Dishonored 2 On PC To Use Denuvo DRM, Steam Updates Page To Reflect DRM Inclusion

Dishonored 2 will be protected by the notorious Denuvo DRM on PC. This information was seen on the official Steam page for the game, which was updated to reflect this new change.

Steam is apparently updating the page of several games which have used DRM to inform the users that it utilizes a specific third party DRM. Denuvo is one of the most popular one on PC and its inclusion has usually seen some backlash from users because of its controversial method to enforce DRM.

You can view the updated Steam description for Dishonored 2 below, this information snipped will be posted on every game that utilizes a third party DRM solution on Steam.


As seen in the image below, there is now a clear warning about the limitation of 5 PC activation in a day. This is one of the controversial limitation of the Denuvo DRM although it has proven to be quite effective at eliminating pirated copies being released on the launch of the game.

Dishonored 2 will be released on November 11th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Let us know what do you think about this new update from Steam for games utilizing a specific DRM solution in the comments below.

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  • suli559

    Awesomeness! Pirates, time to get a job lmao.

  • Chris Tuurbo Jarvis

    Ironically, a game that was going to be popular experimented with going DRM free at its launch and was the least pirated game of that year. Spore on the other hand that year, bragged about being unpirateable, cracked on release day and the MOST pirated game ever still I believe. Don’t give pirates a challenge, almost everything has been cracked sooner or later. Piracy in video game land has been shown to be barely noticeable to sales impact. I’m not condoning it, just saying why punish everyone alike with bad DRM? Also, if your lazy ass won’t great demos or won’t even let reviewers near your game, you only increase the likelihood of people pirating. Case in point Mafia 3, utter garbage and glad someone showed me a pirated version to save me dropping £40 on something difficult to return or be refunded for!

    • AceIsGaming

      Denuvo has been cracked many times now, they’re not saying it’s uncrackable, nor is that they’re goal. The point of Denuvo is to secure sales in the first few months. After things have settled through and they’ve gone through their “Grace Period”, they don’t really care all too much.

      If people want the game, they’ll buy it. If people want to torrent it several months from now, then the developer choosing to use Denuvo has already made the money, and like I said, those that wanted to actually play it, have.

      • Chris Tuurbo Jarvis

        I’m pretty sure at £40 a pop, the developers care a great deal. Hence using DRM in the first place…

  • Mike

    Reloaded team is working on that anti-tamper ,and soon it will be fully cracked.I think if they release it on gog instead, they will be able to sell more copies.

    • suli559

      Yeah a cheap ass pirate like you would only it gets cracked early

      • Mike

        I’m not cheap.Actually, I consider myself a generous man.I don’t live in US ,so I do not get the same price as US customers/gamers.You my dear are single-minded about piracy.If the gaming industry take into account my country’s financial situation, I would definitely buy fresh titles on the first day of release.

  • ThatGuy984

    I dont mind..only pirates complain about denuvo

    • Gimhana Fernando

      It’s not just a problem for pirates. Something people don’t realize is that when they buy Steam games, they’re only buying a license to play.
      If Steam were to shut down, we’d lose our access, and then only a working crack would let us play the games we payed for.
      Thanks to Denuvo, that option has been taken from us.

      • Revolutionary

        Not really, it will be cracked. Better yet, don’t buy the game. Use your wallet to make them understand what is unacceptable. Write the company and let them know WHY your not buying the game too. They have to know what parts of their behavior is unacceptable.

        With that said, I’m unsure as to just how much of a limit that 5 activation’s in a day are?

        Do you have more than 5 PC’s? I do have 5 systems but only one is used for gaming.

        So how does this limit me in any shape or form?

      • Bacillus

        That’s why if I can, I buy from GOG. Then I actually own the games.

    • Azriel Odin

      Going against your own interests there as well m8. But it’s ok many other people like taking it in the butt from publishers as well.

      • ThatGuy984

        w/e man… use any excuse you want…You know what your issues are so take care of them…mainly getting a job so you dont have to pirate every piece of entertainment. Some of us like to actually spend are hard earned money to support the devs of our fravorite franchises.

        • Albert Laix

          You are just a ignorant brainwashed person who doesn’t know the deepest consequences of DRM. If every job can give you much salaries, you are daydreaming(Not everyone, especially in some countries law,their salaries are being controlled by government and also High rates of GST).Then good luck on your purchased game that give you temporary licences that will gone forever after Denuvo servers down or 20 years later.

          Always keep saying pirates are affected, then what about your games collections of Denuvo games after servers down, offline, and decades later. You are also affected dumbass. You can waste your money on wonderland that won’t last long. Then your hard earned money are at Denuvo devs, and then they kiss your monnies goodbye then say: “Thx for your stupidity of not knowing DRM also affect your game to useless piece of abandonware that won’t function anymore after the consequences of Denuvo failure.”

          Business man don’t understand customers needs like yourselves will be
          like the devs at Activision being insulted, backlash, and your promotion commercial will be the most popular dislike of all time! Hope to see your own future there if you keep being ignorant!

          Even Shadow warrior 2 devs said Denuvo is waste of money and FBI warning on movies that are totally useless.

          • ThatGuy984

            Do you even stop to listen to yourself…You cleary have no idea wtf you’re talking about. Complaining and bitching to someone who doesnt care about your views on DRM. I stopped reading your essay after “20 years” because fact of the matter is I wont be playing this game in 20 years and I feel pity for you if you are. Denuvo has not stopped me from enjoying games before and it wont stop me now…so w/e your concerns about Denuvo and/or DRM are just that YOUR concerns and your problems. Sounds like you’re simply just some fucking idiot who is too invested in ways other people spend their money..