Destiny’s New Quest “A Tale of Two Guardians” Info Leaked; Rewards New Emotes And More

Bungie is apparently planning to release a new Destiny quest soon titled “A Tale of Two Guardians” and it also includes some new rewards like two brand new Emotes.

This new quest can be spotted at the Destiny DB Tracker (via reddit) and the rewards to this quest include the following.

  • Primary Telemetry
  • Special Telemetry
  • Heavy Telemetry
  • Legendary Weapon
  • High Five (Emote)
  • Duo Dance (Emote)

A Tale of Two Guardians quest requires the players to fulfill the following tasks.

1. Comrades in Arms: Complete a Story mission with a Linked Friend.
2. Wanderers: Complete Patrols with a Linked Friend.
3. Forged in Fire: Win a Crucible match with a Linked Friend.
4. Our Own Story: Reach Level 40 and then return to the Tower to talk with the Speaker.
5.  Pushing Back the Darkness: Complete the Daily Heroic Story mission with a Linked Friend.
6. Heroic Challenges: Complete a Heroic Strike with a Linked Friend.
7. Lighting the Night: Complete the Weekly Nightfall Strike with a Linked Friend.
8. More Tales to Tell: Talk to the Speaker in the Tower.

Details about each of the quest and its rewards can be read below.


In addition to this new quest, Bungie has also added a new Ghost Shell to the game called Iron Shell. This new shell has perks for Additional Glimmer, Increase bonuses, Sensors and Extractors. There is also a new reputation package Iron Banner.

This new quest likely related to the refer-a-friend program and hopefully we will hear more about it soon.

Let us know what you think about the rewards for this new quest in the comments below.


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  • RichiePlayz247

    Does the quest run for all characters when you activate it?

  • mjfame

    Black Ops 3 and Halo 5 are both out (Amongs other great titles) and Destiny has been played out.. So, whatever.

  • Lostbytes

    i think, IMHO , that any reward for this request should be available for all, NOT JUST PEOPLE WHO REFER A FRIEND! I refereed friends multiple times and they bought it….just like 8 months ago. I have no one interested in Destiny any more

  • Killingfetish

    Can anyone confirm if the iron shell really drops at 310?

    • Lostbytes

      Doesn’t matter …..i have 5 shells over 300 and 2 over 310 just raid a little. just put some work in

      • Killingfetish

        I didn’t ask for your opinion. I asked for confirmation that it drops at 310. I’ve put in work and could care less which ghosts you have. Good for you.

        • Lostbytes

          If the Armory shows 310 that’s the highest it will drop, good luck with RNG though. Also the ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE DROPS ≥ 310 is Iron banner, Trials and THE HARD RAID.
          Your Welcome…..ALSO No need to be a schmuck, Everyone is entitled to a opinion, you posted on a public forum and should have expected a response akin to mine. P.S You will still need to put in more work.

          • Killingfetish

            It’s the iron shell so it’s iron banner and the armory says 310/330. Not being a “schmuck” just giving my opinion. Btw 310 gear drops from the regular raid. I’m not looking for a handout, just an alternate route to 310 gear other than the raid.