The Division Alpha Is Now Live On Xbox One, Download Size And Details Revealed

The Divison is currently undergoing an Alpha test on the Xbox One. This Alpha test will run from December 9th to December 12th and it is currently only available for Xbox One users. If you want to gain access to this Alpha, you will need to get an invite code for it.

This Alpha test is around 23 GB in size and it has now gone live on the Xbox One servers. You should be able to play the Alpha provided you have received a code to participate in it from Ubisoft. To gain a code for the Alpha, you have to pre-order the game before launch at retail outlets like Amazon or digitally through the Xbox One store.


The Division is an upcoming massive multiplayer online third person shooter from Ubisoft. It was originally revealed at E3 2013 for the PS4 and Xbox One but faced many delays missing its 2014 and 2015 release window. This Alpha gives the user an early look at the final version of the game.

Some of the Alpha users managed to record off-screen gameplay footage and have also shared some of the screenshots on Twitter. Although judging from the closed nature of the Alpha, they are bound to be taken down by Ubisoft.

The Division is currently slated for a release in March 2016 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Let us know if you have managed to gain access to the Alpha in the comments below.

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  • Jeffrey Barrett

    I’m playing the Alpha – but screenshots, video, and commentary on the game are prohibited as you must accept an NDA prior to playing. I have heard of a few people being banned from the Alpha as a direct result.

    • Nate Campos

      how did you download it? i put the code in that they provided on the recipt but when i got to xbox stores and click on The division it doesnt let me choose an option to download the alpha. can you helppp, pleaseee!

      • Jeffrey Barrett

        The code on the receipt gets entered on The Division website. They in turn email you another code that you need to enter in on your XB1. It will automatically initiate the Alpha client download. Hope that helps!

        • Vishal Duggal

          Is it good?

          • Jeffrey Barrett

            It’s only the Alpha and I’m addicted … but that’s only one opinion. The Beta opens early in 2016.

      • Guest

        I entered my XBL code and it started the download immediately.

    • John Rudolph

      If I ordered the game for Xbox One on Amazon how do I get my Alpha code?

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