Crystal Dynamics Were Aiming For 60 FPS On PS4/XB1, Failed To Meet The Target On Xbox One

It has been recently revealed that Tomb Raider is running at an average of 30 fps on the Xbox One and an average of 60 fps on the PS4. This really shouldn’t be taken as a surprise. According to an insider on popular gaming forums NeoGAF, Crystal Dynamics originally aimed to target 60 fps on both, the PS4 and Xbox One.

DemoNite is a well known industry insider on NeoGAF and according to him, the last time he heard about Tomb Raider on the PS4 and Xbox One, Crystal Dynamics were ‘hopeful’ to achieve 60 fps on both platforms.

I heard about this a while ago but they were hopeful to get both the same at the time. Oh well

On raw specs alone, the PS4 definitely trumpets over the Xbox One so it should not be surprising to see games running better on the PS4. DemoNite heard a few third party developers saying the same thing.

I caught wind of this before console launches when a few 3rd party devs were saying the same things.

Running code on the PS4 by raw power alone would already be better than the Xbox and required a lot of optimisation.

If this remains true then there will be more of the same. I hear the rock is not steady on another project.

While the Xbox One is relatively new and developers require time and effort to fully achieve its potential, this is usually not possible for time constraint projects like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. PS4 having the better specs and raw power requires far less effort than the Xbox One, and as a result, it seems that multiplatform ports fare better on the PS4.

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  • fred

    If that is true why is my ps4 gathering dust sitting on my TV shelf and my xbone is getting a ton of use….

  • You are flat out wrong

    You’d need a heart of stone not to laugh at this.

    Bu bu but muh multitasking! Muh apps!

  • Dirty Sanchez

    Man this is bullshit!!! First it was resolution and now you fanfags are talking about framerate you people are pathetic.The game is a year old people, we cant talk about something new like titanfall on march 11 or halo 5. Which are both running at 60 frames a second.What can your bootleg poormans halo of a game(killzone) do? Have fun playing that boring piece of shit of an fps.

    • Joseph Lan

      Titanfall is 720p.

      Lol, FAIL.

  • Rick_Deckard

    What about the CLOUD??? Where is that cloudy power?

    • Phasmatis75

      It will never emerge, no company is going to lose sales or anger consumers who don’t have a good enough internet connection to use the cloud, nor are they going to bother implementing more code to even get the cloud working.

  • bigshynepo

    “I hear the rock is not steady on another project”

    This HAS to be in reference to Destiny! I was shocked and appalled that the release date was moved to Sept (AKA Gears of War’s old release month) and I immediately knew it was because of XB1 deve issues. The game was never dated but I think we all expected a Q1/Q2 release date. Then Bungie dropped the Q3 date (which probably still isn’t guaranteed) and we have to wait for a game that looks very playable. No wonder the Beta is coming to PS4 because it’s probably only a few months from completion.

    All speculation of course but if you disagree with me, what other game do you think he is referring to?

    • Joseph Lan

      Either Destiny, or Watch_Dogs

  • async2013

    Wow the excuse is it will take developers extra time to get 60fps on the xbone yet the PS4 does it out of the tin. What a complete pile of sh 1 t the xbone is as regards hardware design.
    Listen to all the Microsoft fanboys, sorry Lemmings who believe anything from a company that screws you over daily. Choice? Yeah right as long as it fits their bottom line lmao

    • theduckofdeath

      How quickly and conveniently we forget the hardware design situation with PS2 and PS3…

      • Eythan Hensley

        You mean that my PS2 from 2003 has lasted all the way up until now, and that PS3 is a pretty decent console that has some exclusives worth mentioning that aren’t bald-headed space marines? Xbox LIVE user for nine years, and I’m glad to not be on the train with Microsoft any longer. Also, PC master race.

  • sunlesskingstar

    4reals!! Sony does not do new shit, There coming out with games I’ve had on my pc for a long time now lol maybe your talking knack its sure not killzone, or Infamous sony fanboys are crazy just like cell

    • Orlɛanž

      But wait, Sony ‘fanboys’ isn’t the reason why your Xbox can’t hit 60fps. It’s Microsoft’s fault, and your fault for buying their sweet talk.

    • Joseph Lan

      Does not do new shit… like 720p is “new shit?”

