Until Dawn Gets First Patch On PS4, Patch Notes Reveal “Various Bug Fixes”

Until Dawn has received its first ever update on the PS4 today. This new update is about about 46 MB in size and deals with some of the potential bugs discovered by users after the official launch.

Until Dawn definitely ranks as a rare game because it was released without any day one patch in an industry where day 1 patches have became the norm. Every second game used to have a day 1 patch. Although this latest update might have been related to the bugs discovered by users after launch.

until-dawn-ps4-direct-feed (6)

The changelog for this update doesn’t reveal much except stating that it is for “Bug Fixes” making it the Patch 1.01 for the game.

Until Dawn was developed by Supermassive Games. It uses a modified version of Killzone Shadow Fall engine. The game was officially released in North America on August 25th and Europe on August 28th.

Let us know if you have updated to the latest version of the game in the comments below.

  • popo123

    First big game release from an Indie studio and they do better than some giant studios and developers these days. Great job Supermassive games!

  • I played through the whole game before the patch, and without noticing anything close to what I’d consider a “bug”. I suspect what they’re calling bugs are very minor inconsequential glitches, such as speech not matching perfectly with lip movements – which does happen two or three times in the game.

    The game was amazingly polished at release, and I too was surprised to see no day one patch. I assume it’s because the game had such a long time in development, due to being retooled for a completely different platform.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      Yep. I completed two playthroughs with only the occasional lip sync issue. Nothing major at all.


      I think other than that stated my wife and I only saw a minor texture “hiccup” on only two instances. Once on a poster/sign (was white) to the left of a doorway midway through the game and can’t even recall the other time…

      This game was magnificently put together and developed by its creators.

      My hat is off to SuperMassive and Sony for putting a sway in my “never to buy a day one failed, sorry ass excuse of a wanna be completed game!”

      I have played once through already and will play through numerous more times to come.

  • fylf

    Pointless article, stupid people posting stupid articles as usual.. Get the full changelog in detail or nobody cares, we can just press options on PS4 and check update history for this shit.

    Must be a very slow Newsday..


    • If you do it and view the Patch Notes on PS4 via “Update History”, it only lists Patch 1.01 as “Various Bug Fixes”
      There is no detail available about the specific bugs that it fixes.

      • fylf

        Duh.. That’s basically what I said.

        Article is pointless without full details.

        • Alana

          Well aren’t you a helpful and insightful ray of sunshine.

          • fylf


    • BehemothRust

      Thanks for your useful comment

  • MattS71

    Haven’t seen any bugs myself….