PC DRM Denuvo’s Latest Version Fully Cracked By Hackers, No Bypass Required

Hackers have managed to fully break open the security of PC DRM Denuvo, which has stayed safe from any hacks for more than an year now.

Denuvo has been in the spotlight recently because of its anti-DRM practice. The company is responsible for providing security to many recent games from both, indie and AAA developers. Some of the games that used Denuvo DRM include Rise of the Tomb Raider, Just Cause 3 and INSIDE. All of these games have managed to remain safe from hackers until recently, when a bypass was discovered for Denuvo.

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This new trick allowed the hackers to bypass the security measures set by Denuvo and run games without DRM. It appears to have been patched quickly by the Denuvo developer until recently, when a group of hackers, who go by the online name “CPY”, and have cracked some major games in the past including Battlefield: Hardline and Batman: Arkham Knight, managed to release a proper working crack for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Rise of the tomb raider

While the earlier Denuvo cracks relied on a Steam account and were merely bypassing the security measures, this new crack can work offline just like other traditional hacks and doesn’t require a Steam account.

As explained by one of the hackers who worked on the Steam bypass method, this crack can require a few days for each game as it patches all the DRM checks initiated by Denuvo in the game. So far the first game to get such a crack is Rise of the Tomb Raider but it remains to be seen if other games can be cracked using similar method.

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When it comes to piracy, there doesn’t appear to a major effect on the sales of a game regardless if it is pirated or not. This can be seen in some of the recent releases without DRM including Dark Souls 3, which was released without any DRM and has managed to sell more than 1 million copies on Steam.

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  • GSUser

    Good! Call me a pirate I don’t care.
    Piracy all the way.

    • Have you considered supporting the people who work on these games you enjoy but don’t pay for?

      • Restu

        Piracy won’t stop them, they have a lot of money from the first launch.

      • GSUser

        Yep! In fact I’m aware of the message that says “Support the developers. If you love this game, BUY IT!” Games that has low review scores I’ll just pirate them, but games that has high review scores I’ll MOSTLY buy them to support the developers that I love like CD Projekt RED.

  • Severdnerv

    TBH like any software anti thing it was only a matter of time before it got cracked. and as dark souls 3 proved it doesn’t make a difference if its protected or not as dark souls wasnt and it sold over 1 million copies.

    • GSUser

      “and it sold over 1 million copies.” Only on PC or with consoles combined?

      • This number is for Steam only.

        • GSUser

          Hmm… Nice to see multiplatform games selling well on Steam.