Fallout 4 World Map Compared With Fallout 3, Takes 11 Minutes To Traverse In Game

Fallout 4 has a huge world map that might take some time to travel. This world map is confirmed to be almost 2-3x the size of Fallout 3 and bigger than the world map featured in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Earlier this week, we finally got our first look at the full world map and its size. The Fallout 4 map was estimated to be around 145,800 square feet (Correction: It is 29,160,000 square feet, sorry for any confusion). Now we have out look at how big the map is actually in the game thanks to a new video, which shows the user travelling from one corner of the map to the next, giving us an estimated length of the map and its size.


As you can see in the video below, it took the user around 11 minutes to sprint from one corner to the next corner of the world map.

If you want to see a rough estimate of this map size, you can see it compared to the world map of Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls series.

Fallout 4 will be officially released on November 10th, 2015 but thanks to early users who are already playing a retail copy of the game, we have plenty of leaked information from the game including PC Screenshots running at Ultra settings, PC Graphics and Customization Options, PS4 screenshots in direct-feed and the full list of perks available in the game.

Fallout 4 will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is confirmed to run at 1080p and 30 fps on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • Jaime rangel

    Just see the two-lane roads width and see how fallout 3 roads are half than Fallout 4 two-lane roads, than means the comparison map is totally wrong, roads in fallout saga are standard size, then Fallout 3 map should be double size the size.

    Conclusion Fallout 4 is the same size than Fallout 3.

  • Neil

    The scale is not correct

  • Louie

    Stating it takes 11 min to sprint across the map means nothing unless you tell us how long it takes to sprint across FO3/FONV/Skyrim’s maps. There’s no comparison here that indicates 11 minutes = bigger than those title’s maps.

  • Alan White

    30 square miles = 836352000 square feet

  • Graham Smith

    This website is impossible to use. It jumps to the top every 3 seconds from loading ads and the videos stutter. I won’t be back

  • Rob Devitt

    even 29,000,000 square feet is only 1 sq mile.


    Awesome can’t wait to play it pirated with Graphic Mod ..thanks for Utorrent & Mod group ♡★✩♡ 🙂

    • Leon Thörnqvist

      Why pirate a game you know you will like?


        Cuz its bugged & Bethesda takes months to make bug free patches not to mention season pass :3

        • brohaw211

          You know that like 90% of Bethesda’s mod community is against pirating right? Most of the mods wont even work unless you have a legit copy of the game.

      • KaZ

        I’m going to pirate it too, money reasons…
        But later buy it.

        • Codename36

          You are scum, and the reason why gaming companies don’t take PC seriously anymore. You are not worthy to call yourself a PC gamer.

          • KaZ

            I rather be called pirate scum instead of gamer. Those actual “gamers” are idiots after all. True PC gamers try their shit before they buy it.

            The reason why PC gaming suck is because of the consoles, lot’s of kids buy them, they can’t get a PC because the don’t how to build one or use it properly. That’s why companies focus on consoles to milk more and more money… Piracy does very little damage to those “gaming companies”

            As for me, I pirate it first, then I buy it on discount or I just use the Steam refund system… But there are some games not worth buying at all or in some cases the pirated version is better than the original game itself.

            Just look at NFS 2015, requires internet connection even when you play it on singleplayer… Unacceptable.
            I’m sure it’s going to be better play NFS 2015 on PC without the always online DRM crap.

            I’m not that good with English, but I hope you can understand something and have a nice day.

  • Kastrenzo

    a more objective way of gauging the map size would be to visit every locale and then record the time.

    but I guess we’re running from corner to corner and ignoring everything outside of our beeline

    The FO3/FO4 comparison doesn’t look even remotely accurate, it’s suggesting that sanctuary hills area is roughly the size of the west part of DC in FO3, which we know sanctuary hills is just a 1 street cul-de-sac suburrb

  • gaz

    is the smallest one The fallout 4 map?

    • Gary Whitham

      no fallout 3

  • heavenshitman1

    There’s a lot that goes into defining the size and quality of a map, but just for interesting comparison purposes to this article, will throw one other game in

    it won’t let me paste the link here … SIGHS

    Just search this article

    It Takes 31 Minutes to Run Across Xenoblade X’s Open World

  • franky4fingerz

    Whatever the actual land size of Fallout 4 in the end, the most important thing is that Fallout will contain twice as many assets as Skyrim (official Bethesda info). Meaning twice the amount of quests, NPCs, objects, dialogues etc. So even if the map is smaller, you’ll still have twice as many stuff to do. People need to stop whining.

