Fallout 4: Here’s How To Toggle Multithreading On PC And Improve Performance

Fallout 4 users might face some performance issues on PC resulting in inconsistent performance for the game. It turns out that one of the issue regarding performance relates to the disabled multithreading for Fallout 4, even if we manually tweak the ini file. There is another way to enable multithreading though, and that can be accomplished by using console commands on PC.

If you still haven’t used console commands for Fallout 4 on PC, you can bring them up by pressing the ~(tilde) key on your keyboard.

For multithreading, you need to type the following commands.

  • tMta ON
  • tMtrdfl ON
  • tMtr ppld

Alternatively, you can go to the main Fallout 4 installation directory on your PC and create a new .txt file and paste the above listed commands in there. Name the .txt file what you want and then launch the game on PC. Once you have launched the game, you need to open the console and type bat “text file name” where the text file name is the one which you just saved in the Fallout 4 directory.


There are a couple other tips to optimize the game on PC including the following.

  • SAM 1 – Enables multithreading for Audio
  • SAPE 0 – Turns off ambient particles
  • TOCC – Turns off occlusion counter
  • TDOQM – turns off dynamic onject query manager
  • thighprocess on – Turns multithreading for AI

Hopefully these commands can optimize the game for those who have issues running it on their PC.

Let us know what you think about this article in the comments below.

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  • Kathryn

    Hey thanks for this! It helps a ton 😀

  • Mandy

    Way to steal this from pcgaming reddit. I know you stole this from there because I’m the user that made the post. A mention would be in order to /u/in-nox

    • Kevin Christopher Foster

      Hey. I read this here. Can you link the Reddit so I can up-vote your post?

    • Bruno Santos

      did you created the commands?

      • Tiger White

        It doesn’t fucking matter if the article is plagiarized you half baked cumtwat

        • Bruno Santos

          ooohh, will you cry, baby? why are you defending him? he’s fucking you for this? kid…

          • Tiger White

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          • Tiger White

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          • Bruno Santos

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          • Tiger White

            Mmkay. Whatever you say. I am your slave.

    • Eli Weber

      Hey does this actually work??

  • Black Knigth

    The first command says it disabled MT (so is was ON already, remove it if that’s the case)
    The other two enable MT, but make no impact int the FPS at all.
    I5 OC and GTX 970 OC

    • i7 5820k and G1 GTX 970 and I’ve seen the same. At the top of the Corvega plant it’s dropped to 39 FPS! ugh… It has to do with the shadows from what I gather. There is a mod called Shadow Boost that helps, but it doesn’t fix it….

      • Bruno Santos

        try godrays in high, instead ultra

  • Tommy Law

    This definitely helped out my game. I use to run the game 45-60 fps and always jumped around. Hell at times it even dipped to 32 fps.

    Now i run this game at a solid 60fps. Only rarly does it drop to 56fps.

    Thank you so much

    • Black Knigth

      What CPU you have?.

      • Tommy Law

        Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4710MQ CPU @ 2.50GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.5GHz

        • and the GPU?

          • Tommy Law

            Nvidia GTX 970m 6 GB

          • Tommy Law

            2nd patches on steam. Now the game runs smooth with my settings and this is no longer required.

            But recently for some reasons certain areas have major slow downs… In guessing Bethesda will fix this soon probably the patch messed something up on certain load areas

        • Eli Weber

          You shouldn’t be using this with an i7

  • Is there any measured difference at all to using these commands? Okay so they exist – do they actually do anything?

    • Ben Hammon

      No. Not for me anyway. Not a single fps difference.

  • spideynut71

    Microsoft should have been proactive and convinced Bethesda to make this game one of the first DX12-based games for both PC and X1. What a missed opportunity…

    That being saidl, my EVGA 780ti Classified is chewing through Fallout 4 like it’s a 2D sidescrolling indie game, with no tweaking done whatsoever. 1080p/60fps @ Ultra settings, on my 65″ Samsung curved OLED, right out of the box.

    • Ian H

      Yeah, no it’s not, as my heavily OC’d 980 drops below 60 frames even with godrays and shadows knocked down a notch. Lie more.

