All Fallout 4 mods must be free as stated by the game’s EULA

Paying for mods has been a grey area in PC gaming for a while now with Bethesda’s games from the Fallout and Elders Scrolls series being the most modded games ever. Many claim that paying for user generated content should not be a thing while others want to the creators to be able to charge for their work.

Fallout 4, the latest game in the Fallout series will not allow paid mods as stated by the game’s EULA. The statement clearly reads: “All Customized Game Materials must be distributed solely free.”


Great for fans but modders may feel hard-done with the gesture especially with the game supporting Steam Workshop which could have lead to a lot of revenue for them. Let us know in the comments which side you are on? Do you feel that paid mods lead to a better product or do you not want to pay for mods ever?

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Fallout 4 releases for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 9. We can’t wait!

  • Swinny TheBanks

    what constitues ‘customised materials’? if that means materials that bethesda had made that are then customised (like the plethora of up-ressed texture mods that are made 2x the side then given additional details by the modder) would be considered ‘customised’

    yet a fully original rigged model with its own programming and textures might be considered original content. we shall see

    • Doubt it, they probably mean any additional code on top of their work i.e if they use any of Bethesda’s code for their mod then that qualifies under the heading.