and that mus it messed it up for me

  • luis

    I found a sulution

  • luis

    I found a sulution

  • austinstory835

    Mine won’t even load the game starts it then goes right back too home screen

  • kevooo23

    its been downlaoding since 10pm and im still at 7%. anyone know whats going on im on my xbox one

  • sean

    Respond if you agree

  • sean

    Ignore the update you get right away and then install it when your game is at 100%

  • Karina Arguello

    I have been downloading since friday! With no one being home all day saturday and great internet speeds it should have been done right? At 11pm saturday night it was at 20% Sunday morning and 12 hours later it was at 33 and then it glitched back to 21. At 8pm pst it was back at 41 and then dropped back down again. We uninstalled and started reinstalling. Now almost 4 hours later im stuck at 7%. What the hell did i try pre downloading for?! Sad thing is I knew there would be issues.

  • Kris Greene

    for anybodybody having this problem i found a fix… unplug your ethernet cable if wired or unplug modem if wireless stop the installation. do the hard reset until it shuts off the xbox. turn it on and keep it unplugged until it finishes downloading. once its done plug the ehternet cable back up and plug the modem back up so it can install the update.

    • Chris

      Are you sure?

      • Kris Greene

        yes im sure it started working for me

        • Chris

          But you had the hard copy, i preordered the digital so nm

          • Kris Greene

            it doesnt matter though. you still have to download it and update it just like me. the problem is that its trying to install and update at the same time i.e. the queuing then installing then queuing etc…

          • Arnie503

            It wont work with the Digital copy, it has to be connected to the internet in order to download at all. This is stupid!

  • C’mon Man

    See that is why I remind myself, you are not unique. What a shame this launch is going sideways. When you are an old as s broad like myself, I am thinkin’ I did something wrong.

  • Ori Hait

    still stuck on 100% bummer

    • Kris Greene

      Luckily you have yours downloaded. I bought the physical copy and it’s still on 0% going from queue to installing.

      • Ori Hait

        dont know how lucky i am, i might be forced to redownload if this doesnt sort out

        • Kris Greene

          i found a fix… unplug your ethernet cable if wired or unplug modem if wireless stop the installation. do the hard reset until it shuts off the xbox. turn it on and keep it unplugged until it finishes downloading. once its done plug the ehternet cable back up and plug the modem back up so it can install the update.

          • copniker

            So i pause the installation then hard reset the xbox (how do i do this?), unplug modem and turn the xbone on again, finish the download and plug in the modem back?!!!

  • jvhnny

    Not sure how we’re playing “early” or have “early” access if we can’t even install the game. lol smh.

  • Toby

    This is bullshit so much for buying digital so they say you can play at 12:01 est but oh wait we forgot about our shitty update

    • Mauro

      a good reason for not to buy others digital version in advance. bad experience.

  • Chelly

    Re in stall it! Best advice for u . Mine is working but my dads was stuck at 100% he reinstalled now it’s up to 12% loaded good luck guys !!

  • Kris Greene

    im having the same trouble with hard copy. anybody found a fix?

  • n

    got the hard copy have the same problems

    • Kris Greene

      me too. this is fucking ridiculous

      • Mauro

        did they do the test?

    • sneaks

      Same here got the physical disk and stuck at 100% install

    • sneaks

      Go into the multiplayer menu and check the bar at the bottom seems like there’s additional install data that comes from the servers the disk install shows 100% but the bars only just over 75% full it’s slowly filling and as I type this its sorted 🙂

  • J

    Guys, when destiny launched for preorders, it did fine. That means this stupid problem is likely from Sledgehammer or Activision.

  • Mazzy

    I’m stuck at ‘installing 100%’. Any tips?

    • I Can Fix That

      Their servers might be overloaded with so many people trying to download at one time?

    • flintwood

      iv been stuck at 7% since like 10pm

    • tim

      So am i

    • OmTheBomb

      I had the same issues with everything, then I was given an error code saying that my game was dirty or corrupt, after spending days wondering why the FUCK cant it work, it led me to believe that it was a corrupt game and eventually I went to game-stop and got a new copy. it worked just fine after words. might want to try it might work for you as-well.

  • April

    I want my money back my Dowload won’t download it keeps downloading and going back to 1% I’m getting a ps4

    • Mauro

      me too. it’s a fraud!

  • April

    My download keeps saying qued 6% then it goes back to 1% then repetes been doing that for 5 hours now help

  • Devon Day

    Accessibility vs. Relyability. That is one of the issues digital still has. If there continues to be either a reliable network connection or an issue with programming, physical is here to stay.

  • shane

    mine just goes install then qued then install then qued..any1 know how to fix this ?

    • Guest

      I’m pissed because I’m going thru this now, if this is because of the preview program, I will never opt to participating in that ever again…

    • jvhnny

      I’m dealing with the same thing. I have school tomorrow and I don’t have time for this.

    • Karina Arguello

      My bf invited me to the preview and it just showed up but wouldnt let us access that today, so I am having issues even without the preview program.

  • Stevio

    Argh installing queued installing queued why is this happening? I’m not getting anywhere

  • nixkt

    Can’t believe this chap!!

    • nixkt

      Wow 1 % ffs

      • jerome

        makes me wonder how they possible have got away with this, one of the biggest releases of the year and they can’t get their shit together… They are oh so happy to take your money with the promise of pre-orders and then have the audacity to have an in built glitch to prevent from playing it what a joke!

  • jaxx

    Our digital download has wiped when trying to launch at 12:01 after it taking over 12 hours to download wot a joke very annoyed

    • Ben Tandy

      Same! Paid £55 to play at 00:01 and now 01:14 and its only just got back to 9%.

      • Mauro

        me too. 45% after 8 hours!…this new software house is awesome!…


    Retail fo lyfe!!!

    • Guest

      I’m afraid to say you’ll be shortlived then. Retail will mostly go the way of the dodo within this console generation.

      • W1CKED GAM3R

        nah, retail will be around for a long time, the prices alone make digital downloads an unrealistic standard, try harder

  • andy

    So 11 firmware updates later Xbone still can’t get a simple thing like installs down?


      Yea reminds me of Sonys 2.0 update where it took down psn and shutdown ppl ps4 lol so yeah i rather have a small glitch any day

      • Guest

        Indeed, but he’s poor and can’t afford anything else. This is not a glitch inherent to CoD:AW though, it’s happening to more games and is something that crept up since the last dash release, the same as randomly disconnecting external drives (it’s probably related), so expect a fix in the next release.

    • guest931

      It’s only with the Preview Program, which is inherently susceptible to bugs. The actual firmware updates are reliable, and they actually don’t render certain Alphas unplayable.

      • omega

        no i have same problem and i dont have Preview Program
        servers are full . that is the real problem
        but steel better than ps4

        • CH0S3N

          “steel” better, huh? That’s lush. BTW, funny how the PS4 isn’t having this problem and can download the Day Zero of this game faster than the Xbone people who “preloaded” it. Back to enjoying this game in 1080p.

          • guest2222224

            It is happening to ps if you actuary read articles lol and enjoy lower frame rate

          • Of course you’re not getting this one on the PC… ha ha.. typical Sony fan. Have fun with 1080p and stutter. I’ll take the 900p and smooth 60fps.

    • DLConspiracy//

      OH you’re just crying because you can’t play right now.