Facial Tech Comparison: Killzone Shadow Fall vs Ryse vs Crysis 3

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Next generation is almost here. Curious to see how far the graphics have evolved. We compare Killzone Shadow Fall, Ryse and Crysis 3 to see how far the facial tech has evolved for games.

Before starting, let me explain why we included Crysis 3. Even though it is released on current generation systems, Crysis 3 on PC is still regarded as a benchmark for PC graphics. It gives high end rigs a run for their money on ultra quality. The facial tech is also one of the best from previous generation and truly shines on a PC. So keeping this in mind, let us begin our comparison.

Note: Click on each image to view in full 1080p size

Crysis 3

Lets begin with Crysis 3. The best work of Crytek(graphically) to date. It remains to be seen if Ryse can take the throne for Crytek in term of its graphics.

image_crysis_3-21489-2489_0008 url

Killzone Shadow Fall

The lastest Killzone Shadow Fall trailer not only gave us a glimpse of the story, it also gave us a pretty decent idea of how the graphics fare for the game. While the character renders look stunning, seeing them in-game is even better.

20131023-003302 20131023-003427


Another one of Crytek’s title here. Ryse is definitely shaping up to be one of the best looking next generation game. Its latest trailer was jaw dropping and looked great. It is the only game with the highest character polygon count so far.


Deep Down (Bonus)

While not included in comparison, we have decided to include Deep Down here. The original tech demo for Deep Down looked amazing for sure. But, as mentioned, it was a tech demo and not a game, hence we are not including it in comparison.


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Khurram Imtiaz

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  • 111AlaN111

    Same with the X1

  • killergram33

    Being a PC gamer, I have no bias towards any console. From those shown, Ryse wins. BY FAR. If you showed me the second picture and told me it was from a movie, I would believe it. The faces from Killzone look reeaaaally fake, the normal maps are way too sharp and I’m not seeing any nice sub-surface scattering to soften it up. Ryse > Crysis 3> Killzone

  • Dakan45

    I dont know if you got shit for brains, but you propably do, i posted a fcukign scrrenshot of how REALLY it looks like and thats how shadowshit looks.

    YOu sony faggots need to stop praising sony and reallize they are fucking SHIT.

    • Mike G.


      Many screenshots show jag, but it isn’t present when you actually play the game. I challenge you to show me actual motion-induced jag, in this game, via video footage. Until you do, you’re just a fucking troll.

      I praise developers and companies when they do right, and scold them when they do bad. Shadowfall may not be the best FPS, but it definitely seems to be taking the franchise in the right direction, and if you liked the previous Killzone’s you’ll probably love this.

      The only thing that’s horrible around here are your tantrum-like opinions that aren’t even accurate.

      • Dakan45

        “Many screenshots show jag, but it isn’t present when you actually play the game”

        From my experiance in gaming since 1993 all the way up until now, i can say that its the other way around, so its you who has to stop trolling ot ardmit you got shit for brains.

        “efinitely seems to be taking the franchise in the right direction’

        That i can agree, the previous were too generic and monotonous in color and art.

  • Dakan45

    Shadowfall is awful, sorry but it is. do you even now what ANIMATION is ?

    Well the facial animations in shadowfall are shit, sorry sony boys.

    • Mike G.

      Sorry, but apparently, playing Ryse is “as fun as dialing a phone numbers” according to GameInformer, lmao.

      One of the bone’s most promising titles is absolute shit according to three recent reviews.

      • Dakan45

        I never saw the point of killzone either to be honest. Yet it gets high score for generic cover based gameplay.

        • Mike G.

          Have you ever played Killzone? It isn’t cover based at all.

          It seems as if you can get into some type of ‘cover mode’ behind objects, but it’s nowhere near the level of GoW in that regard. I’ve yet to see it utilized in any MP footage, either.

          Killzone is a simple, yet gorgeous shooter that you can have a lot of fun with if it suits your preference, and there’s more depth to it than most people realize.

          Not every FPS needs to be a frenetic, 10-sensitivity-ish, ultra-hyper crapshoot, and Killzone makes a great case for that, especially Shadowfall, which is said to be very responsive (probably due to 60 fps in MP and the controller)

          It’s a shame that Sony and Guerilla don’t have the money to market this franchise effectively. They can’t call PepsiCo, and have a Mt Dew flavor created just for their game, and have cardboard cutouts of the protagonist in 7-11 doorways and various grocery stores across the country.

