Fallout 4: Pete Hines Defends His “Solid 30 FPS” Comment , Talks About Frame Rate On PS4 And Xbox One

Bethesda’s VP of PR and Marketing, Pete Hines recently had to face some backlash over his earlier comments stating that Fallout 4 will run at solid 30 fps on the PS4 and Xbox One. As it turns out, the game actually has a fair share of frame rate drops on the PS4 and Xbox One, going as low as 20 fps on the PS4 and 0 fps (we aren’t joking here) on the Xbox One.

The game was officially released today and since it has been played by majority of the users, it is obvious that the game has frame rate drops, especially on the Xbox One. This doesn’t explain the comment that Pete Hines had made earlier stating that he plays it all the time, and it runs at “Solid 30 FPS”.

Pete Hines was quick to stress that the early reports about the game’s frame rate on PS4 were regurgitated from one source and the game actually runs well on the PS4. He said that he never personally encountered frame rate drops on PS4.

Another user showed Hines a video with frame rate drops on the PS4 after he stated he never personally experienced these issues on PS4.

He was also asked about adding names that Codsworth can say in the game and he confirmed that they don’t have any plans to include more.


Fallout 4 is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • Crashbanksbuysilver .

    It actually IS locked at 30FPS on the PC, at least according to my counter on steam.

    • Jordan Larson

      what? i get 60 most of the time

  • Joshua Paul

    stay out of combat. Don’t use guns. Don’t look off into the distance. Then you will get rock solid 30 frames.

  • Sheogorath

    I am not even surprised

  • Dan San

    Not once? He’s got to be kidding it drops when firing guns up close and inside buildings with particle and light effects.

  • Alex Serrano

    This makes me really sad……I really thought this generation of consoles could handle games like this better. How could Sony and Microsoft overlook this? Didn’t they know they would be too underpowered?? I don’t get it….

    • JohnnySpectre

      This has very little to do with Sony and Microsoft and everything to do with Bethesda’s creaking, janky engine. If games like MGSV can run fine on current gen, so should Fallout 4.

      • Jordan Larson

        just get a pc thats all the xbone and ps4 are anyways.. just crazy underpowered

        • WarNerve

          They’re actually more powerful than the average gamers pc.

          • Myth

            Lmao, console equate to about a $300-500 gaming PC. Pretty much every PC player has something more powerful than that. Hell some laptops could probably do a better job with Fallout 4 than an Xbox one or PS4.

    • ipitydafool

      Blame Bethesda, there re some stunning looking games on PS4.

    • Sunny11

      It’s all about optimisation.

      Look at MGSV. Looks 10x better than this and also runs 1080p 60fps stable.

    • Zerotolerance Gaming

      Are u reallllllly this fuc#ing dumb? Or u trolling especially when literally every other open world game on 8th Gen is more complex then a crappy PC port with an ancient PC origin engine aka “The Creation Engine™” and a lazy ass developer like Bethesda.

    • WarNerve

      I haven’t had any of these issues on XB. Neither have my friends.

  • Nicholas Perry

    That’s hilarious. Either he’s blind (Because just because you don’t notice it =/= it doesn’t exist.), or knows he is wrong.

    FO4 Solid 30FPS? Not even remotely close.

    Saying he didn’t experience those problems is hilarious in it’s own right because every PS4 is the same. Meaning the same things are going to happen no matter what, because the hardware and software are all exactly the same.

    • OC Guy

      Well, you are probably right but dev kits for developers usually have more ram than the actual systems on store shelve. I believe both X1 and PS4 dev kits have 12g of their respective ram. That could be why he isn’t seeing what everyone else is, if he is testing on a dev kit or actual home system This is just a guess on my part though.

  • TorpeAlex

    Wow, this guy should not be allowed to be PR for the dev. What an ass.

    • WarNerve

      Why,because he speaks his mind. He’s probably tired of all the whiny bitches crying over stupid shit…

  • PixelOmen

    I’ve played a few hours on PS4 and I’ve noticed significant drops. It runs pretty well for the most part, but to deny they exist, or even claim that you haven’t encountered them is just flat out lying.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      Currently , 17 hours playing it on my ps4.

      And YES, the frame rate rarely reaches 30fps. I would say so far, 90% of the game ran at 25-27 fps ONLY.

      Too bad, this game would really benefit from a smooth framerate. Quickly going from front (0 degrees) to right (90 degrees)and have a stutter effect, like 3-5 fps only (if you quickly do a 90° turn, in about 1/4 second, at ~28 fps, graphics are updated and displayed, as we turn, at around 7 frames per second, only. That IS NOT smooth !

