Cole McGrath Reference Spotted In Latest inFAMOUS Second Son Video

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inFAMOUS Second Son recently got a brand new video from Russian website, which showcased the beauty of Neon power during night time. There seems to be a hidden easter egg referencing Cole McGrath in that particular video.

In case you have missed that video, you can check out the whole of it below, courtesy of a Russian website.

At about 57 second mark in that video, we can notice a sign board for a company labeled as “Cole McG’s Electronics.” This is obviously a reference to Cole McGrath of inFAMOUS 1 and 2, who had the power of electricity. You can check it out in image below.


inFAMOUS: Second Son is set to launch exclusively on the PS4 on March 21st, 2014. It follows the story of Delsin Rowe and will be a completely different story than inFAMOUS 1 and 2. The developers have confirmed that there is no need to play the previous games in order to enjoy this new one. If you pre-order the game digitally from the PSN store before the official launch date, you will get the limited edition of inFAMOUS: Second Son that comes with extra features not present in the regular edition, for more details, look here.

What do you think of this reference of Cole McGrath in inFAMOUS: Second Son? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Podcast3Above

    I think its great that they haven’t completely forgotten the “Parton Saint of New Maraia” im interested to see what happens in the Legacy of Cole DLC.

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