Fallout 4 Has Several Game Crashing Bugs On PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Fallout 4 players have discovered several serious game crashing bugs on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. These bugs occur randomly when the players start some specific quests or reach a certain point in the game. There are some quests that can crash the game but thankfully workaround has been found for them on PC using Console Commands.

These quests include Shadow of Steel, Hunter/Hunted, Kidnapping from Greentop Nursery, Silver Shroud Quest, Quartermastery, Cleansing the Commonwealth, Nuclear Option, Boston after Dark, Battle of Bunker Hill and Rockets’ Red Glare. Unfortunately there are still some quests that have no workaround like Ad Victoriam.

To avoid these crashes, you can also try to reload your earlier save before the crashing point. The quests that can be skipped can be avoided while Bethesda prepares a patch for them.

If you are playing on PC and can’t wait for a patch, you can try to use the workaround for each of the quest listed above using the Console Commands on PC. All of the methods can be found on the official Fallout 4 forums.

Fallout 4 launched with a day 1 patch on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This is the only patch that Bethesda Softworks have released so far but judging from the post-launch bugs and glitches, they definitely have to work on fixing a lot of these issues with another patch.


Fallout 4 is available on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Let us know if you have faced any similar issues in the comments below.

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  • Loki The Coyote

    it’s been a year, and the hunter/hunted GAMEBREAKING bug, has still not been patched.

  • Sean M Houghton

    Yeah this post might be ancient as far as message boards go, but these problems STILL persist even on 1.5. (Note: these issues range from character lol 1 to 43 which I reached just before my frustrations won out. ALL problems listed below persist prior to faction obligations, meaning ALL these glitches listed here occur with or without multi-faction affinity. And these issues all effected me on my VERY FIRST playthrough on XBone. Again, I’m on v1.5 with Automatron and WW DLCs running.
    1. Preston not registering completion of the first minutemen mission, therefore cannot be recruited: game-breaking. Avoided at the cost of the settlement and all related minutemen radial quests.
    2. Codsworth not recruitable after returning from Concord following “new friends” dialogue.
    3. Fire Support Danse: “we’ve got hostiles”, game-breaking for faction. Massive loss potential.
    4. Fort Strong vertibird hovering over the landing site leaving the player locked in without the ability to dismount or fast-travel away to force a reload, preventing advancement without save-loading and crap-shooting odds therefore potentially game-breaking.
    5. PAM locked in “security lockdown” if you’re affiliation with a certain other faction has progressed.
    6. Bunker… Hill… Need I say more?
    7. Last but not least; The Dig. That ridiculous eyebot. And Bobbi. Aaagh! Bobbi. Is there any story arc that doesn’t end in a glitch? I’m terrified of even TALKING to Hancock, my ONE be-all-end-all companion since there’s apparently even the most remote possibility his other two prerequisites could be glitched.

    These lesser issues also persist: Settler automatic re-assignment when at maximum settlement capacity and attempting to assign defaults. Invincible enemies somehow invisible to VATS whom can yet still harm you (and no, I’m not talking about StealthBoy coursers or chameleon enemies!) Bot additional skills not working properly such as lock pick and hack and radiant heal. Companions wounding settlers during settlement raids, resulting in hostile settlements AND lower companion affinity for responding with hostile action. Yadda yadda yadda, on it goes.

    It seems the only appropriate means to enjoy this “RPG” is to do some extensive research prior to purchasing it in order that you might be aware how each small decision made might eventually land you in the situations which develop these game-breaking circumstances. Funny; that sounds an awful lot like a linear rails-shooter with conversation trees, doesn’t it? I was such an adamant Bethesda fan too. For years. Good thing those dupe glitches with dogmeat were patched though. Whew. They were a real nuisance.

    Thanks for reading.

  • bagatof

    I’m stuck at the mission “Dangerous Minds”; I can’t go to goodneigbor, cause when i enter the area it just crashes my game.
    Same happens when i start the mission with paladin Danse, and when i enter the Vertibold, when i pass trinity tower it crashes

  • Tom69

    I’m having a problem on the quest Nuclear option. Im on PS4 and im with the Brotherhood. I’m saved where I’m in the institute and about to blow it up and just as elder maxson says that were teleporting out of there it teleports me to where it needs to for a second and the starts loading me and teleporting me out of the institute unable to do the quest. If anybody has a fix or knows that bethesda is fixing this in the next update, please reply

  • Just was playing on PC. About 18 hours into the story and I am trying to get back to the Commonwealth to deliver this suit to some nerd in a digital brothel. No matter what, I keep crashing. When I try to replace the save file, or even create a new one, the game crashes. Really bummed, because I am getting kind of tired of playing Halo 5 at this point.

  • Philly_Jeff

    I keep crashing on the shadow of steel mission on the PS4, same spot everytime.

  • Fifth Quarter

    79 hours and no glitches, no crashes no problems, stop moaning cos you got a PC/console that’s not up to running it.

    • Jim

      You gotta try harder than that bud… Some of these crashes have nothing to do with how good or bad your computer is.

  • CaptainPaul

    I have the same problems on Ps4 on all the missions listed above.

  • Venom121296

    i play on Ps4
    My game crashed MidAutoSave when i was clearing out the D.B TechnicalHighSchool, after starting the game back up my save was Corrupted so i had to go use a save from 10minutes earlier. other than that its crashed 3 times before but this was the worst one.

  • abs1

    My game (PC) crashes randomly. It didn’t use to. I was able to play it without crashes for a day or so, and then the crashes began. Now it sometimes crashes 2 minutes after starting the game or 10 minutes in or 30 minutes in. There’s no telling why or when. It just goes to desktop without error codes.

    • dirk10

      I have the same problem. What are your pc specs?

    • andre

      Wanna bet it’s the same problem of Fallout 3 caused by ever increasing save games?
      “Bethesda… Bethesda never changes”.