Dying Light Graphics Improved In Latest Update On The PS4

Dying Light was released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC earlier this year. It was a solid effort on the current generation systems running at 1080p and 30 fps for the most part. However, it unfortunately lacked in term of level-of-detail on the current generation systems resulting in a level-of-detail quality that was noticeably lower than even the lowest on PC. This issue seems to have been fixed in the latest update for Dying Light on the PS4. It is unclear whether it carries over to the Xbox One version or not.

You can see a comparison of the PS4 version of the game running before and after the latest patch, which seems to have improved the level-of-detail for Dying Light on the PS4.

If you want to check out this comparison in a higher quality, you can take a look at the direct feed images below. (Left = Before Patch, Right = After Patch)


dyinglight-ps4-before-1 dyinglight-ps4-after-1[/twentytwenty]

[twentytwenty]dyinglight-ps4-before-2 dyinglight-ps4-after-2[/twentytwenty]

It is pretty apparent from the above comparison that the level-of-detail has received a boost in quality, best seen on the trees and grass rendered at a distance. The crane in the distance, as seen in the second comparison, is rendered much better now. In addition to this, the AF has also been increased resulting in better ground textures at a distance.

Let us know what you think about this comparison in the comments below.

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  • Michael Norris

    Yet you don’t hear Eurogamer talking about this.Ps4 is a better machine for games.

  • William Perdomo

    While ps4 get improvements xbox fans getting mycrocock in their mouths.

  • William Perdomo

    Xbox fans will get aids after hearing this lol

  • Sebastian Monroe

    Funny though because on the Dying light forums all the PS4 (sony Fanboys) are complaining about FPS issues after the latest update.

    You can have you slightly better shadow graphics I’d rather have FPS over that anyday!

    • Egla

      There is no difference in fps.

      • Sebastian Monroe

        Check the Official Dying light forum, “Lots” of PS4 gamers are complaining of bad FPS drops since the update.

        • such.wow

          Do you have a link?

        • someguy-_-

          Please link, I did a quick search and found nothing.

        • Jessika S.

          I’m not having any problems with FPS looks slightly better more clear but FPS still the same as it was before.

    • Allen

      lol what!? You sound like a butt hurt xbox fanboy. What’s actually funny is how the PS4 version was praised as being a very close comparison to PC version on high before this update.

      • Harry-S

        There was a very distinct difference in Level of Detail between PC and PS4 which this seems to have addressed, certainly an upgrade over the previous.

  • Cenk Algu

    lol.There is no difference at all.Hope is a big piece of bread for Sony fanboys lol.

    • Egla

      Just goes to show that you’re used to seeing console soup instead of a proper implementation of AF.

    • such.wow

      Get glasses.

      • Cenk Algu

        Better yo get the glasses because this is nothing but jpg vs png. Sorry.

        • such.wow

          Look near the middle, and also at the ground.

        • justerthought

          Explain how the PNG file format gives you denser tree details, extra shadows and builds walls on buildings. That’s incredible. It’s magic. Heavy JPG compression is lossy in terms of blurring artefacts, but these images are not heavily compressed and JPG compression cannot remove shadows or sides of buildings to just leave the roof.

          In any case, the lossless PNG images are actually less sharp on distant details than the JPG images due to improved antialiasing. If what you said was true, the JPG image would be blurred due to compression, not sharper.

          Get yourself some glasses if you have a PS4 and enjoy the extra detail, or forget the glasses if you have an XB1, because you won’t like what you see.

          • Cenk Algu

            So what is the point? If they added something on PS4 with a patch it is doable on XO as well. What is This f*** fuzz?

          • such.wow

            The Xbox One already had AF, they fixed it in the PS4 version with the last patch. This has nothing to do with the Xbox One version, its for people to be happy that they went back and fixed the PS4s AF in the game and also improved LoD slightly (which we don’t know if this happened with the Xbox One because no one has posted a comparison yet).

            If you have the game, feel free to take a screenshot of the exact spot, it’s right near the start of the game. Your screenshot will be .PNG from Xbox One so we can compare them.

          • Cenk Algu

            No I dont have it. Not my type this game.

          • Curtis92

            It’s not possible if they already maxed out xb1 version and are just now going back in and pumping up the ps4 version to be what it should’ve been without parity.

          • Michael Norris

            The Xbone can’t even handle grass…without screen tearing and frame rate hitting the dirt.This is from Eurogamer-On Xbox One, tearing appears in conjunction with GPU-taxing elements such as foliage, smoke, and dynamic lighting.I have around 30 hours clocked in and the only time i see the frame drop is when there is a ton fuck of shit happening physics mostly.

          • Cenk Algu

            lol.I just say FH2 and go away froom your idiotic brain section

    • justerthought

      No wonder you are happy with an XB1, you are not very observant person. You failed to see the denser trees and more detailed shadows in the top image. You failed to see the better resolved crane and fully drawn building in the bottom image. You just stick with your XB1. A PS4 is wasted on you.

    • Allen

      lol no difference. Xbox fanboys are just a bunch of hypocrites

      Last gen Xbox fans went on and on and on about superior multi plats yet there was zero difference. Adjust the contrast and they looked exactly the same.

      Now we have measurable differences. Not some lame making stuff up like last gen. It’s not like PS3 was 480p while 360 was 720p or anything. And now all of a sudden there’s no difference. lol keep showing your true colors…you uninformed, spewing lies and BS colors.

  • ChatWraithShichi

    Also the shadow resolution has improved. A lot of what were previously baked shadows are now realtime. Check out the yellow street barrier in the 1st screenshot compared to the 2nd. Softer, more realistic shadows, and more of them. Nice.

    …..but PC had this a long time ago.

    • BradyAlucard[sillibk]

      What’s wrong with PS4 getting the updates NOW? That blurry image people have been posting must have been fixed, too. Now someone should take a new screenshot of that (and try not to downplay the PS4 version).

      • Allen

        I think the blurry image going around was before the game loaded the textures. I’ve caught Dying light a couple of times. If you catch it at the right moment, I’m sure that’s where it came from. Just PC ignorants acting like PC is the only way to go.

  • dave

    How the fuck do you expect anyone to make a objective comparison when the only 2 images to try and do that with are the second set of screens, even then the “before” image is a jpg while the “after” image is a png so the “before” image could easily look worse due to it being a low quality jpg with compression artefacts etc.

    • such.wow

      Which images are you talking about? The bottom ones, [Before] You can see a floating roof and no/poor AF on the ground. [After] you can see windows near the middle, and a building where the floating roof was and 8x+AF.

  • Doggystyle

    Xbox gives box a bad name.

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