Criterion Pulls Handbrake On Need For Speed Underground Remake Rumors

Criterion Pulls The Handbrake On Need For Speed Underground Remake Rumors

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Criterion’s Creative Director Alex Ward, has seemingly pulled the handbrake on any Need For Speed Underground reboot rumors via his twitter today.

It seems that EGM sparked rumors that there was a possible reboot of the 2003 popular street racing title on the way, after someone sent them an image [below] in an email. Alex Ward was quick to stamp out the rumors by tweeting “Totally Fake. Remakes and reboots? #movedon”.

There’s nothing to say that the tweet was aimed at such claims, but it does look very likely at this time, after all, we all know Criterion isn’t shy of a reboot or a remake after the company released a remake of 2005’s Most Wanted last year.

Criterion however, do have something up their sleeves as a number of employees of the NFS developers Linkdin profiles have been caught mentioning an “unknown racing title” in development for EA .

Would you like to see a remake of NFS: Underground?

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  • Aaron Grundler

    No i’d rather see a Bunrout: Paradise 2