Fallout 4: How To Use Console Commands And Full List Of Cheat Codes Including God Mod

Fallout 4 is out now on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you own the game on PC, you can utilize a set of cheat codes to mess around in the game and utilize various cheats to gain an advantage like the notorious God Mode.

How to use Console Commands

In order to use console commands in Fallout 4, you need to press the tilde (~) key on your keyboard and this opens up a command line tool in the game on PC. Of course, there is no such key on the PS4 and Xbox One so consider this feature exclusive to PC.


General Console Commands

Command: coc qasmoke
Effect: This allows you to enter into a secret developer room which has every collectible, bobbleheads and consumables

Command: Tgm
Effect: Activates God Mode

Command: Tai
Effect: NPC AI can be toggled On/Off

Command: Tcai
Effect: NPC Combat UI toggled On/Off

Command: Tcl
Effect: No Clip mode toggled On/Off

Command: tmm 1
Effect: Reveals all markers on the World Map

Command: Unlock
Effect: Unlocked any door/terimal

Command: Tfc
Effect: Allows full control over the camera

Command: Kill
Effect: Kills the selected target

Command: KillAll
Effect: Kills every NPC that can be seen in the area

Command: player.additem [item code] [#]
Effect: Adds the selected item in the given quantity to the inventory

Command: player.placeatme [object code]
Effect: Spawn an NPC/Object near the player

General Item Codes

Item Name: Bottlecap
Code: 0000000F

Item Name: Stimpak
Code: 00023736

Item Name: Rad Away
Code: 00023742

Item Name: Fusion Core
Code: 00075FE4

Item Name: Nuka-Cola Quantum
Code: 0004835F

Item Name: Perception Bobblehead
Code: 00178B5D

Weapon Name: Minigun
Code: 0001F669

Weapon Name: Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher
Code: 000BD56F

Weapon Name: Cryolator
Code: 00171B2B

Weapon Name: Deliverer
Code: 000DC8E7

Ammo: 5mm Rounds
Code: 0001F66C

Ammo: Mini-Nuke
Code: 000E6B2E

Ammo: Cryo Cell
Code: 0018ABE2

Fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It is developed by Bethesda Softworks.

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  • Shon4234

    I can not get any of these codes to work, I keep getting “could not parse this line” or “unknown variable or function” what am I doing wrong?

  • carl karlsson

    what is the code for fusion core

    • Sharpshooter

      player.additem 75fe4

  • Dazzy3D

    does anybody know the id for the alien or alien corpse that holds the alien blaster, i found the cave and got my blaster but i want the corpse so i can just put it in the castle, anyone know the id?

  • Nate

    i dont want to do 2 hours of lugging stuff around

  • Nate

    help codsworth stuck in coc qaswork D:

  • oliver new

    if i press the tilde key (under escape) it wont open the console.
    Any help?

  • Fran Espejo Medina

    I can’t open the console no matter what key I press. I know I have to add a line for it in some .ini file,but i don’t know how to make it. Can anyone give me a hand with this?

    • Zavier Woronowicz

      all you need to do is press the @ key to open the console

      • Fran Espejo Medina

        Sorry, I already fixed it, my keyboard is in Spanish,so the right key was ñ. Thank you for trying to help me

        • Agusaa4

          Fran me salvaste la vida, no sabia como salir de la consola y este comentario me salvo

  • yt4lyfe

    This is not even close to a full list.

  • Brandon Marrero

    Can you even put in any code for the ps4 cause sucks how pc always gets codes for things

    • pc masterrace

      pcmasterrace get with it

  • janet mills

    Great! thank you so much for sharing!

  • Luis-X-

    is there a way to leave the developer room?

    • Jumanji242

      This should do the trick: coe 1 1

  • TeddybearDV8

    More Item Codes:

    Lockpick 0000000a

    .38 Caliber Ammo 0004CE87

    Blast Radius Board Game 0006B165

    Biometric Scanner 00154AD3

    Duct Tape 0004D1F2

    Toy Rocketship 00059B2A

    Extinguisher 0001F8F9

    Coolant Cap 0000E1FF

    Toy Alien 00059B2B

    Large Baby Bottle 001A899B

    Small Baby Bottle 001A89A

    Aluminum Can 00001F98

    Pencil 00000af8

    Plunger 00000afb

    TV Dinner Tray 00059B2C

    Military-Grade Circuit Board 00154AD2

    Camera 00000a83

    Shipment of Steel – 25 001EC131

    Shipment of Steel – 50 001EC132

    Shipment of Acid – 25 001EC133

    Shipment of Adhesive – 10 001EC134

    Shipment of Adhesive – 25 001EC135

    Shipment of Aluminum – 10 001EC136

    Shipment of Aluminum – 25 001EC137

    Shipment of Ballistic Fiber – 25 001EC138

    Shipment of Antiseptic – 25 001EC139

    Shipment of Asbestos – 25 001EC13A

    Shipment of Ceramic – 25 001EC13B

    Shipment of Circuitry – 25 001EC13C

    Shipment of Circuitry – 50 001EC13D

    Shipment of Cloth – 25 001EC13E

    Shipment of Concrete – 25 001EC13F

    Shipment of Copper – 25 001EC140

    Shipment of Cork – 25 001EC141

    Shipment of Crystal – 25 001EC142

    Shipment of Fertilizer – 25 001EC143

    Shipment of Fiberglass – 25 001EC144

    Shipment of Fiber Optics – 25 001EC145

    Shipment of Gears – 25 001EC146

    Shipment of Glass – 25 001EC147

    Shipment of Gold – 25 001EC148

    Shipment of Lead – 25 001EC149

    Shipment of Leather – 25 001EC14A

    Shipment of Nuclear Material – 25 001EC14B

    Shipment of Oil – 25 001EC14C

    Shipment of Plastic – 25 001EC14D

    Shipment of Rubber – 25 001EC14E

    Shipment of Screws – 25 001EC14F

    Shipment of Silver – 25 001EC150

    Shipment of Springs – 25 001EC151

    Shipment of Wood – 50 001EC152

    Shipment of Wood – 100 001EC153

    • Luis-X-

      awesome bro. thx 🙂

    • pp.LVgus

      HI. So I have a questions to you. How do you extract the item ID’s? I’ve never played games right at release except for this one, so I always found comprehensive lists of base id’s and never gave it two thoughts. Just curious for myself.

      • TeddybearDV8

        First, take something you want to know more about, for instance, dog armor for Dogmeat, hit the tilde key (~) then type: “help (idea) 4” where idea is whatever your want to find the codes for, in this instance “help “dog armor” 4″ with quotations around dog and armor since the search string is multiple words, if we were searching just about, you could leave the quotations off. The output data will give you item codes for anything matching the search string.

        • Lucas Brandt

          have you tried this with spawning NPCs? I cant seem to spawn any to test settlement defenses, also mr goodfeels disappeared or died :/ do you know any hostile NPC codes?

        • pp.LVgus


    • Caleb Bessemer

      Can you add all the ammo’s please.

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