      So far I’m really loving the game, finding a new place or a bunch of new enemies I feels really great.

      the lighting in the game is absolutely fabulous. And enemies don’t vanish when we kill them: we can walk 2 miles from them, if we go back, we will still be able to scan them.

      it’s mind-boggling, how Bethesda must have gone crazy, with the millions of objects, functions, npc’s, etc.

      but it’s just too bad some graphics look much worse THAN some fallout 3 graphics on ps3.

      If only all the objects and textures looked as good as TLOU ones, with perfect filtering and tons of polygons..

      that’s why I can smile while imagining fallout 5, with uncharted-like textures and 60 fps, on a world 3 times bigger… but that, I guess, it will run on a PS5 or xbox2.

      • PixelOmen

        It has some problems, but you may be exaggerating a bit. I don’t think anything in 4 looks worse than Fallout 3. Fallout 3 looks like garbage compared to this.

        Also expecting a game of this scale, that is this dynamic, to look anything like TLOU is just insane. Fallout 5 might look like TLOU, but def not Uncharted 4.

        • extermin8or2

          you joking right? fallout 5 will look like (tries to think of a game…) well it wont look as good as the last of us unless bethesda redo their engine FROM SCRATCH. (Which they didn’t do for skyrim gamebryo is still in there and we know it…) Also there is no reason why this game shouldn’t run fine on highest graphics settings on both consoles I mean it’s hardly a pretty game- fun as it is it’s not that pretty not when compared to the likes of mgs5 and witcher 3 (best comparision available currently I think) and Batman: Arkham Knight and the upcoming the division and so on. If the ps4 can pull off uncharted 4’s graphics in more open areas than on previous uncharted’s then I think it should be able to run fallout 4 on 30fps on it’s highest graphics settings pretty much. The loading times and such indicate that only areas you see are loaded at any one time anyway so it shouldn’t be an issue.

          • PixelOmen

            Batman and MGSV aren’t even in the same league with respect to the amount and density of assets that are in Fallout 4, not to mention fully interactable physics objects. Witcher 3 is closer, but even that is far more static. I think it looks pretty good considering.

            Also, Batman is using a modified version of UE3 so it’s not necessarily a matter of building it from the ground up either.

            I’m betting you’re not a graphics engineer or an engine programmer, so there’s probably a thing or two you don’t fully grasp about why Fallout 4 looks and runs the way it does. They’re not stupid.

          • extermin8or2

            Honestly I don’t care how it looks overall all that much as it’s such a fun game, I am impressed by the sheer volume of objects to pick up and move around etc. However I still maintain the consoles should look fine and run far more smoothly than they do if they’d optimised better. I mean the general freezes for a second EVERY time a Bobby pin breaks when lockpicking. While on the whole the game still plays fine I’m still abit fed up with Bethesda over Ps3 version of skyrim and alot of these sorts of issues are down to their bad optimisation / ancient game engine. Yeah it was ‘new for skyrim-but it’s basis was the ancient and buggy gamebryo. They need to get some people dedicated to just making an engine from scratch, it will take time bit will be so worth it. And nope I’m not I’m a physicist. :p

      • OC Guy

        This gen of systems is pretty weak..yes that includes the PS4… Good thing is all of them (even the Nintendo WiiU) are able to produce very good games. Here is to hoping the next gen of systems in three or four years will be as powerful at launch as they need to be.

        • Zerotolerance Gaming

          Hilarious…. Please continue to entertain us with your garbage agenda.

          • BioTrue

            The current generation of consoles are weak though. There really is no denying that.

            Compare a PS4 or Xbox One to a modern gaming PC and the results are simply embarrassing. For example, my PC can run Fallout 4 on ultra settings (literally everything possible maxed out) at over 250 frames per second. That is actually too fast for the game itself to handle. At those speeds, the game is unplayable. So I locked the game to 144fps, which of course is also too much for the game to handle.

            Look up the terminal or lock picking screen bugs. Running the game at those high of speeds causes terminals and lock picking to not work at all.

            Kinda sad when you think about it. My PC can run the game at speeds so fast that it becomes unplayable. Meanwhile the weak consoles can’t even manage solid 30 fps.

      • extermin8or2

        Ok the fps does drop occasionally but I’ve not experienced drops like your talking about-it’s similar level of performance to all their other games when the bugs weren’t being a nuisance/had been patched. Generally my ps4 holds solid 30fps except when loading into a new area basically where it will briefly dips to 20-25 and tht first deathclaw battle it oddly randomly dipped really low but soon fixed itself. Oh and sometimes explosions seem bugged they cause like a slight delay in the games audio for about 2 seconds but that never last long.

