More Evidence Suggests PS1/PS2 Classics Are Coming To PS4

PS1/PS2 Classics for PS4 is a rumor that has been making the rounds recently. It was seen most recently when PEGI rated some of the PS2 games for PS4 including Dark Cloud, Ape Escape and Twisted Metal: Black. This was a rather strange rating since these games were never announced for the PS4 and it only led to the speculation that the previously rumored PS1/PS2 Classics support will be announced for PS4.

Sony recently released a new Star Wars Battlefront bundle for the PS4 which included 4 Star Wars games, three of them were released on the PS2, but they were still advertised with trophy support on the PS4. This pretty much matches up with an earlier patent done by Sony, which supposedly added trophies support for the PS One and PS2 classics.

Now that Star Wars Battlefront is released on the PS4, reddit user Krvavi_Abadas managed to find a PS4 user with access to the bundle and he was able to see the PS2 Star Wars games being streamed on Twitch. The stream confirmed that these games were actually emulated on the PS4 which confirms the earlier rumor that PS1/PS2 games will be natively emulated with trophy support. You can check out the screenshot of the controller layout below.


The reddit user was able to track his PSN ID using his Twtich username and as we can see, his PSN ID has trophies for Star Wars Bounty Hunter, which appears to be a natively emulated game on the PS4 judging from the controller layout in the screenshot above.

Sony will host a brand new event called PlayStation Experience at the start of December. It is highly likely that if they are going to add PS1/PS2 classics support, we will see them at the upcoming event, especially since all evidence points to them getting released for the PS4.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • TwoReplies

    Why do we have to have such a push for backwards compatibility during EVERY new console release? It should be one of the FIRST things they ensure works when they’re developing the console.

  • Ivan Johnson

    I wont be playing. Don’t see the point. Thats like having an HD tv and play Standard definition. I MIGHT do PS3 but ps2 and ps1 is a little too older.

  • Soda Popinski

    Great news, about time this finally happens. Digital PSOne classics are currently cross buy/play on every Sony Playstation system capable of connecting to PSN (PSP, Vita, and PS3), EXCEPT the newest most powerful PS4.

  • Ive owned a PS1, PS2 and PS3 but it stopped there. I’m so bored with the whole console scene. No backward compatibility stopped me replacing the PS3 hardware and I saw little point in buying a PS4 when all the PC versions are (A) cheaper, (B) more mod friendly, (C) more portable (Play on any PC brand / model / generation), and (C) can have any troublesome online DRM ripped out of it so I can simply play… I found the whole console experience to be underwhelming, and the vendors over bearing in their demands to control everything. No Thanks!

    Overall, the video game industry has gauged too much with constant DLC, and are too careless with quality control, frequently mislead with graphic reductions from the time of announcement to delivering the end game, and simply too repetitive with their constant wash and repeat formula… What another Assassins Creed, & Call of Duty again? Meh!

    A step in the right direction would be for Sony to make the “Playstation” a true platform. That means it can play all of your “Playstation” games. The Playstation games I have already purchased should be immediately use-able and the extra work enhancing the experience on new platform updates should be Sony’s value-add proposition. I should buy Sony Playstation because Sony does the work looking after everything. If Sony or their participating vendor partners doesn’t want to run servers anymore for older games, then it should be immediately offered to the public to enable independent hosting. This act builds communities, and preserves the value of “Playstation” compatible products for both Sony and their user base. It’s pretty simple Sony.

    • simmerkatt

      I’m not hating or disagreeing, but you can’t just rip out the DRM. You have to get cracked versions, which have the DRM disabled and won’t let you go online (depending on the game, of course).

      • Yes it is not so easily ripped out, but more often than not, it is at least doable on the PC platform with varying degrees of features remaining in tact.

        The problem here is that most vendors put up barriers and we have to rely on communities to dismantle them. It means that paying customers (using any platform) have to go to great pain just to support themselves. Look at support forums for EA, Ubisoft etc and you will see countless abandoned – non answered support issues… I guess if you are forced into jumping through so many technical hoops – it’s little wonder people just give up and obtain a ‘cracked’ version in the first place.

        Across all platforms the PC is the best supported by’ communities’ and most online & offline hurdles have been successfully defeated. More support answers are now provided by non-paid communities than from the paid Developers and Publishers themselves! That is a telling measurement.

        Of all proprietary platforms unfortunately it is the Playstation and the culture of Sony that has proved the least friendly to consumers with draconian policies, irresponsibility and disregard for security & privacy of users, vagrant lack of support with the most class actions made against it, and over-zealous legal IP attacks on children as young as 9 years old… That’s a culture that needs to be replaced by one that is customer friendly, and more ethically balanced.

  • I have a modded PS2 that can play PS1 and PS2 games bruh I’m good. Gonna get a PS4 to you know play PS4 games?

    • Dimitri Fisher

      Why is your PS2 modded for that? PSOne games are natively emulated on the PS2.

      • I can play PS1 ISOs in a format called VCD on my USB flash drive and then plug the USB to the PS2.

