Until Dawn’s First Big Patch (1.03) Weighs In At 10 GB, Changelog Inside

Until Dawn is the first major game from Supermassive Games, which was released without any day 1 patch unlike most other AAA releases. This doesn’t mean the game wasn’t free from bugs, but it still took some time for the first patch to arrive. Now that the game is out for a while, a brand new “10 GB” update has been released for the game on the PS4, and it seems to mostly contain bug fixes.

This new patch updates the game to version 1.03, as seen in the screenshot below, courtesy of reddit.


The changelog doesn’t reveal the full list of changes but it does state that there are some major bug fixes included in this patch, which might explain its size.

-Fixes to prevent progression blocker in Ep9

-Option for inverted Y Axis

-Fixed Trophies

-Stability and bug fixes

Until Dawn is a survival horror adventure that was originally in development for the PS3. The development later shifted to PS4 and the developers are utilizing a modified version of Guerrilla Games’ Killzone Shadow Fall engine for this game.

Let us know what you think about this latest update in the comments below.

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  • adaminoregon

    Why in the world is any game being released in the first place without inverted Y controls? That should just be a standard feature on any game.

  • WitWolfy

    That must be A LARGE amount of code just for a few fixes like these…

    • oVg

      lol Im on my 5th playthrough V1.00 (off-line gamer) and everything has been seamless. Not a single hick up. It just proves that these unnecessary patches are designed for data farming.

      I love the game, it gets my honorable mention for GOTY 2015. You do not need this patch.

      • Tyler McCartney

        I don’t understand offline gamers. There is no point.

        • oVg

          Its been working out just fine for me the last 35 years 😛 Single Player 4 life.

        • Lysergio

          What? Do you only watch movies or read books with large groups of people??
          MP can be fun, but the real meat in most games is in the SP.

          • Tyler McCartney

            All single player is boring to me, unless im playing with friends I won’t play.

          • Lysergio

            Well, that is sad

      • WitWolfy

        Agreed. This game is awesome… Seriously thinking of deleting MGS V to play this again.

      • Darrell Kilpatrick

        If you don’t need the patch they wouldn’t have came out with a patch in the first place smh. Yhis game is a single player game anyone ain’t no online on this game bihhh.

        • oVg

          Its not really a patch. I call it optimization. I don’t buy broken games, and thanks to the expensive and very slow internet in my country South Africa, downloading 10gigs would take 4-5 days.

          Also the main reason why the PS4 is more popular than the Xbone outside of America is because it works out of the box, no day one mandatory update required.

          My hobby was doing just fine before the internet and hopefully off line single player games will be around a little longer.

          • Darrell Kilpatrick

            I understand I thought that you was in the Usa and as I recall the ps4 had a day one patch as well as the xbox 1 I got mine on day one too. I love online gaming I’ve been doing it every since I could get online. but it’s different strokes for different folks.

          • oVg

            The PS4 needed the internet to verify the Blu-ray otherwise the game disks worked fine with no internet patch, but the Bone would not do anything unless it was updated, it could not even play games. lol poor South Africa lost out on Titan Fall because our ping rate is so poor and many South Africans had to cancel the pre-order.
            As you you say, different strokes 🙂


    Time for platinizing this baby…..

  • KaoTeK

    Goddamit, I really needed that invert y, I kept fucking up the shooting parts, but now I have platinum anyway lol

  • ToadMinako

    Just in time for me to finally platinum the game 🙂

  • Kamille

    these patches are ridiculous. With my internet connection that will take a whole week at the very least.

    • Dude

      what do you have, dial-up??

      • adam brown

        I’m getting a super fast 2.5mbps on a GOOD day. Gonna take me a few days to download it.