  • Jd

    All you ppl r stupid xbox fans hahhhHa… All of u should stop and think u been buying the same machine from xbox to other then camera added o big stuff… Games r the same from xbox to xbox 1. Still on 30f. And some games on 720p or I. We’re is all the hype? Halo again? Just different colours jajajaj.. Get real man grow up xbox needs big up grades man and move on from games and make new ones. At least sony does new shit, new games, creative things not just stick to old things.. What’s the point in owning a 40″+ tv when ur playing games at 720? Or less frames? That’s stupid man we r in 2014 not 1999 when it was ok..

    • dvnt860

      Listen its all about experience, you can fanboy this and fanboy that, lets forget about all that. I own both and Ps4 is targeted to bring the experience of games such as more immersisive story and gameplay all of which rely on development. whereas the xbox one is focused on user interaction. If we wanna talk about next gen its about changing the game. Changing the way we use and interact with things. For instance cars can park themselves, answer your phone with voice commands and even run without gas (still a work in progress) but those changes are what makes a product better. The ps4 delivers the same interaction as the ps3 just with better aps and hardware obviously they can update and allow for a fresh user experience by doing what the xbox one does. Yes the xbox 1 has its issues with titles but from the 360 to the xbox1 there is a big difference as far as user interaction again it needs work but that experience is what makes it next gen. As far as software and games u can always update and optimize but the user experience is always hard to get. U can game on many systems and love a game even though it might not be visual stunning but it comes down to your experience. I think the xboxone can be the true next gen system if it can be optimized correctly and games could be on par with games created for the ps4. Its the same for the ps4 … you have all this hardware, use it, change the game. Ps4 has nothing to lose right now but it wont invest in a better user experience when it comes to hardware interaction like the xbox one. I have an unbiased point of view and I want to see both consoles push the limit I understand it is early but I dont want to hear 1080p this and 60f frames that a year from now both consoles should be there already. With that being said what is the point im trying to make? Ps4 offers next gen gaming with its raw power thanks for develpers taking the time while xboxone offers a next gen experience through user interaction both need work but that is where they are for the most part. Both offer great games but they outperform each other in these two distinct ways.

      • Jdbevans

        well said. if it was always all about specs no one would buy iPhones… But guess what iPhones have a great UI and people love them regardless of there lack of bleeding edge specs.

  • Butthurtps4

    I sold my crap ps4 aka ps3.5 for an xb1. Shows which is better, every could have bought the cheaper ps4 but passed it over and bought a more expensive xb1 instead, why? Because it innovates, has better exclusives, controller, cloud gaming, xbox live online game, and more. PS3.5 can play KZ and knack lololololol oh and infamous and drive club which btw has recieved horrible previews. Yeah I’m glad I got rid of my ps3.5 and jumped on board the Xbox one train. Look how many sony fanboys are lol and why, cuz they jealous. Honestly go read their comments and see how angry and defensive they are, it’s funny, jealousy at it’s finest, do what I did and drop the sony box.

    • jarvis

      hey man u ok? here have some kool aid. thank god u didnt buy ps4 coz we dont want any twat on our side 😉

    • datdude

      What a child. Take off your diaper, wipe your ass with those imaginary clouddzzzz, and hit the sheets with a still filthy behind infant. You’re backside is rotten, as is your life.

    • GremDude

      Wow keep telling yourself that. Sounds like you are the one who is butthurt that he chose an Xbox 360.5. LOOOOOOOL

    • Joseph Lan

      Nice lie, fanboy. Now go play your 720p and 20-fps games.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Your innovayshuns are crap, your exclusives are crap, your controller is crap, your clawd is crap, your online community is crap and you’re crap.

      Xbone is finished.

      • Deadred

        Innovayshuns? Lol maybe you should stop playing games and go to school.

  • pbbeast

    But but but the power of the cloudz!!!

    • Neco The Sergal


      • Jason Mourn



        303 > 17


        APPLE, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT are ALL dwarfing sony IN SALES DEPT…BBBUT sony fanderps STILL THINKING ps4 SALES = win!

        The pauper derps need this, seriously….

        • Neco The Sergal

          Wut did I just read

    • Steven Solidarios

      Esram is betterz!!!

  • FlameWater

    Pretty pathectic as we should be in a generation of 1080p 60fps gaming standard.
    This capability was reached at least 5 years ago

    • chitown

      Really? Devs shouldn’t have the choice of adding more polys and effects at the expense of 1080p/60fps?