      • spideynut71

        You either suck at building rigs, or something is pulling yours down that you haven’t figured out yet. 1080p/60 is nothing for most modern cards, regardless of the game. It’s when you try to make the jump to dual screens, 4K, 75-120 fps, etc. that more demanding games will strain your rig.

        • Ian H

          What is your proc?

          • spideynut71

            What , as in item/ability ‘proccing’….like in an MMORPG ??? How is that relevant to this game?

          • James

            lol he means “what is your processor?”…

          • spideynut71

            LOL…um, most people would say “What CPU”….SMH. It’s an i7-4790K Unlocked, with ASUS mobo on “Turbo”.

          • Ian H

            1. Turn off your motherboard’s heinously inefficient one-button-fits-all-voltage-of-Thor auto OC and do it manually the right way. 2. Fallout 4 is heavily CPU bound and is one of the first games to come out where hyperthreading on i7s makes a difference. This explains the discrepancy we’re seeing, and it makes sense, since the consoles are octocore machines (with the caveat that a core is usually reserved for the OS; this is still more than 4 threads). I use an i5.

          • spideynut71

            I’m fine with leaving turbo on, thanks. And I’ll take your comment as an apology for calling me a liar. 🙂

          • Luuk.vanRiel

            Hey dude could you share a link to the different sources of those mods. Love modding skyrim but i never seemed to get the load order correctly. Thanks beforehand.

          • spideynut71

            Damn man….I lost those bookmarks when I up’d to Win10, along with about 100 others LOL (forgot to save them before I clicked that “this is your last chance before installation begins” part, SMH). I do know that I started out at Nexusmods, and then Googled “ENB series” and “Skyrim .ini tweaking guide” or something close for the rest. I’m pretty sure I went by the “Skyrim Beautification Project” load order and tweak guide…or at least I’m 90% certain. Just take a few minutes with Google, and you’ll find everything you need. But if you decide to commit to it, I HIGHLY recommend you follow their suggestion of doing a clean install, preferably on a fresh HDD/SSD, and follow the guide TO. THE. LETTER. Also, you definitely want to go with a mod manager, over manual installs, if for no other reason because of the sheer # of mods. I know some PC guys that like to say they “prefer” doing it manually…but that’s just stupid BS, and pointless.
            Expect several hours investment, if done properly….but it’s damn worth it. Simply put, no openworld RPG this gen can/will touch how my modded Skyrim looks…at least not until maybe the end of this gen.

          • Luuk.vanRiel

            Yeah I know right. Its still my favorite and most played game of the past few years (if not all years.
            I did venture into modding before and am not to shabby at it and I kinda know my stuff. But I couldn’t really find a comprehensible package with point by point instructions on load order and stuff. But still, skyrim is one hell of a gorgeous game when modded properly.
            Really hope Fallout 4 will get the same treatment, along with a shitton of optimization tweaks and fixes because even with the proper ini tweaks there are still a lot of optimization issues. I mean this game could easily run ten times better. Graphics arent all that great but I think the engine is just really bad at not rendering obscured detail and characters. Really hope either bethesda or the modders find ways around all this.

            So far I’ve been enjoying the game but after about 50 hours I feel kinda burned out and even a little bored with it. I also think this kind of optimization problems and bugs aren’t acceptable anymore from such a succesfull studio in the year 2015.

          • Luuk.vanRiel

            BTW I found some awesome ENB tutorials whit a shitton of graphics enhancements. I’ve got a new 500gb SSD arriving tomorrow so I will be spending some time in Skyrim once more.

          • spideynut71

            Awesome dude…enjoy! And BTW, if you haven’t already tried it, stay away from the Falskaar add-on…it’s garbage, and will kill your gamesaves. That guy must have paid people, or had a ton of family/friends hyping the the shit out of that mod, because it was pretty much an ugly, boring mess….not at all as advertised.

          • Luuk.vanRiel

            I played it for a while back when it was just out. Didn’t have issues with it but as you said. It wasn’t that great. Still impressive for a one man team though. He obviously wasn’t very talented in terms of graphical and level design but he did show he was quite good with the creation engine and was really dedicated.
            I don’t know for sure but I think he did get a job offer some time after he launched it.

