More Fallout 4 PS4 Screenshots Leaked In HQ; Comparison With E3 Footage Reveals Missing Shadows

Fallout 4 won’t be out in a while but details regarding the game are already starting to leak from the retail version. We also had our first glimpse at the PS4 version in new direct-feed screenshots, which were later released in a much higher quality. Now a whole set of new screenshots have surfaced online revealing various landscapes and locations.

NeoGAF user shinobi602 has shared another brand new set of screenshots, this time revealing the draw distance of various landscapes. Check these screenshots below.

Strangely, as it can be observed in the leaked screenshots, the PS4 version appears to lack any proper shadows for distant objects. This is even more apparent if we compare the leaked PS4 screenshot with the E3 2015 gameplay footage. Hopefully this is just a bug that can be fixed with a day 1 patch for the retail version.

[twentytwenty]fallout-4-shadows-comp (1) fallout-4-shadows-comp (2)[/twentytwenty]

If you are interested in checking out the controller layout for the game, you can take a look at it from here. If you don’t mind spoilers, there is also a whole trophy/achievement list available for the game that also reveals the name of each of the story chapter.

Fallout 4 is currently set for a release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 10th. The game has been confirmed to run at 1080p and 30 fps on both PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version of the game will allow the users to select the resolution of their choice depending on their hardware.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • phar0ahad3

    Microsofts money at work………smh

  • Paul Valleau

    Dairy confirmed for Fallout 4.

  • yourbestguest

    It looks better than FO3. I’m easy to please.

  • Vulcanproject

    Pretty sure they have shadows, but likely just aren’t patched in yet. You know every game has a day one patch pretty much, seeing as they ship broken and fix it all later…..does anyone really believe Fallout 4 will be any less buggy and broken than it’s predecessors were early on? It’ll be a great game but probably worth waiting a couple of months to actually play!

  • Darren Russell

    Well Fallout 3 looked like shit too.

  • omarcominyo

    E3 PC vs retail PS4, Next!!

  • SmgUk

    The all powerful PS4 can’t do shadows LOL pathetic

  • DamnSkippy

    whatever still looks pretty enough its not a watchdogs situation

  • Unmintz

    I’m interested in finding out whether the PC version has this limitation.

    Also, we should expect modders to add shadows in if the game doesn’t have them. PC users won’t have a monopoly on that luxury this time around either 😉

  • Fayxz

    Oh so ps4 has lower shadow renders? Do sonytards still think the ps4 has a gtx 970? Is that why they prefer it over the xbone? Morons

    • Jen Jackson

      you going to hurt a sony dick sucker feelings saying that lol

      • sublimetalmsg

        i bet you suck just for the flavor

    • TM

      Look guys, a rare sight of the Xbone fanboy in his natural habitat

    • Billy Crystals

      This is why us 29+ million PS4 owners prefer it over the Xbone……

      MULTIPLATS WITH HIGHER FRAME-RATE ON PS4 (source: Digital Foundry):
      Star Wars: Battlefront (and higher resolution)
      Assassins Creed: Syndicate
      Transformers: Devastation
      The Witcher 3 (and higher resolution)
      Destiny: The Taken King
      Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5
      Dishonored: Definitive Edition
      F1 2015 (and higher resolution)
      Batman Arkham Knight (and higher resolution)
      Project Cars (and higher resolution)
      Mortal Kombat X (and higher resolution)
      Dark Souls 2
      Dying Light (and higher resolution)
      Saints Row 4
      Grand Theft Auto V
      Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty
      Lords of the Fallen (and higher resolution)
      Sleeping Dogs
      Alien: Isolation
      Plants vs Zombies (and higher resolution)
      Diablo 3
      Sniper Elite 3
      Child of Light
      Amazing Spiderman 2
      Tomb Raider (and higher resolution)
      Battlefield 4 (and higher resolution)
      Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag (and higher resolution)

      Mad Max
      Battlefield Hardline (but lower resolution)
      CoD AW (but lower resolution)
      Dragon Age Inquisition (but lower resolution)
      AC Unity
      CoD Ghosts (but lower resolution)

      HIGHEST RATED PS4 EXCLUSIVE: Bloodborne (92)

      HIGHEST RATED PS4 REMASTER: The Last of Us Remastered (95)

      PS4: 200
      XB1: 130

      • yourbestguest

        sorry to interrupt but beyonce has better HD

      • Asshat5000

        Wow them 2 extra fps that’s a game changer. (Major sarcasm detected)

  • Mithan

    it still looks great. I am on the PC anyways with a GTX980 Ti, so don’t care.

    • Jerry Schell

      same, at least we can enjoy al the sweet resolution and fps sweetness the top of the line has to offer, gpu’s costing twice the ps4 ftw

  • and people said graphics doesn’t matter…to be honest i didnt mind and still dont, but they look a bit shady and gumy cartoony

  • Sandy Wich

    Well nobody knows until we get the game in our hands but it looks like they dropped shadow render distance in favor for general object render distance. Gotta remember consoles are extremely limited, amazing they got it to look as good as they did.