          I didn’t like this series either until I forced myself to get acclimated to the shitty DualShock 3, and once I was, I was hooked.

          • Dakan45





            kIillzone has a cover systme you stupid moron. IT IS cover based.

            ” a simple, yet gorgeous shoote”

            Oh it is simple and generic and borring also not gorgeious at all.

            “probably due to 60 fps in MP and the controller”

            and it looks like crap to mp, if you want responsive controls paly on pc not with crappy controllers.

          • Mike G.

            I write a respectable piece, and you respond with drivel.

            Killzone Shadowfall is being praised as one of the best looking next-gen games. You’re pretty much defeated in this argument.

            Being able to get in and out of cover doesn’t make it “cover based.”

            That is one of the dumbest claims I’ve ever seen in a games discussion. Is Call of Duty “cover based” simply because I can prone behind a crate? No, it isn’t.

            Gears of War is cover based. You attach your character to cars, walls, crates, freeway medians, and just about anything in the game. You even have a mechanic to pivot your character from one piece of cover to another.

            The MP looks incredible, with all the effects – particle, volumetric, insanely good lighting, etc.

            I knew you weren’t the sharpest, but I didn’t know you were an actual idiot person.

  • andeciuala

    deep down will not look like this in gameplay.. this was a cg trailer, you can see from the recents gameplay traillers.

    • Dakan45

      Confrimed it got downgraded.

  • Guest


    1. Deep Down
    2. Shadow Fall
    3. Crysis 3
    4. Ryse

    I would have placed Ryse higher at 2 or 3, but the teeth look off.

    • Dakan45

      deep down looks like shit.

  • Edonus

    Ryse wins all day,

    The skin texturing look the realest. I also think its the art styling too. In the other games you can see a little bit of over the topness in the color saturation and things like sweat and skin wrinkles. Ryse just has a much better balance.

  • Doc Gamer

    Getting really tired of Jack Slater I have been gaming way longer than you have and probably have 10 times the systems you have. And yes I have all Sony’s machines but nobody remembers when 1 of every 10 Playstations were defective—from bearings falling out to the disc drives dropping down and not playing the disc, and Sony NEVER made an attempt to fix the problem or help the consumer. A year and half later they did but charged you to get it fixed, I should know I had 5 playstations in 2 years

  • Guest

    LOL, $0N¥ Paupers are the absolute lowest of lowlifes on the planet.

  • PatcherStation

    Console wars are sad and pointless. If you’re a gamer and you’ve got the cash, splash out on all the current consoles. The power debate is the oldest and longest debate in gaming history. Less powerful consoles have gone on to outsell more powerful consoles. Bit of a tight match between the PS4 and Xbox One which was the case with the PS3 and Xbox 360. It’s all going to be down to console prices, quantity of games, quality of games, third party exclusives, timed exclusives, exclusive DLC and timed DLC, not forgetting first party exclusives. I don’t think Microsoft will sit back, more so because they’ve got a lot more money to pump into gaming. Sony don’t have the money to keep the PS4 beefed up.

  • orionsaint

    The hair on Shadow Fall looks awful!

    • Guest

      You mean on the female character? ‘Cause that’s a hood. I thought it was poorly rendered hair at first.

      • orionsaint

        Oh wow really? Shows how bad the graphics are…buuuuurn! PC gaming rules! j/k lol

  • Jose David Yacaman

    as much as i love my ps3 and im only getting aps4. and wii u.
    Xbox 1 graphics do look good.

    Yet there is noe game in their list that I want

  • Solid Snake

    Gaming should be an enjoyable experience not turned into a blood sport there’s enough insanity going on in the world to last a life time!

  • Solid Snake

    Other reasons why electronics stress out & or cause hardware failures is because for one r more of the following reasons…

    1.people don’t all take care of them properly weather it be by accident & or other wise

    2.Certain games are riddled with bugs before & or after patches

    3. Encounters one or more types of internet connection problems

    4.Gets one or more faulty updates weather it be hardware & or software related

    P.S..it’s hard to target what problems are contributing to stressing & or causing hardware failures it’s typically a process of elimination in certain cases.

    Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

  • 2wisted

    Next gen trailer* It’s like that on both, according to 2K.

  • Solid Snake

    Comparing finished games to unfinished games is a premature comparison!

    Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

  • Heavenly_King

    I think Crysis 3 looks better

    • Mike G.

      Why are console games constrained with fixed, limited hardware being compared to top tier PC games? Especially those developed on Cryengine?

