Fallout 4: Legendary Raiders Can Drop Infinite Ammo Capacity Legendary Weapons

In Fallout 4, players can come across various Legendary Raiders that are enemies that can sometimes drop very rare weapons and gears for the player. In case you still haven’t managed to get lucky with their drop, you can also find items like infinite ammo capacity sniper rifles and weapons essentially giving you unlimited firepower in the game.

Some of the Legendary Raider drops include Never Ending. 50 Sniper Rifle (via reddit user OverkillXD), which you can check out below.


This essentially allows you to fire the gun without reloading it even once. There are other types of legendary gear including Melee weapons as well.

Sadly there is currently no way to add this attribute to a weapon in the game, either manually or through other means. This results in the player having to try his luck by killing Legendary Raiders and looting them hoping to get his hands on a Legendary weapon with infinite ammo capacity.

You can read more about Fallout 4 including a guide on how to recruit all companions, find all bobbleheads, how to use the console commands and how to exploit glitches to farm infinite experience points and bottle caps in the game.

Fallout 4 is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Let us know what type of Legendary gear have you managed to find in the game in the comments below.

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  • Antonious

    I sell every “endless” firearm I find, it is a game breaking weapon trait for me.

  • CaptainPaul

    How come I have to reload mine? I got a .308 Never Ending Sniper Rifle but It acts like a normal rifle. Whats the deal?

    • azcarim

      i know i’m kinda late here, but the .308 rifles are mostly hunting rifles, which are bolt action

      So you need to load a round into the chamber after each shot, but you never need to replace the clip.

  • teh_LoU

    I got the Never ending energy rifle. Where is a good place to farm raider kills? Any places where they respawn after a few days?

  • jay_diggity

    I have the legendary pool cue good against robots

  • JFKeNn3dy

    They aren’t unlimited ammo though, just no reload. You run out of ammo REALLY quick with them.

    • “Infinite Ammo Capacity” not “Infinite Ammo” 🙂
      Of course, you will have to find Ammo for them unless you use console commands on PC to cheat.

  • George Colson

    Never ending 10mm. I’ve gotten others but only the 10mm with the ammo perk. It’s awesome. Now I just need a never ending combat rifle.

    • barney klingenberg

      imagine a never ending fatboy……….

  • Tommy Ly

    i got the sniper but it weak;

    • It is weak, but you can continue to upgrade it and still keep the unique perk.

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