COD Ghosts Tip: Sentries can be destroyed by knifing

Call of Duty Ghosts is out today and here’s a tip for all those starting their multiplayer playthrough today. Just like previous Call of Duty games the Sentry Gun makes a comeback in Call of Duty Ghosts in the Assault Strike Package, unlike Black Ops 2 and like games before it, the Sentries this time around can be destroyed just by knifing.


Treyarch greatly buffed the Black Ops 2 Sentry Guns as they could only be destroyed by gun or explosive damage. Don’t expect the Sentry Gun in Ghosts to net you a lot of kills as they can be destroyed very easily, so you’re better off using your hard earned Squad Points on other streaks.

How are you liking Call of Duty Ghosts so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • naturon_shenron

    this sentry gun cant be too easily destroyed. it takes 3 knifes at which by that time you’ll be killed by the guy camping the turret. I give infinity ward credit where treyarch messed up. why would you want to waste ammo on a turret? I only play black ops 1 for zombies and bo2 is literally the worst video game I have ever played. bland story and hard to get adjusted to multiplayer. WAW, mw2 and mw3 are BY FAR. the diversity in this games greatly differs from tryharcs games which I have to say are getting less realistic every title.

    • Naturon_shenron

      WAW, MW2 and mw3 are the best cod games BY FAR. if you like zombies get BO1 and leave bo2 alone

  • cubs223425

    That’s dumb. You can go and stab a hunk of metal to death? Black Ops II had the right idea.

  • patrickolson

    Don’t like it nearly as much as Black Ops 2. Granted, I just think I don’t like InfinityWard very much. Went back and played MW3 and hated it.

    • cubs223425

      I had the same experience. After playing Black Ops, I went back to MW2, and realized that I hated this game that I spent hours upon hours playing. I hoped for something better with MW3, it was somehow worse, and I was done. Maybe if Ghosts gets to $30-40, I’ll give it a try. Maybe if I can find 2 more new games to buy used in a buy 2, get 1 free sale at GameStop, I’ll try this. I’m not spending $60 on another low-quality Infinity ward abomination, though. This seems to have some improvements (Extinction looks like Zombies, but with more action), but after being burned so badly by MW3, I have no real faith in Infinity Ward.

      • patrickolson

        Good plan on the 2-1. I haven’t tried Extinction yet although it does look fun. The game plays much slower than BO2. You die SO quickly, that rushing is hard. AR’s are very prominent to this point. Spawns are also HORRENDOUS. You can actually see in a killcam the enemy spawning right behind you and shooting you. It’s bad.

        • cubs223425

          Ehh, that doesn’t sound particularly new. Especially in the case of Nuketown and other smaller maps, I’m pretty much used to Killcams where I can see myself pop up in front of an enemy and get shot.

          • patrickolson

            Nuketown for sure. Can’t think of any other black ops 2 maps where that happened with this consistency. I read somewhere that this was intentional. Who knows though…

          • cubs223425

            How could that POSSIBLY be intentional, to make the game unplayable from spawn-killing? Maybe they just want to run the franchise into the ground? But yeah, Nuketown was the only place it was super-prevalent, but you’d sure get it a lot on that yacht as well.

          • patrickolson

            I agree. I’ll see if I can find the article. Basically it said that people complained that you had to do too much running and it was too easy to identify spawn points. So their response was to randomize spawn points all over the map…even in areas you control.

          • cubs223425

            Oh, you made it sound like they were attempting to cause spawn-killing, haha.

          • patrickolson

            Nope, although it’s intentional in an unintentional sort of way. When you allow spawns anywhere on the map you have to realize that it’s going to result in “right behind the enemy” spawns. If not, IW might be more stupid than I thought. Yep, that’s probably the case lol

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