  • John

    Looking at these stupid non hi-res images is just flame bait! Lets see what these games look like when they come out! Ryse has not even been running on xbone tech, its been on PCs, so yeah its gonna look great! Just wait till it comes out on the xbone, will be nothing special I assure you! To be honest, doesn’t look much better than Joel or Ellie in LOU which is the current benchmark for graphics on consoles – NOT fucking crysis!

    • king_of_spades

      Lmfao you mad bro? Those pics of ryse are from the latest trailer which is on xbox one Lmfao you failed. Xbox looks better hahahahah

  • Samholy

    infamous second son had some pretty decent voice synch and facial muscle movement. i even found them to look better than killzone in term of natural facial expression fidelity.

  • marcus

    honestly fuck the ps4 microsoft are the leading designers in tech sony can get back to makig their shit tvs ahahaah

  • TR

    He never said Xbox One wasn’t made at Foxconn, he said the PS4 gets the ** largest portion ** from Foxconn. Reading comprehension.

    Not like X360, the Xbox One is moving away from Foxconn (10% only) for Flextronics.

  • Jonathan

    Just a single report, compared to muiltiple reports on Foxconn.
    Doesn’t change the fact that Flextronics is still better than the king of pauper Foxconn.

    FU VM homoboi!

  • Jonathan

    Still Fail. It’s just a single report, compared to muiltiple reports on Foxconn.
    Flextronics is still better than the king of pauper Foxconn.

    FU VM!

  • BluTruth

    The images that you have for Ryse where taken from a tech demo demonstrated at E3. Creek has admitted and gone on record of saying that the game will not look as graphically inclined do to the limitations of Xbox One. To mention Deep Down and excuse it from the comparison for being a tech demo seems silly when Ryse, one the three titles being compared is also a tech demo that was running on PC at E3; not even on an Xbox One.

    • Cooper

      The shots from Ryse are clearly from the latest trailer, which was all running on X1 (post downgrade)

  • http://www.dnaustrem.com/ DNA

    It’s clearly Rise that wins this comparison but I highly doubt the final product will look like that. Those pictures are touched up promos while Killzone is in-game snapshots.

  • Guest

    Not impressed by PS4 at all. Ryse looks a LOT better in those shots.

  • Jack Slater

    For me, the most real life, with a perfect natural light, that could fool many people on Facebook, if used as a photo, is the girl from killzone. All the others just look…well.. 3d graphics.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Ryse is gonna flop so hard next month. I can’t wait. ^_^

  • You are flat out wrong

    Killzone’s in-game graphics look far better to Ryse’s pre-rendered crap.

    • Usman Khan

      Ryse isn’t pre-render, it’s already available to play on selected stores. Go and play yourself and see the Graphics ur self. They looks better than killzone.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Played it, janky animation and horrendous “gameplay.” Looking forward to it flopping.

        • Usman Khan

          You’ll be disappointed for sure. :)

          • Mike G.

            I don’t know about that.

            Ryse got three bad reviews last week, with one reviewer claiming it was “as fun as dialing phone numbers.”

            That’s pretty damning.

            As a fan of ancient Rome I really want this game to do well, but the gameplay doesn’t look compelling or interesting at all.

          • Usman Khan

            lol reviews???? those were previews and u didnt mention the other 10 sites claiming ryse has best graphics and alot more depth in combat. IGn even said it’s technically best graphics on console. and with one hand coment, u can even play god of wars with one hand too lol, even kingdom hearts too nough said.

          • Mike G.

            They were reviews.

            A review is a critique someone gives about a movie, game, etc that they’ve watched or played. Some reviews end with a 1-10 scale rating, and some are just written opinion articles, but they’re still reviews nonetheless.

            I wouldn’t say “nough said” at this stage, as only so many people have had a decent amount of unrestricted, hands on time with the game.

            The feedback is much more negative than positive, though.

            I’m not going to write Ryse off just yet, but I’m disappointed with the gameplay I’ve seen thus far. The visuals are amazing, granted, but great graphics aren’t enough.

          • Usman Khan

            if u hate batman thn sure gameplay sucks otherwise it’s same hack and slash gameplay with cool executions. and review is when they play full game with campaing 100%, multiplayer everything. one hour preview isnt a review. by ur logic many games would been flop if 1 hr game session preiviews were considered reviews. GTA V worst game ever since in 1 hr theres isnt anything to get excited for tht game.

          • Mike G.

            When did I say it was a flop?

