DriveClub Patch 1.07 Out Now: 1.06 GB In Size, Adds Photo Mode And More; Photo Mode Screens Released

DriveClub latest patch is now online and users can download it. It is about 1.06 GB in size and contains plenty of new content as well as the inclusion of in-game Photo Mode.

For a full list of the changelog, read below.

* Adds Photo Mode to the game. You can enable Photo Mode during gameplay by pressing the right side of the Touch Pad and share your favourite pictures with the Share button.

* Adds three new tracks – all including reverse variants: Yedapalli in India, Los Pelambres in Chile and Wester Ross in Scotland.

* Adds support for the Renault DeZir DRIVECLUB™ Edition and BMW M5, 2013 to PlayStation®Store (available as free download to full game owners from Nov 25-SCEA, 26-SCEE, 27-SCEJ).

* Adds support for the Ignition Expansion Pack – which includes the Ignition Car Pack and Ignition Tour Pack – to PlayStation®Store (free download available from Nov 25-SCEA, 26-SCEE, 27-SCEJ).

The Ignition Car Pack includes 5 new cars:
W Motors Lykan Hypersport
Caterham SP/ 300.R
Renault Twin’Run Concept

The Ignition Tour Pack includes 11 new Events and 5 new Trophies.

• Adds support for the Photo-Finish Tour Pack to PlayStation®Store (free download available from Nov 25-SCEA, 26-SCEE, 27-SCEJ).

The Photo-Finish Tour Pack includes 11 new Events and 5 new Trophies.

• Adds support for two new livery packs to PlayStation®Store (free download available from Nov 25-SCEA, 26-SCEE, 27-SCEJ).

Each Livery Pack contains 5 new livery patterns to customise your cars with.

• Changes have be made to corner cutting, corner penalties & collision penalties for balancing purposes.

• Improves the Server Announcements functionality and implements a restyled screen.

• Adds the ability to manually trigger reset-to-track by pressing the left side of the Touch Pad.

• Adds the ability to view a Club’s current unlocks (Vehicles, Paint Jobs, Club Badge Shapes and Accolade Stickers).

• Integrates Player and Club Cards into various option menus.

• Adds the option to hide and unhide the results screen in order to view the post-race cameras.

• Adds Newest Clubs to the list of potential recipients when sending a Club Challenge.

• Adds the ability to search for a Club by name when sending a Club Challenge.

• Plus a number of minor bug fixes, performance improvements and usability tweaks.

If you were happy to see Photo Mode in the new update, you should know that a Reply Mode is also on the cards as confirmed by Evolution Studios in a latest tweet.

If you want to see a glimpse of Photo Mode, PlayStation Europe Community Manager Chris Owen shared a lovely photo taken using the new photo mode. Check it out below.


Have you updated to this latest version? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • WitWolfy

    A little too late, haven’t played this game since launch. Who knows maybe when I actually finish the games I’m playing at the moment that DC ends up being the game EVO promised it would be.

  • TheFanboySlayer

    Good update…..the guy below me is a troll btw. Played multiple games on many different PS4s…..only criticism is weather patch is not here yet and lack of ps plus edition…..

    • Raptor150

      The guy below you trolls on N4G. Now joins diqus to troll sony as well? that guy is a dumb ****.
      OT: great update guys! just make my SP experience even more enjoyable to play! new tracks, cars photo mode, game improvements, having fun with this game. Keep up the improvements evo!

  • Guest

    Challenge mode still sucks and after this many patches and online still not functioning the way it should, I’ve given up and moved on.

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