Driveclub: Upcoming patch includes new tracks and trophies

Evolution Studios today announced the upcoming patch for the arcade racing game, Driveclub. The patch will be released at the end of October. Moreover, the working of Braking Assist Option was also explained by Evolution Studios. The option doesn’t offer any advantage vs skilled driving, rather than it just automatically applies the brakes for corners. The difficulty levels in Braking Assist Option will also be released in near future.

The official account of Driveclub on Twitter advised to bank on Fame because the update will include changes to driver levels. The director of the game, Paul Rustchynsky, also mentioned that “plenty” of new trophies are upcoming along with the patch. Moreover, The upcoming private lobbies will also award fame points as confirmed by him. The trophies can be earned through customizing your car or by beating the highest score in a drifting event. The most common way to earn a trophy is to beat your own best score in a single lap or complete challenges.


Most importantly, Paul Rustchynsky revealed that the new tracks are being built and they will be released soon in the game. You can read further details about the patch on Paul Rustchynsky’s official Twitter account.

Driveclub is exclusively available on PS4.

Do you think that the addition of Braking Assist feature in the game was a good idea? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • gearskin

    Why do I have to wait for tours to download

  • Geo Torino

    I think the braking assist or any asssist for that matter is a good feature for new players. Once they get the handle of things, they can trun it off.

    However, I’m not sure if the braking assist will precent someone from drifting since it slows the car down when apporching a connner.

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