            I’m nowhere near writing off this game yet, but when people tell you that they want to play something else after just ten minutes of gameplay, that’s not a good sign.

            The same “reviewer” stuck it out for two hours and said that things didn’t get better, and since Ryse’s combat is the bread and butter of the game, it shouldn’t be tedious, monotonous, or frustrating, but apparently to him, it was.

            I’ve seen this sentiment echoed by many people who’ve played the game.

            Like I said, I’m waiting for full reviews of the game, and waiting til I get my hands on it, but I’m not excited for it like I was.

          • Usman Khan

            lol u still stuck with just one reviewer which wasn’t actually a review and constantly ignoring other 10 very positive previews? well… u sure look like trolling and nothing else.

          • Mike G.

            If I were a troll I’d be writing the game off immediately and saying that it’s shit prematurely.

            But, I’m not, and I want the game to do well. I love anything set in Ancient Rome and was a huge fan of Spartacus on Starz and HBO’s Rome.

            Trust me, I want this game to be awesome, but I can’t help but be disheartened by a lot of the feedback out there.

          • Usman Khan

            well ofcourse i don’t get upset by others opinion, i love playing video games no matter what console it is, i usally buy all console available after 1-2 year of launch. theres are games with 3-6 score which i ended up liking more thn games with 9-10. im not biasd towards any my 3 most anticipated games being across diffrnt console. well, i’m really sorry to call u a troll. personally i do prefer MS over sony is coz im using their OS, office and other software from MS, so MS gave me more thn games. it’s ur opinion whether u like it or not but it’s shaping to be a good game if not amazing. I personally ended up loving beyond two souls while critic thinks otherwise. will u call beyond a bad game just coz a reviewer things it is?

    • king_of_spades

      Lmfao the butt hurt Sony fag is here lol mad cause xbox game looking better lol

  • Sǯdi Sǻymeh

    for me ryse is the best

    and i thought the bold dude is from KZ SF cause he have a really nice facial details but it turned out the least detailed one is from KZ -_-

  • spid3r6

    You see how the Author says Ryse has the better character Facial features NOt Killzone.!!!

  • duffman

    they all have the same detail shock horror fanboys falling down everywhere . funny how some people look at the brand and say better graphics when it is clear that all the games are about the same in graphical detail .

  • Slay

    All of us rich white people are going to get a xbox one. The only people buying ps4 are niggers. What can I say… they always like to “settle for less”.

    • Hi54Geezus

      What about poor white people, latin americans and asians? Also I bet you didn’t get a PS3 at launch either, so what would that make you?

    • STG44

      You can’t be rich, when you are on wel-fare, f@ggot. Stop leeching off other white folks that actually WORK.

      Btw, everyone knows you are CrossingEden from News4Gamers. Stop being a total douche-bag and just deal with the fact, you have NO LIFE.

    • Slay’sCommentHistory

      Because the (rich white people) holding it are not capable of having any intelligence.

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    Do you guys really think shadowfall is the best looking here? Either I am going crazy (as I think KZ: SF is the least impressive, but still amazing) or the PS fanboys just can’t admit anything good about XB1 … especially when it comes to graphics (since PS4 has 50% more power) …. regardless of anything though, there is nowhere near a 50% difference and even if ryse was the pinnacle of XB1 graphical quality I would be more than happy with XB1′s power. Luckily, it is just a launch game (same goes for KZ: SF) and even better quality is to come.

    • Mike G.

      The game does look incredible, and the Xbox One is capable, but Ryse’s visual fidelity credit goes to Crytek, not the Xbox One.

      Crytek have recently praised PS4 design choices and admitted it would have turned out the same on PS4.

  • Slay

    Ryse is doing it for the godddd hunties…the godddz.

    • Slay’sCommentHistory

      Only niggers like it.

  • Slay

    Only black people care about basketball…. which makes your post irrelevant.

  • Slay

    Ryse is coming to slay all of your favorites.

    • Slay’sCommentHistory

      Sounds like I need to send you some standards. Would you like that shipped Fedex or UPS?

  • Pixelsword

    Deep Down (Bonus)… You included CGI?!? Sheesh!

    • Slay

      Deep down got a DEEP DOWNgrade in graphics recently with the new gameplay video.

    • http://gearnuke.com/ Danial Arshad Khan

      Wasn’t CGI, real time graphics in a tech demo.

      • Slay

        Tired are seeing your face all over here. Do you do anything productive at all? And yes… it was revealed as CGI idiot.

      • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

        YOU ARE CRAZY, have you not seen the direct feed gameplay? It looks average at best…. that first video looks better than any game ever released. You really think the two are one in the same? I posted a comment with a link to gameplay, but seeing as you are somehow a mod I won’t expect it to get greenlit.

        • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

          Since the comment keeps getting denied by mods (what a surprise when the mods are as seen above…) here is the link with (dot) instead of a .

          LOL, here, nuff said. (you may have to retype the link for it to work disqus messes it up for some reason, here and there, if you copy and paste and change (dot) to a .)


          (Not to mention the gameplay, but that’s a whole different subject)

      • Dakan45

        Indeed it was a tech demo on gtx 680, the actual game on ps4 looks average at best.


    NBA 2k14 is coming to X1 too, sorry man

  • Jono

    You’re talking as if NBA 2k14 was PS4 exclusive…. LOL Fail

  • Jono

    You’re talking as if NBA 2k14 was PS4 exclusive. LOL Fail

  • Bobby Griffin

    Ryse looks real. I also love the depth of killzone

  • Junior

    Killzone Shadow Fall is the clear winner :-D

    • Slay

      …of the most downgrades since E3. With all that mist, I thought I transferred into the world of Stephen King. Get some standards sweety.

      • Slyer

        Looks like somebodies blind.

        • Slay

          Lol…even though you changed your name… if I still reply to “Jonathan”, it comes out as replying to slay. You arn’t fooling anyone.

          • Trollios

            Troll Mcgee over here. Just enjoying his daily noob slaying online before he watches some porn and then retires to his bed to cry.

        • Dakan45

          yeah its you.

    • Dakan45

      AHAHHA the facial animatiosna re pathetic.

  • king_of_spades

    Nothing beats ps4 graphics? Lmfao yet ryse looks better than killzone

    • SHEEKEN6969

      ^THIS x10000000

      • Buttchin

        Bro? How much have you 69′d? You are awesome!

      • slay

        Come circle jerk with me, fellow Xbot!
        Kinect is made to show our love!

    • Junior

      Are you high or blind?

      • Slay

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        • Mkay

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          • Mkay

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          • Slay

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          • Slay

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          • Slay

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          • DietNeededForSlay

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          • Slay’sCommentHistory

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        • Matt

          just make sure it aint USPS, then he will never get standards.

        • slay

          STFU, and stop copying me!

      • king_of_spades

        Anyone with a brain can see what looks better. Ryse is looking better than EVERYTHING shown from next gen so far easy.

  • Jessenia Lopez

    Nothing can beat the PS4 Graphics

    • SHEEKEN6969

      RYSE just took a giant shit all over your precious Fagstation 4!

      • bbg

        Do we really still have console wars….god damn. Grow up kid….69 also? Really?

        • Hi54Geezus

          With kids like these, there will always be a console war

        • Jack Slater

          69 is the number of times he faps, per week, when viewing hentai porn.

          • xbox2xb1

            I’ve been Xbox all my life, NEVER gonna change, you hear me PS4.

          • Samholy

            both consoles will be good :-)
            i still prefer sony mainly for its exclusive studios and game franchises.naughty dogs and santa monica gave me more precious gaming time than mostly all game studios in the last generation.

          • Jack Slater

            Why don’t you try and ask you dad to offer you a ps3 + 50 amazing exclusive games? It’s cheap, now, you know…

            We feel sad for you. In 10 years, you will look back, and say ‘ fuck, because of a stupid pride, stubborn and blind devotion towards a company that penetrates me whenever there is a $ to make, I didn’t have the chance to play hundreds of amazing games on other consoles, and spent 15 years of my life playing the same halo, gears and cod, 10 hours a day’.

            It’s clever, isn’t it?

          • xbox2xb1

            Oh yeah, I bet you are really looking forward playing Halo on PS4…. oh yeah, you can’t. Xbox1 day one for me, Xbox for life.

          • billyjoel

            Halo Sucks xbox2xb1. It’s over rated. Just like COD.

          • Solid Snake

            I also down voted you for your immature comment as well!

          • neko working

            nah, i look forward to play God Eater 2 on Vita TV (upscaled to 1080p),
            haha, Xbone doesn’t even deserve stand toe-to-toe with PS4.

          • Mike G.

            Sony has a broader, more diverse library every time.

            I like some of the Microsoft’s exclusives, but it seems as though big budget AAA shooters is all they’re about these days. Halo, Gears, now Titanfall.

            What else is there? Forza, Fable?