          • Ian H

            Yeah I’m sure it’s stable, because of the insane voltage that ASUS has to pump through your proc to make sure that every one of them that comes off the line will be stable at “turbo” clocks. But if you have reason to believe that your chip is *any better at all* than the *absolute lowest-binned i7* then you’re sending too much voltage to the chip for the clocks you get in return. It is very likely that if you fiddle with voltage, LLC, and/or power stepping yourself, you will be able to get either lower temps at your current clock, the same temps but with a higher clock, or even both.

          • Tiger White

            I don’t even HAVE hyperthreading. LGA 771 Xeon, baby.

          • DerpDerpDerp

            Could be your version. A lot of people had to redownload or verify their files to fix the problem. Some people are having no trouble at all with 600-700 series cards. If you got it through Steam, give it a try and see if you get a better experience.

            I’m playing on a gen1 i7@3.4 with a GTS 450 and getting 40-50 in the open. The only place that’s killing me is inside any building.

            If a GTS 450 can almost handle it with the candy turned off, you should have no problem. Just make sure you got all your files in order and delete your ini (not sure why, but that’s the word on the wire) before you verify.

            Look it up first, you will see what I’m saying.

          • Ian H

            It’s my processor and shadow settings. Fallout 4 uses an archaic engine that doesn’t aggregate more shadow draw calls per batch for higher draw call counts when sending to the GPU, it just sends multiple batches. Talking across the bus is extremely slow in comparison to the GPU’s internal bandwidth. Basically, some fat guy (cpu) is trying to hand a baton to Usain Bolt who finishes the race. the hilarious part is that the fat guy in this scenario is a four-core intel processor at 4.5 GHz. This is the Gamebryo-rebadged-creation engine showing its age.

          • DerpDerpDerp

            With your set up, you should be devouring this game with all the extras.

        • NewYears1978

          Nah, the game simply doesn’t run at 60 fps everywhere. People who spout this should make video evidence because it’s just not possible. The engine is unoptimized and beefy rigs can’t handle shadows when there are a lot to be drawn.

          Now, tweaking settings and adding ShadowBoost can change that to a near solid 60 FPS (with some dips that ShadowBoost fix) but 60 FPS with no tweaks on Ultra..no chance.

          I have dips to 30 in the big city area around 35 Court. GTX 980, i7 4790k

          • MidianGTX

            Bullshit. It’s possible. It’s just not well optimized across the range of configurations out there. Some weaker setups appear to play better with the game and see better results. I’m only on a 960 with an i5 and keep visiting the “problem areas” I see people complaining about on Reddit/Steam… not a hitch. I can stand on top of the Corvega Car Plant and admire the view with a solid 60 FPS.

          • BS. Put a video up of you running around at the top of the Corvega plant and link it in here for us all to see. Shadowplay is free and it takes 10 minutes. You do that and I’ll post one of my 5820k and G1 GTX 970 running around in the same spot with the FPS dancing all over the place. Don’t forget to have a VISIBLE FPS counter.

          • Tiger White

            I’m running an LGA 771 Xeon processor, 6GB of RAM and a GTX 460 and I get the full range of FPS, from 1 to 60. Was just at Corvega at 1366×768 on Medium preset and I got 20 FPS, even with ENBoost. No rig can run the unpatched game at a solid 60.

        • Lol suck at building rigs??? You plug it in, and it works, aside from frying your hardware, there is nothing to suck at. When people with 5960x’s and Titan X’s are getting the same drops as people with i5’s and GTX 960’s, it’s the game. This is called logic, you should try it sometime.

      • Scott

        Im having the same issue. Im using an EVGA 980 with an i7 4790k (nothing is overclocked). The only reasonable tweak I’ve used was putting Fallout 4 in windowed and borderless mode. I think my GPU is screwed though….Im getting the “kernal driver failed to respond” issue.

    • Tiger White

      You’re a fucking idiot. Make it DX12 exclusive? Are you fucking nuts? People on W8 and W7 wouldn’t be able to play – half of all Steam users are still on W7.

  • ShadowNic94

    Do I have to do this everytime I play the game or just the once?

  • Robert Toth

    So many ads its hard to read the content. Do you have any data to support this works?

  • yardie

    forcing readers to wait 30 seconds to read your articles will make me not come here again
    first and last time