Dying Light: Enhanced Edition Update 1.04 Released, Patch Notes Inside

Techland has released a brand new update for Dying Light: The Following for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. This update has some various fixes and improvements included in it.

Dying Light: Enhanced Edition features the original game along with the story expansion, The Following, which was released earlier this year. The story expansion adds a whole new area to the game and introduces vehicles.


Dying Light’s latest patch updates the game to version 1.04 and includes the following changes.

  • Various stability improvements (including co-op)
  • Minor tweaks and fixes
  • Various balance tweaks regarding Be the Zombie mode
  • Dying Light: The Following DLC fixes:
  • Fixed losing buggy parts after playing Be the Zombie
  • Fixed buggy paintjob replication
  • Minor fixes and improving balance

Dying Light: The Following is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It was developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive. It is an open world zombie horror game that features first person parkour and mixes it with combat in a post apocalyptic world. It is also famous for its multiplayer mode that allowed the users to play as a Zombie. This mode was part of a pre-order bonus but it is featured with the Enhanced Edition version of the game.

Let us know if you have noticed any changes after installing the new update in the comments below.

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  • MS

    Have they fixed the frame pacing issue on the PS4 version due to the framerate being upcapped? I dont understand why these idiot developers dont understand that a properly paced capped 30fps is better than a uncapped unproperly paced 30fps.

  • Devin Riel Aisaican

    What the hell do you mean? An update that balanced out the night hunter? What a laugh, not only has this game never been balanced out but this game probably will never be balanced out. For starters humans are allowed a rank 250 with all of the perks that follow that and accompany it. Many people cheat aka they duplicate disaster relief packages and then turn them into the quartermaster for a ridiculous amount of legend points. So they get a damage increase of 4.0%X 25 for melee, their guns do 10%X 25 and it’s just not fair at all. Death occurs in two hits it’s beyond retarded. The uv light is beyond terrible. Like its just horrible spammmm is all that happens and when ever I tackle it’s far to easy to avoid. Ground impound is always met with retreat and attack and I can’t pounce at all because of UV spam camping around flares buggy just at a distance of safe area. I’ve got 150 health death takes two hits with a blade gun takes about 5 shots to die. Just what the hell do hunters gotta do to be in a fair game. It’s not balanced it’s not fair and this update didn’t do a thing because I’ve already received 4 errors and stuggled to enter a few games. I fell like I’ve wasted my money my effort and time. Why doesn’t the zombie get and benefits like the humans do an increase in damage and raw physical strength??? An increased duration to spits and and uv block. It is not fair and you can’t beat a rank 250 player even if you try it’s beyond retarded and yea this updates a joke. Spammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the uv light it’s all that ever happens it is beyond annoying it’s all that happens for 20 minutes that’s it spam the uv run. Humans need a stamina bar and should always be played on nightmare difficulty because if it’s not, their health recovery is just not fair and uv light should hold a dam 4 second time lapse and take at least 8 seconds to charge. This game isn’t fair I know what I want I know what the people want but will this company deliver I doubt it what a pathetic joke. Reality in real life is all men have stamina and dying light needs to implement that concept on these hunter missions not take it away. They got their uv light they can use it when they have no stamina. But they don’t have stamina and just keep running while I have to jump run hide a great distance just so I cane em regain a bit of energy which is obliterated the moment that uv light hits me. Does any one else feel that this is how the game should be played. Do a run through of the players who play many have a rank 250 and are so unbelievably cocky if I decide to leave by saying remarks like you ****ing suck noob or hahaha no skill or just hurtful remarks. Theirs also to many safe zones the buggies are beyond gay and its ultimately a pain in my ass to play taticly and skillfully. Then I gotta level up twice to unlock skill then three times to unlock skill no the hunter has no dam advantages it’s just luck they didn’t spam you when you pounced them. 2/10 Getting pretty close to selling this crap and getting cod 3

    • BabyBlackJebus

      I’m genuinely disappointed that people reading this post has to come down here and find your ridiculous comment from someone who obviously is just a shitty night Hunter who wants the world to be entirely in his favor. The game is built for the humans and night hunters to have a counter to everything the other could do. Hunters have the greater end of the deal with their abilities being much more efficient which you would already know if you even bothered to seriously play as a human.

      Ever since the start of the game, they have been releasing updates just to make things easier on the night Hunter and have promptly patched any glitches that gave humans an unfair advantage (shield+double handed, 1 flare instead of 3 flares, 15 second revive instead of 30 seconds, shotgun nest instakill). Night hunters have been having an easier time than ever to kill humans.

      Please understand a situation from both sides before you bash on one side. I have seen humans ultimately destroy hunters and hunters ultimately destroy humans from teams of 1 to 4 (hunters do insanely good for 1v1). I have lost and won playing on both sides. I would be happy to see them rollback updates just for humans to have an easier time but I wouldn’t ever complain about them because these updates are not insanely unbalanced. Calling the game mode unbalanced is just absurd. The only absurd thing about it is the connection in games have been bad and that’s it.

      And please sell your game and go to co3. I’m sure no one else likes you in dying light with your attitude. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      PS Almost all legend levels don’t affect night invasions games. Legend level 250 and gold tier weapons versus any other weapon from a legend level 0 deal just about the same damage against a hunter. For example the game makes sure a single handed of any sort from anyone when playing with a team of 1-2 humans will max out damage at 33% per hit while teams of 3-4 humans will max out at 25% per hit. You sincerely are a plebe on many levels.

      • Devin Riel Aisaican

        Listen man these people are cheaters anyone who is playing against a rank 250 player it’s not balanced and when theirs 3-4 of them it’s NOT FAIR PERIOD all I can do is avoid them regardless they have an increase to damage like I got punched an died like whatever maybe I’m just over reacting because I only played three games but they all did contain some ranked 250 individuals. It’s annoying my night hunter rank in s widow maker mutation 2 level 18 atm. But in those 3 games I was ejected out of my game and yea had a few odd wtf moments like being one hit ko’d by a punch or two hits with a blade. Once I obtain my uv heal cheaters won’t like me

        • Devin Riel Aisaican

          Listen if your going to rag on me Nobleg333 send me an invite and we’ll have a match NOTE IF YOUR RANK 250 lol I’m not playing you both sides I’ll play you if your not willing then just stop talking and I love how you’ve admitted the humans having an advantage even previously to my post so thanks for proving yet again that theirs a level of bullshit here

    • Throb Gobblin

      Sounds like you just rage quit and came here to kick the dog.