Europe to get Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Faceplate and Home Menu theme

Good news for Xenoblade fans in Europe and Australia as they’ll be getting the Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Faceplate we talked about a while ago, they’ll also be getting a Home Menu theme.

For the theme those in Europe will just have to pre-order the game on the Nintendo e-Shop to get the theme, so if you’re planning on getting a physical copy of the game then you’re out of luck. Fans in New Zealand and Australia will have to pre-order the game from the retailers mentioned here.


The Faceplate as we discussed before can only be put on a standard New Nintendo 3DS and not the XL version. The Faceplate will not be sold separately and will only be included in bundles. UK folk can grab them from here while in Australia it’s exclusive to EB Games.


Nintendo of America has yet to announce if the theme will be available in North America. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D releases exclusively on the New Nintendo 3DS on April 10 in North America.

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  • Kyle Elliot

    Correction, the faceplate is being sold separately in Australia. You contradicted yourself in your own statement “exclusive to EB Games”. I should know because I live in Darwin, Australia with an EB down the street. There are no bundles as of yet for Xenoblade 3D or any form of the New 3DS, small or big, and I currently have both the game and faceplate on preorder, which I payed off separately. In fact, separately is the only way anything Xenoblade 3D is being released apart from the theme, which is a preorder bonus. Looking forward to playing the game though. NOW IT’S REYN TIME!!