  • William Fenton

    “He said that he never personally encountered frame rate drops on PS4.” Wrong. Understand what ‘as a general rule’ means.

  • Rocky Dennis

    It’s just the Master Racers stirring sh*t up so they can say…er mah godz da frameratez.

    • Strongly strongly disagree. Personally I have never cared about framerate at solid 60 or 30 or 24 fps (as technology improves) or 1080p this or 720p that.

      What I care about is when a company is called out on something and denies it. That pisses me off. These idiots do not understand that doesn’t work since the internet “done gone and exposed all their lies durr”

      The amount of PR bs I hear from people at various videogame companies blows my mind.

      This isn’t a matter of being a PC gamer or console this is a matter of a developer straight up denying something happened when multiple reports claim otherwise. How these people get and keep these PR jobs baffles me and then it just pisses me off that there aren’t more people in PR who can give “spin” without lying to our faces. Naughty Dog comes to mind so does Valve. You may not always like what they tell you but they don’t lie to you.

      To translate my soapbox blinding rage.

      “I don’t care if the framerate drops a little I care that he lied and is trying to deny it”

      • Rob MacDonald

        Well…. we don’t know for sure he actually played any of the areas that cause frame drops, do we? Ignore the stuttering that plagues the xb1 copy, and just look at the areas that actually caused the game to dip. People are posting like it’s a constant 15 fps or some crap, fact is, 90% of the time it’s a solid 30 fps, certain areas and some battles seem to make it dip. But do we know for a fact he was using an off the shelf xb1 or a dev kit? Do we know what areas he actually visited? I’m not trying to apologize for the dick, but we really can’t say he lied because we can’t prove it. The game is suffering issues on consoles AND pc, it’s the engine, not the hardware

  • Yuma55

    Framerate tanked badly in the Corvega factory on my Ps4. Fine everywhere else though, even Diamond City is running fine.

  • FearL0rd

    I wonder if those guys are measuring the fps properly

    • Nicholas Perry

      They are, it doesn’t even take measuring the framerate to see the problems as they happen.

  • dapaintrain

    I have occasional drops on my ps4 nothing unforgivable

  • Tidy Iwishiwasthere

    Iv not had a problem on my ps4 but I have a 1 TB sshd in my ps4

    • That won’t affect your framerate in any way.

      • Tidy Iwishiwasthere

        How so the assets load that much faster in the background which is where the bottleneck would happen making frame rates drop

        • I didn’t know that the loading was the problem with the framerate drops. OK

          • Tidy Iwishiwasthere

            If u didn’t no then why comment on something and then leave a very passive aggressive Ok when you could of asked a very simple question I.e. How would that affect frame rate?

            It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.

          • Ruben Toder

            If this was true, everyone would own an SSD, the consoles would ship with them by default and it would be a more widely known thing. This is the first time me hearing this after plenty of people saying no, it doesnt improve framerate / performance

          • Tidy Iwishiwasthere

            It is all over the net now that sshd sas are a fix for the frame rate issue on xbone and ps4

            ‘It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt’

          • Rob MacDonald

            ACtually it does impact the xbox 1 copy, making the load times dissapear and the stutters/frame drops when entering a new area (assets loading) seems to be better, but still present, with an SSD. Haven’t heard many people complaining about dips with the ps4 and SSD. You’ve got to think logically, these are computers first, consoles second, they have hard disks that contain the install packages, ram and cpu. The gpu is not the only component to producing video, the cpu has a huge role in this. If there’s a bottleneck when loading assets from the HD, the game will stutter or have framerate drops. The ram and cpu are by no means a beastly gaming computer, but for what it needs to do, there shouldn’t be any reason it has to dip below 30FPS UNLESS it’s an asset loading issue, which many people are leaning towards being the root cause. The fact that the stuttering on xb1 is completely repeatable at the exact same areas, areas that would lead to assets being dumped and loaded, seems to confirm this

    • Jeffrey B

      sshd.. would help a lot in open world settings..believe me

  • hvd hvd

    i have herd its the ps4 dropping frame rates very badly.this is the first i have herd of xbox one.

    • Soylent_Beige

      Been playing it since yesterday lunchtime and it’s held the frames reasonably well. The reports of the ps4 suffering from dreadful framerate drops are exaggeration.

