Danganronpa 3 Confirmed To Be In Development For Vita, Will Be Revealed Soon

Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka recently confirmed that Danganronpa 3 is in development for the PlayStation Vita and they are planning to announce it soon.

In an interview to Kinda Funny Games, the series creator was asked about the status Danganronpa 3, which was teased in a trailer for Danganronpa: Ultimate Despair Girls in 2013.

Kodaka confirmed that the game is currently in development and they will release more info about it soon. He also expressed an interest in developing for the PS4.


Danganronpa is a series that was originally released on the PlayStation Portable. It received a re-release on the PlayStation Vita along with an Anime series debut, and the series exploded in popularity once it was localized for the West. Compared with other Visual Novels, Danganronpa has done really well on the PlayStation Vita in the West and the last known figures put the combined sales of both games at around 200k.

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  • Goroad

    It would be cool if you had the option to kill someone and cover it up.

  • Tom Devaddere

    So is DR 3 going to be like a remaster for Ultra dispair girls or a sequel to another episode? If i’m not mistaken Kyoko (sister of Byakuya?) was also shown in the IF episode in DR 2 as main character could that have been the trailer for Another Episode?

  • Foundation series

    Even though this is perhaps unlikely, it would be very cool if DR 3 had some non-linear gameplay, namely multiple routes. Probably not going to happen, but if done right would be amazing.

    Other than that, it would be interesting if the game introduced a few innovations to the killing game, not so much as to make the game unrecognizable, but to change the formula some.

  • H3adHunt3r

    I hope Kyoko has a major role.

    • Zachariah

      Likelihood is small. The creator emphasized he wanted the next game to either be in the past or far future. Though even if it’s a direct sequel to the first two, it’ll likely involve another murder game, in which there’ll definitely be 16 new characters.

      • H3adHunt3r

        Hope It’ll be in the future.

        • Goroad

          I don’t see how it could be the past.


        Surely with another early boot Byakuya type situation.


      Kyoko is bae.

      • H3adHunt3r

        what does bae mean?


          It means she is my favourite ^^