            Nothing wrong with shooters, but the Xbox brand needs more story-driven exclusives and exclusive franchises.

          • the dude

            please for the love of god do me a favor. dont praise sony to the heavens, i do own a playstation 3 and would never buy the xbox (seriously i dont think an intelligent person would do so [my opinion]) but if sony would have that much money as microsoft has and without proper competition, i dont know if sony would be as good, as they appear to be. just think about the fact that sony always wanted a special gpu with no regards to game developers problems of coding for it.

            PS: microsoft shouldnt be trusted, they have a deal with the NSA, they had the xbox as kind of a surveillance station to invade your privacy (good thing the xbox is on, while you get it on with your girlffriend on the couch). they will try that again for sure

          • BWest


          • neko working

            who cares ?

          • lolz

            whats wrong with fapping to hentai? =)

          • Solid Snake

            To each his or her own just don’t go blind from it lol!

          • tbss

            I never knew what hentai even was till I read this. Nerd.

      • jay

        you do kno they down ryse right it no longer looks like that?

        • Josek

          It never get down, they only change the resolution, to have more polygons per character and currently looks like that!

      • Hussain Naseem

        beyond 2 souls on the PS3 looks better than RYSE

        • Larc

          jajajajajaja u wish fanboy

      • caBooOm

        did u know that COD is 720p on the xbone while running at 1080p on the ps4

        • Josek

          Give the link so I could believe what you just said.

      • Solid Snake

        You were down voted for your immature comment just letting know why i down voted you!

      • Josiah Grey

        You mean Crytek’s High End PC dream before the Xbox One downgraded it lol?

      • caBooOm

        lol it can’t handle COD at 1080p like the ps4 .. xbone is more like the Wii U

      • Steven Solidarios

        Enjoy all your upscaled games! XBONE should have been called 720! Weak!

    • SHU


      • Jonathan

        You realize both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 are made at Foxconn also right? I would have provided the links to prove it but every time I do it just says awaiting moderation. Feel free to look it up yourself.

        • Jargonnal

          He was talking about next gen consoles only. Check your facts before misinform readers.
          The PS4 gets the biggest portion from Foxconn (parts+plastic case+cartbox). Flextronics lands 90% of Xbox One orders, leaving Foxconn the rest.

          Facts hurt ya.

          • Jonathan

            Did I not say the Xbox One? I did. You can’t even comprehend small sentences and you want to talk about facts. Yea I am sure you know what you are talking about… The facts are Xbox One uses Foxconn to produce parts in the same manner Sony or Apple does.

            You people are crazy anyway they were interns. Not going to act like Foxconn doesn’t do any bad but what you people are using as facts is misinformed. You know what an intern is right? College students looking for real world experience at the expense of no pay to barely any pay to help further their careers by having real work experience. So somehow interns are being forced to make PS4′s? Logically that does not even make sense knowing what an intern is and does.

            I guess you also forget when Chinese workers were threatening to kill themselves because of how poorly Microsoft was paying them to make the Xbox 360. What you are not understanding is that they used Foxconn for the 360 and they are using Foxconn for the Xbox One also. This is a proven fact and the information is available out there.

            It is just pathetic that the bad news surrounding the PS4 is so little that is all that you loons can come up with to further combat your idiotic stance in console war ethics. Even more pathetic people are agreeing with you instead of just doing research themselves when you are clearly giving the wrong information to favor your console.

            So no, to answer you facts don’t hurt me because I know the facts. You don’t obviously, you live in some delusional fantasy world apparently.

          • Mkay

            Sorry kid, 90% Flextronics – Singapore >>> Foxconn – Chinaaaa

            Spin harder in my ass.

          • Jonathan

            Thanks for proving my point morons. You don’t even know that Foxconn has locations based all over the world not just China.

            Also why would I change my name? Am I supposed to be afraid of idiots like you all?

            Yes, I can’t post links because I am a guest, so anytime I do I get a moderation awaiting notice. Try it yourself if you think I have to lie, unlike you sad saps are just to justify your Xbox One purchase.

            I have nothing against the Xbox One or PS4 but the way you fans go about this is truly disturbing. If anyone is to blame, it would be Foxconn period, yes blames the companies for using cheap resources. If the resources and cheap labor wasn’t there for them to use, they simply would not be able to.

            My point is you are ignoring real facts but clearly I am wasting my own time here as you people cannot be any dumber than you already are.

          • Slay

            You’re boring.

