The Division Guide: How To Easily Farm Phoenix Credits And Get High End Blueprints

The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division has a phoenix credit currency that can be used to buy high end equipment. re-calibrating and blueprints. Once you hit the max level cap in The Division, you can try to farm these phoenix credits so that you can buy the high end blueprints in the game.

There are various ways to farm phoenix credits but if you have already finished the full game and have all the missions available, you can try to play the last mission “General Assembly” again but this time on the hard difficulty mode. This mission will reward the player with a good chunk of phoenix credit and it is also rather short and should take less than half hour for a full team of 4 group members.

The Division

You have to keep in mind that the phoenix credits apparently max out at 1000 so you will need to spend them before attempting to continue with farming more phoenix credits. You can use these phoenix credits to buy high end blueprints from the vendor at your base of operations. The vendor will get unlocked once you hit the level cap and upgrade your tech wing.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is available now for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It has become the best game launch in Ubisoft history and has also done well in term of digital sales on the PC, Xbox One and Steam storefront.

  • Tlirik

    Worthless article.

  • Loptr

    Click bait… Great advice, just go run the General Assembly mission over and over… Pfft…

  • richard howard

    Yeaaa… This doesn’t work for phoenix credits. We did GA on Hard and got a whopping 3 Phoenix Credits. You’re better off just roaming DZ.

    • This exploit has been nerfed in the latest update by Ubisoft. It was working before the update.

    • Domje H

      You’re quite wrong, if you spam Lexington you get 30 phoenix credits every 15 minutes or so + one High-End item for completion (+ purples from boss).