      • hvd hvd

        not really look at some foundry footage and you will see

        • Soylent_Beige

          Level 31 so far and still haven’t experienced any frequent and harsh frame rate drops. Only a few occasions I have seen it drop atleast 10 frames but almost immediately stabilises and I usually won’t see a similar drop until after another 4 or so hours play time. It happens more frequently now compared to when I started playing where it had only 1 noticeable drop within the first 8 hours.

          Apparently this should happen in most building almost all the time…
          Hasn’t for me. It’s been mostly consistent. Can’t say I care if someone handpicked an area to repeat during video capture in order to show one instance of framerate drops because, honestly, I’d have to really look for an instance to make those drops occur just to show people during my time with the game.

          • Rob MacDonald

            ACtually that’s exactly what they did, basic stress tests then after playing for awhile they found areas that taxed the consoles more than normal, using those areas alone for the stress test. People don’t read the actual review or even listen or watch the video, they see the title and are instantly “experts”. Fact is, the majority of the game is a solid 30fps, xb1 has stutters, ps4 has less stutters, they both have areas that dip the framerate down. This is the cost of business when using an ancient engine with half assed optimization and trying to run at 1080p.

    • J.j. Barrington

      You mean you ignored the Digital Foundry article showing the XB1’s performance was actually worse(though neither is really all that great).

  • Evil_Annie_2015

    The writer of this article is definately a ps4 troll. I have played 10 hrs and no frame rate issues on the XB1. The game performs much better than The Witcher 3.

    • bigevilworldwide1 .

      Or your just an idiot….I mean its actual FACT that Digital Foundry determined there were big frame drops in the X1 version….But hey believe whatever the hell you like , i’ll believe articles and tests from people who actually do it for a living before I’d take the word of people who would let a corporation bukkake them

      • Evil_Annie_2015

        Or you are the idiot here for believing what console advocates write without actually palying the game.

        • angh

          Digital Foundry is anything but console advocate.

          • Evil_Annie_2015

            They are.

          • J.j. Barrington

            In what capacity? And exactly why would a site advocating consoles only note framerate drops on said consoles instead of making PC out to be the worse experience?

          • angh

            maybe they are a bit biased towards xbox, but analysis are done nicely.

        • Guest

          Wow, and your stupidity continues. If you knew anything, you would know that any idiot can clearly see that what you are saying is not true. The game drops, ALOT! And big time. ESPECIALLY the X1 version. But you rather be a staunch fanboy than face reality. Dumb f’ck!

          • Evil_Annie_2015

            Let me guess, you are playing it on the ps4.

          • Guest

            Jesus … enough with the retarded insults already, fucking douchebags taking over the internet.

          • HyDrO

            Enough with the insults as you immediately follow up with an insult. Nice one but it made you look like the douche taking over the internet.

          • HyDrO

            Evil_Annie never knows what she is talking about. She usually sounds dumb to everyone reading so don’t think it’s just you. What’s funny is I think she actually believes the crap she posts.

  • Chuck Green

    So seriously the game does run at 30 fps, but the x1 version does seem to have a lot of stutter and frame drops. Maybe if it runs from external USB 3.0 it would fix the problem but I’m not looking forward to this type of problem today when I get home from work.

    • Guest

      No, running it from a ext, HDD would not fix it, and the game drops like crazy. Whats with all these extremely ignorant comments?

      • Dirkster_Dude

        I haven’t had any problems on the XB1 running from my external hard drive. In 5 hours of play I think it stuttered once. Otherwise, nothing else has gone wrong. I did download so there is no disc to worry about.

      • Chuck Green

        You’re being the ignorant one. One reviewer stated that he thought it was a hard drive loading problem. Where the internal on the xb1 is slower than the ps4 and also slower than usb 3.0 I thought that could resolve some of the issue….tit.

      • Rob MacDonald

        Lets see, the game needs to load assets from the hard disk into memory. So you are saying having a hard drive capable of considerably faster read, seek and write times wouldn’t impact the time it takes to load these assets, and thus affect gameplay? Ok.

    • kreator

      Both consoles have the same problems!

      • Rob MacDonald

        ps4 doesn’t seem to have the same stuttering issue as the xb1, at least from the reviews and tests it does it considerably less, and more in a random fashion. I have yet to see a ps4 version dip below 15 fps, we can all go see the videos of the xbox1 hitting ZERO… ZERO fps. Unacceptable.

        • kreator

          I already seen the PS4 version dip to 13fps!

  • omarcominyo

    I learnt to ignore these twitter addicted devs a long time ago.

  • TheRealSage

    What a am effin tool!

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