          • Mkay

            MS gets better now because it’s moving away from Foxconn, while Sony is increasing business with Foxconn, not only Playstations but also Xperias phones, TV, Cams, etc.
            …Disgusting. Bad records last forever.

          • geeb

            I’m sure MS can afford to do so while Sony not so much. After all, who’s been charging for online, not giving an abundance of free games away, forcing expensive proprietary hard drives and peripherals (charge kits and wifi adapter), and selling less powerful and reliable hardware with outdated disc drive tech and only undercutting ps3 by 100 at most (and this is for the nearly useless basic system). Yeah, so I feel great that I spent about 700 on the hardware side of things while my xbox-using friend drained 1200 easily. Glad you’re enjoying those Flextronics parts lol.

          • billyjoel


            What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone reading this is now dumber for having reading this. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

            Your argument is invalid and your logic needs tweaking because you don’t know how to look up and see how much business Microsoft does with Foxconn. You are, BY FAR, the worst Xbox Fanboy I EVER did see.

          • Axe99

            Don’t let ‘em get to you Jonathon, just a bunch of people overly emotionally invested in the Xbox brand who are feeling threatened and insecure at the moment. Funny, really, given _both_ next-gen consoles look great. Fans of gaming on PC, PlayStation and Xbox should be looking forward to what’s coming now, not getting all nervous an insecure that someone else might also be having fun, lol.

          • The-Master

            Yeah, cuz I pretty sure it’s sooo much better at flextronics.
            One would charge 5 cent the other 6-7 cent.
            Either way, you’re all battling over pennies, both try to minimize the cost in order to maximize the profits.
            A few years ago, there were talks between Apple, Sony, Dell and Nintendo that they treated to leave Foxcomm if they would mistreat their workers.
            I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up abandoning Foxcomm, but only if other places truly are better.
            FYI, Flextronics is also in China Sanghai.
            Human Rights are severely undermined in China.
            I don’t care about neither company, it’s all part of Globalization and other countries such as China as poor treatment for it’s own people.

          • Jonathan

            Foxconn still more fail. It’s just a single report, compared to muiltiple reports on Foxconn.
            Flextronics is still better than the king of pauper Foxconn.

            FU VM!

          • Slay

            What a dumbass… Jonathan. Way to blow your cover. You are supposed to change your name before you reply.

          • Anthony J. Mitchell

            I am absolutely not disagreeing with you Jargonnal, and yes I have seen Foxconn on ps4 exposed hardware in pics, but do you have a link for flextronics for Xbox one?

          • Jargonnal


            Easy. Google it.

          • billygoat

            Jargonnal you are as stupid as it gets. Both companies are involved with Foxconn.. So what, your going by “Well Sony has most of its parts made there SO HA!” That is the most stupid argument I have ever heard.

        • Slay

          ” I would provide links, but I spew so much bullshit that I have nothing factual to add”
          /fixed it for you :)

          • Slayer

            Slay, I think you meant to post about how you are to lazy to look up and realize that everything he said was actually 100% correct. Sadly, the mistake of your post now makes you look like an idiot.

          • Slay

            Everything I said was a fact. I’m always right…. it’s my motto I live by and it hasn’t failed once, darrrhling.

          • Slay’sCommentHistory

            You are almost as delusional as a Westboro Baptist Church member… almost.

        • Asher Madan

          I have an Xbox One and mine is made is Singapore. So you’re lying.

      • Yeah…

        YEAH! AMERICA! WE AIN’T GOT NO TIME FOR QUEERS OR FOREIGNERS! You seem like a douche. Also Sheeken must 69 a lot, he seems like a cool guy and not a total fag.

        • Slay

          Are you having a stroke?

          • Dick Dynamite

            Are you a fagboy, oops I mean fanboy?

          • Slay

            You are dismissed.

          • Slay

            A fag.

      • Junior

        You are insanely stupid…
        What about apple you idiot?

      • geeb

        Clearly they’re running out of ways to justify their xbox purchase lol.. Can’t tote power or an exclusive line-up. What’s next? Do it for ‘merica!

      • angh

        I’m from Europe, and I wont betray my economy by buying USA (NSA?) corporation console.
        If I would betray my economy I’d choose the one with better approach to player and one with less spying tools.
        PS4 ftw.

        • TR

          Your logic flawed. Europe =/= USA =/= Japan

          All nations do spying, not just the NSA. You sounds out of touch.