        • Dimitri Fisher

          Oh, you mean isos. I see.

        • simmerkatt

          VCD means Video CD. I’m pretty sure you mean that you’re running just the plain ISO or BIN/CUE files from the USB, no VCD involved. I think you only needed the VCD or something to play burned PS1/2 games on an unmodded PS2.

          • No. You need to convert the BIN/CUE files into a VCD and there’s a program to do it.

          • simmerkatt

            Eh, I’m pretty sure all you had to do was copy the BIN/CUE but whatever XD

  • ruefrak

    So what’s the difference between this and the PS2 Classics that were on the PS3? The system didn’t run the games natively and they had to be redone to work on the system. So they just went in and added trophies?

    • simmerkatt

      Pretty much.

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    It would be very interesting on which PS1 & PS2 classics will have platinum trophies/trophies.
    I hope it supports all the PS1 & PS2 games I’ve bought throughout the years on PSN (mainly Suidoken II, Persona 3 FES). I do not want to rebuy them again for the PS4.

  • pfreak

    Unless all PS1/PS2 games are free who cares? They look terrible and wouldn’t even be 16:9. No thanks.

  • JackGough

    Backwards compatibility would be perfect.

  • FactsDontLieEver

    They better let any PS1/ PS2 classics already purchased on the PS3 transfer over to the PS4… I purchased many classics on my PS3 and the only reason I haven’t sold my PS3 was because of that. If I have to rebuy the same digital game again on the PS4 that I already bought on the PS3 it will be ridiculous.

    • FactsDontLieEver

      Even if they do some type of voucher system where they can see the ones you own on your PS3 account and let you redownload them for free on your PS4 account.

  • DaireConstantineOReilly

    If it is true, I want to see PSOne Doom, life force tanka, Toy Story 2 , The Getaway 1 & 2 and Destroy all Humans.

  • sublimetalmsg

    Honestly its going to look real dirty if i have to buy these games a 3rd time. I bet if you have the disc it doesn’t matter you need to re purchase digital to play. and I’m betting this is the idea.

  • Kevin Scott

    If PS1/PS2 games start getting trophies I’ll be thrilled!!!

  • TheModerateUser

    Wasn’t bounty hunter re-released on PSN?
    this must be what we’re seeing on screen.

  • Loke1988

    Twisted metal is an all time fave of mine. I would love to have a MP version of that here and now.

  • This is the Second PlayStation Experience, how is it a brand new event?

    • Sunny11

      Well it’s still new it’s only been one year

  • atomicjuicer

    Remote play for ps2 games on vita would be a game changer

    • DaireConstantineOReilly

      Ps2 games ON the Vita would be a Game Changer, if they had of had it the start would have saved the vita, and yes the vita ca do ps2 , it had ratchet and metal gear from ps2.

      • phar0ahad3

        i disagree ….the way people view vita nothing can change that and people dont care about playing alot of games ….they just want call of duty…and i have a vita

        • xPhoenixMoon

          I say this all the time too, the Vita has had a bad reputation from the start, even when Sony did support it well.

          It wasn’t like it didn’t launch with good games or was a bad handheld, it did launch with plenty of great games and it was a awesome handheld, and it was always received poorly. For some reason everyone just wanted its games on PS3 and PS4 instead. Which I found ridiculous given all the hate the system had gotten, but then those same people who did hate it, wanted to play its games on consoles…

          Not that it was perfect, or Sony did everything perfect, but it seems people care more about hating something, rather than playing games these days.

          All this console war crap is proof enough of that, and like I said it has gotten so bad that even fans in the same base will hate on their supported companies products, like with the PS Vita and the Wii U.

          Many 3DS users hated the Wii U, and many PS3 players hated the PS Vita. I never understood it, I still don’t.

          • phar0ahad3

            Yup gaming is dying no one wants a handheld unless it has pokemon and no one wants a console unless it has call of duty …no matter how many other games are out there that are great but whatever and its not only a handheld thing the whole internet seems to think sony had no games this fall on the ps4 and xbox had so many but all xbox had was halo for the 100th time, forza for the 100th time, and a timed exclusive tomb raider thats coming to ps4 anyways while sony had Disgea 5,one piece pirate warriors 3, Tales of zesteria, sword art online lost song, until dawn, dragon quest heroes, Samurai warriors the list goes on and on but ask anyone and they have no idea because supposedly japanese games are dead and they dont count as AAA games even thou there made by Square Enix and SEga and Bandai Namco and other huge companies and this mindset is killing these games making them have terrible sales(whle the same call of duty, assassins creed,battlefield all sell blockbusters) its disgusting whats happening in this industry imo…..but oh well i just hope they sell enough to keep coming which im starting to doubt….

          • Ivan Johnson

            I think ps vita woulda been better if the thumbsticks were clickable. So we wont have to use the back tabs or whatnot. Some games just didnt feel natural with the remote play. Had to learn new controls.

  • WitWolfy

    I’ll believe it when I see it. With my luck only 3% of games will have trophy support.