    If these details matter to you just get it on pc where you can turn the shadow render distance back up.

  • rudero

    Are we just trying to be stupid? Now, do I expect an e3 match? No. If the history of all the reveals vs actual game has not taught us anything but, is their any way possible that when we get idiots writing articles about differences, that they use the same circumstances for once? It is two different time of day shots. It always two different time of day shots that always follow these same old “ps4 version” articles… For the love of God is it possible to not have idiots “write” articles? Do they actually feel like the are smart? I do not get it.

    • Sandy Wich

      Look at where the light source is showing, if the time of day is set differently, it’s only just. Also, take note on how the medium sized objects like them bushes have been removed? They’re still there of course, they’re just not rendered in yet.

      This is CLEARLY lowered shadow render distance. You need to open these pictures up and get a closer look before you put your fingers down, you make yourself look like a real jackass.

    • Michal Gloc

      You are right, but do you actually expect them to stop writing click bait? Of course they will keep writing as long as it works, and of course the only real comparison we’ll get is only once the game is out.
      I clicked this because I wasn’t aware there were more screenshots, and I was hoping to see some new sights.

      • Sandy Wich

        But, is he right? He’s not right by the way, clearly. It’s plain as day for anyone who actually looks at the pictures. But I must ask, what persuaded you to say, “You are right”? Did you come in here with your mind already made? Was it easier to just agree with some stranger instead of take the time to see the differences yourself?

        Did you have an agenda? …

        • Michal Gloc

          I agree with him to the extent that I think it’s crap comparison unless exact same conditions, otherwise who knows what causes the differences. All we know is that it’s same area at only roughly same time of day. We don’t know what setting were set or hardware used when those screens above were taken. Heck, we can’t even be sure if it both came from the same stage of software development, or if one was edited afterwards. That’s why comparison will make sense only once game is released and we can have highly controlled setup.
          I play PC only, so ultimately I don’t care if console version is this or that – I just found his little rant funny and perhaps a bit naive …but now I see he’s not the only angry commenter around here.

    • Fallout Girl XP

      Wasn’t Fallout 4 being played on the Xbox one at E3 though?

      • rudero

        No, sponsored by Microsoft played on a pc. Microsoft never uses actual hardware.

        • Fallout Girl XP

          Then why’d it have Xbox one controls lol did they ever even say what platform it was being played on.

          • Bunglenoose

            … Because you can plug in an XBOX controller into your PC and play it that way, instead?

          • Fallout Girl XP

            I think they have to support that though like Gta 5 you couldn’t for a while and Microsoft would not do that lol it makes zero sense Bethesda and Microsoft have always been buddy buddy apparently but they are not going to have a Microsoft presentation which was actually presented at the same presentation for Xbox one games just to show that for PC and people were insulting the sh*t out of these graphics you should hope PC looks better XD.

        • Fallout Girl XP

          And they did with their own exclusives and I’ve never even heard of Microsoft doing that and tbh I don’t think they do it makes no sense and really bad marketing idea and false advertisement which is illegal.

          • ThePokeMaster

            Maybe their exclusives. But they have already been caught using PCs during gaming expos. Most notably at E3 2 years ago.

          • Fallout Girl XP

            Yeah 2 years ago and considering how you said caught must mean it was a bad thing so highly doubt they made the same mistake twice either way until I have a reason to believe that it was on a PC then imma believe it was on an Xbox one.I mean you can say it was on PC but there is zero reason as to why it was showed at an Xbox one presentation with Xbox one controls…..

          • ThePokeMaster

            Other publishers have done the same with no legal repercussions. Ubisoft has done this multiple times. Even the PC version of some games like Far Cry 3 and Watch Dogs didn’t look as good as the trailers.
            What makes you think there’s anything stopping Microsoft from doing it again?

          • Fallout Girl XP

            Ummm because Microsoft has a console as in Xbox one and Ubisoft doesn’t lol a game developer CO. And a Console entertainment Co. are two different things I’m pretty sure you knew that. Also because Ubisoft didn’t go on a consoles company presentation specifically to sponsor their games on that console just to play their game that they are showing on a PC XD.

          • Fallout Girl XP

            And I’m sorry this is going to sound funny but where were you when people were saying that this games graphics look like sh*t no PC gamer was staking claim to this now that this surfaces up that their were “Shadows” in the E3 gameplay that weren’t in the PS4 screen shots it was automatically played on a PC.

          • Anthony

            They said it was played on a PC at E3. Both times also the Xbox controller prompts show up on PC when a controller is connected

          • Fallout Girl XP

            Oh really cause I watched the full E3 gameplay multiple times and never heard them say that I mean so you can just go back and watch It and tell me where they say it. 🙂

          • Anthony

            They said it in a tweet or during an interview. Ign covered it on one of their shows