      • http://www.dnaustrem.com/ DNA

        I have noticed this picture popping up all over the place lately. I have to assume it’s a troll thing because if it’s not, if xbox fans are actually using it as a valid point to assert their stance then this is about the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

        As human being and as a society we may have started as separated & segregated tribes but things have changed. The world is multi-cultural now if you haven’t noticed. You do not fear a person because they come from a different part of the world.

        I don’t have a problem supporting an asian company when they are delivering the best quality. And I won’t have a problem supporting an american company or a turkish company or an afghan company when they deliver the best product.

        Grow up you racist, ignorant fucks. There’s a world outside of ‘MURICA. You’re not the greatest, you just think you are and that’s why the world laughs AT you, not with you.

        Don’t get me wrong, I won’t judge all Americans based on ignorant behaviour like the picture above but it certainly isn’t doing you any favours.

      • quickscoping ist for fags

        Are you retarded?

      • Diago

        Both are build by the same factory fucking idiot Whahaha!

      • LOL

        Right back at you!

    • Slay

      There is many a sandwhiches to be made.

    • Humble White Knight

      You are one gorgeous lady, Jessenia.
      Uh… end comment, lol.

    • quickscoping ist for fags

      PC would like a word with you

    • kreator


    • Solid Snake

      A massive boulder dropping onto it could because after all the rules of physics apply lol!

      Cheers & Happy Gaming!

    • psyrakan

      tell em gurl

    • Nosec


    • 111AlaN111

      Except Ryse and PC graphics

  • avi

    it’s between ryse and crysis 3.
    killzone is good but it doesn’t look natural.

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    between crysis 3 and ryse, if only because that second killzone face is pretty rough. The first Kz face is pretty much on par with all the others on the page though.

    • Eric

      the second photo isnt high res at all doesnt look like a 1080p screen capture, thats the issue, if you click on the first one and then click on the second one you tell right away, just gonna wait till both these games come out so we have some proper screen caps to compare with crysis 3, and should also compare with BF4 when it comes out, just do the whole damn lot of em.

  • MrZweistein

    Deep Down footage was NOT announced as a tech demo, it was sold to the audience as gameplay. If you are putting in Deep Down please then use the shots from the TGS gameplay and nothing else. Thx in advance!

  • Kenny Stimmel

    Witcher 3 and the dark sorcerer(I know not a game but it was running on ps4) have the best facial graphics so far

  • Cooper

    Deep Down not running on PS4 aside, I say
    Deep Down > Ryse > Crysis 3 > Killzone

    • Slay

      You need to get your eyes checked kid.

  • NeedMoreGames

    I’m sorry, You can’t add deep down to this discussion. It has become painfully clear that the footage from February was not running on anything resembling PS4 hardware. The TGS footage proved that. Ryse clearly has the advantage here. Not because it is an X1 exclusive, but because it was done with performance capture. That is the same tech that has been used in Planet of the Apes & the Hobbit. Looking at that Ryse footage, sometimes you really think you’re looking at human beings.

    • http://www.gearnuke.com/ Khurram Imtiaz

      I clearly mentioned that Deep Down is not included in the comparison. It is just included there as a bonus. I know it is a tech demo and not a game.

      • NeedMoreGames

        And my point was it doesn’t belong in the article anyway. By including it you are unfairly drawing comparisons. I hope one day we get those Deep Down graphics in game, but right now it is nowhere in sight.

        • http://www.gearnuke.com/ Khurram Imtiaz

          We will surely get them in the future. Graphics evolve all the time. These might not be seen at launch but with time, we can surely see similar graphics on PS4/Xbox One. My point was to show a glimpse of what it can evolve to in future.

          • Slay

            No… you’re just making unfair comparisons, towel head.

          • Vanq

            People always underestimate the future. I’m sure games will look like the tech demos and perhaps better in some ways in a matter of 2 or 3 years. Just think back to killzone 2. Maybe 10% of the graphical properties didn’t match up, but the other 90 was definitely superior (ex. explosion effects, bullet physics & effects, textures on guns, facial animations and textures, and vastly sharper textures all around).

  • francis g

    You need to check out the NBA 2K14 PS4 gameplay trailer, best facial graphics I’ve ever seen.

    • whitelantern

      It’s going to the X1 too, idiot. PS4 is not the only one.

      • Scott Gresham

        Regardless, if a basketball game beats every picture up above, we’re comparing the wrong things.

        • Slay

          Basketball is irrelevant. Only niggers like it.

      • Dennis Crosby

        They do that to show how much of a fanboy they are Ronnie2k already stated it looks exactly the same on both consoles