COD Ghosts Tip: Completing Humiliation Field Orders

Field Orders are a brand new addition in Call of Duty Ghosts that award you a random care package when completed. To get a chance to complete a Field Order, players have to first obtain a briefcase that spawns in certain game modes and then complete it’s condition.


These conditions can very from killing enemies while crouched or knifing them. There’s a certain Field Order that is very interesting called the ‘Humiliation’ Field Order where you have to ‘Humiliate’ your enemy. The instructions are very vague but it is very simple to complete. All you have to do is Tea Bag your enemy after killing them, yes you read that right. Halo fans should have no problems completing these right?

Let us know how many of these Field Orders you’ve managed to complete in the comments below.


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  • Ur Nutzs

    This game is about killing people and Teabagging offends you? Are you an idiot?

    • s3ltzer

      Good point.

  • StreetWiseMI

    I’ve wondered about this from day 1. Ridiculous, sure. Funny, mildly. I understand peoples concerns for their little ones, the game is rated M for a reason. What I dislike is when lewd mouthed people get on their little headsets poppin off at the tongue with foul language for no real reason other than to sound ignorant. There are a lot of kids that enjoy CoD as well. My son is one of them. He’s 5. Of course you can mute players but i mean keep it PG, if not out of respect for other gamers, for the sake of saving yourself from sounding like a small minded prick.

    • BlueStreak62391

      You’re allowing a 5 year old, let me say that again A 5 YEAR OLD play an M rated game that is for 17 & up and you’re so concerned about the stuff people say online? You don’t even sound concerned about your child playing a shooter game. Better make sure what you’re saying before you start slamming. What a retard!

  • geronl

    That is stupid. Maybe the game should be rated 21 and up

    • joe

      stupid yes, but at 18 you can legally watch porn, which is worse. so i feel that it is the parents fault for buying a 17+ game for their 12 year olds to play, and complain about the blood, and/or graphic images.

  • Michael Lewis

    My daddy tea bags me all the time to humiliate me, but what he doesn’t know is I enjoy his saggy plump balls in my month. I like the way his sack hair tickles my tounge.

    • Lexxi

      What month is yours?

  • guest

    thank you 😀

  • asdasdv


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