      • FlameWater

        Yea because the people who made Crysis thought about that before making the game

      • Butthurtps4

        Don’t ya know that flame water makes games lol, he knows all. Sounds like an angry sony fanbot, yep he is lol. Don’t be so angry flamewater, relax play knack or killzone online, oops nobody plays it online, ok play knack, haha mad much flamewater? Lol

        • Mikesims Sims

          Don’t you have homework to do, kid?

        • FlameWater

          Are you trying to say I have insecure issues? the guy named “Butthurtps4″, did you strap a 12” dildo to your XBOX One?

          • john smith

            Say’s the guy who has a 12″ dildo strapped to his PS4. Hypocrite.

          • Guest

            Ya my PS4 locked in a best buy some where

          • datdude

            I think his butthurts because he was one of the sheep dumb enough to pay more to get less, and now developer after developer is showing just how foolish his decision was and he now realizes it will only get worse in the coming years. Hard for your ass not to hurt after that. #raped at retail.

      • datdude

        Don’t you get it chitown? They don’t have to make that choice for PS4. They do for the xbone. What is difficult to understand? The xbone is compromised, the PS4 is not. The PS4 is the better gaming machine. Anyone arguing otherwise might as well be telling you the earth is flat and the sun orbits the earth. Some people have a tough time with reality.

        • UnspokenThought

          You have no clue what he is talking about, do you? You turned it into a PS4 vs XB1 issue and found 12 sheep to agree. This kind of gamer makes us all look bad.

          Let’s see if you understand this. If I add more lighting effects, higher res textures, better shadow algorithms, better AI, more polygons per model, do you think the same game will continue to run at 1080p@60fps?

          I’ll help you out, the answer is no. The frame rate would drop and the PS4 wouldn’t be able handle 1080p60fps anymore. That is what is happening to the XB1 right now. We would have to upgrade the video card unless we want games to never advance in graphical fidelity.

          By your own logic the PC is the better gaming machine. It has better graphics, more games, more apps, and better functionality.

          • datdude

            Again, some people just have a tough time with reality. Of course the PC is the better gaming machine. But most people don’t want to spend that kind of money or deal with building their own rig. Not to mention missing out on console exclusives, particular those from Sony’s first party devs. The PS4 is the better gaming machine than the Xbone. If you’re having a hard time with that, I suggest a psychologist, because you’re having a tough time with simple facts.

          • theduckofdeath

            I have news for you — Sony exclusives are only the all-mighty to fanatics that only own Sony consoles. Graphics are their main attraction, which is meaningless if you own a PC. I would take my PC over any console. Not that console games are bad, but the game library overlap is massive and the PC is superior.

          • datdude

            Yes. Of course you’re right. That must be why Sony exclusives keep winning goty awards. You’re right on the money. Congratulations on your tremendous powers of perception.

        • theduckofdeath

          It’s not PS4 vs. XB1, it’s both machines versus the 1080p/60fps standard, and neither is impressing me.

          Devs are able to make the concessions they are willing to accept to hit 1080p/60pfs. At the moment, they are not able to achieve the same in the same timeframe on the XB1. They will know both machines better in a year, but by then games will have become more demanding.

          • datdude

            Whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • guesto

    problem is … i don’t like the ps4. it could be 10x better .. i don’t care 😉

    • guesto’s butt

      I think someone’s butt is hurting, if the PS4 could be 10x better, then the One could be 100x better

    • True gamer

      Yep xb1 has the better games and features along with friends and when this games fps are 30-45 on xb1 vs up to 60 on ps4 thats not a game killer.

      • Joseph Lan

        Twice the framerate, or twice the resolution, isn’t a game killer?

        Dream on, fanboy.

    • Mikesims Sims

      I’ll give you credit for being honest.

    • datdude

      Yes, you make perfect sense. Why like the PS4. It’s only the more powerful system that costs less, all while only having the best first party developers on the planet churning out goty winner/contender after goty winner/contender. Yuck. Who wants that.

    • Orlɛanž

      In other words, brand loyalty? You folks are pathetic, and the main reason why these greedy corporate scum stay in business.

      • Krepler

        Greedy corporate scum…as opposed to what? Name one corporation out there that’s not in it to make money. They don’t exist.

        Seems you hate XB as much as @guesto hates PS.

        • Eythan Hensley


    • Krepler

      That’s not a problem, it’s an opinion! Good for you, though.

    • Joseph Lan

      There’s no problem for me, since I don’t like the Xbone.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Typical Xbot, would rather eat shit than accept he’s been wrong for ten years.

      You’re a blight.