    • Ishot_Bambis_Mum

      And you can build like minecraft for adults haha
      (No, not hating on minecraft…)

    • Loledhard

      Did you just regurgitate that out of your ass or 4chan? !twice as many assets” just means twice as many assets, Assets are in game objects… you turd, how you translate that to ” Meaning twice the amount of quests, NPCs, objects, dialogues etc.” is beyond me. And more NPCs? LOL You have more than 30 NPCs you can either marry or take with you in Skyrim, in fallout 4 there’s only TWELVE. Yes, it’s “official bethesda info”. You should go take your pills. Stop believing in bethesda’s lies.

      • franky4fingerz

        Wow when I see how you got affected by my post, I guess life must not be easy every day in your parent’s basement. You should go out sometimes and meet girls or whatever gender you like. We are not really into pills in my country, but I’m pretty sure YOUR prescription must be bigger than Fallout 4 + Skyrim maps combined. The argument of assets was used in order to promote the gameplay, so I don’t see why they would talk about rocks and trees. If it’s a lie, then everything could be a lie, and we should not debate about anything and wait then.

      • franky4fingerz

        The argument of assets was used in order to promote the gameplay, so I don’t see why they would talk mainly about rocks and trees. For example there’s gonna be more lines of dialogues than FO3 and Skyrim combined. Although it’s true that you need only two NPCs to speak 110K of dialogues, it’s unlikely, and it should represent at least a bit of the content we expect. We are not really into pills in my country, but when I see how aggressively my initial post affected you, I guess your prescription is bigger than Fallout 4 map.

        • Codename36

          “used in order to promote the gameplay” you answered your own question then. Companies say these things in order to promote and sell, to get people to be interested in the game. That doesn’t actually mean that the info is good, because details are left out. So YES, alot of those assets are most likely trees and rocks and you fell for the trap. This is the way gaming has been for years.

      • Killjoy Matic

        You might as-well have said “In fallout 4 there will twice as many bullets!”
        Bethesda and any game publisher will always try to measure their game in the units that make them look best.

    • Louie

      I don’t buy that BS for a second. It’s always WAY bigger/more than the predecessors with ANY game franchise. It’s also often not true. Even when it is true, bigger/more does not mean.

      • franky4fingerz

        Never wrote the game would be better, and I don’t think (yet) it is. But it’s confirmed anyway, the game is denser also in terms of “gameplay” assets. Personnally, after 20 hours of gameplay I haven’t been in Boston yet (although not in a rush I admit).. too much stuff to do.

  • tr0llhunter

    Or you could just wait for the game to cone out and then play it and find out for yourself… I mean its 50 quid right?

    Or do you really need to “be the first to know before your friends do cos im that sad! “

  • Someone who isnt fucking dumb

    “145,800 square feet”…. You do realize that would make the map about 400×400 feet…. are you kids really that fucking dumb these days? Jesus just about anyone can start a gaming website now.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      You should tell us how you really feel. Don’t hold anything back.

      • heavenshitman1

        Well he did make a half reasonable point. The article just denoted Fallout 4 as about the equivalent size of my back yard
        What they might have meant was ‘(145,800 feet)^2’ or ‘145,800 feet squared’
        There is a massive difference between ‘square feet’ and ‘feet squared’

        • Andy Bee

          well he should use a 10mm not a fat man

        • Dirkster_Dude

          Irrelevant. What I object to is his attitude and what is up with that alias name? He or She is trying to be insulting without even having to comment and that isn’t appropriate whether he or she is right or wrong.

          • Codename36

            So in other words, you are making up excuses for trolling. The worst type of troll is one who thinks he isn’t one. :3

          • Dirkster_Dude

            So am I a troll for calling out someone who has an offensive alias: “Someone who isn’t fucking dumb” and then uses more profanity to prove his point? That right there is offensive and therefore trolling. If he was so smart and not a troll why didn’t he update the site in his comment with the correct information? What I said was sarcastic but it was hardly trolling although I do admit it was a mistake to say anything.

      • Codename36

        So you are just going to ignore the mistakes that people make? Is that the way kids are raised these days? To be idiots and settle for “eh, good enough”?

        • Dirkster_Dude

          What exactly are you talking about because I have no idea what “To be idiots and settle for “eh, good enough?” is even supposed to mean? I’m not his/her parent and as far as my comment I should have probably not said anything, but I’m not a kid if you’re referring to me as the kid.

        • Cameron

          Have someone look over everything you have every posted online and I’ll bet there are all sorts of retarded mistakes you cunt-bag.

    • Not Mr. Pickels

      Right? I was just sitting here asking myself, “how the hell the map can only be 382 ft across?” Thankfully, it looks like it’s actually 5,400 ft across and 29 million sq. ft. Although, still a little bit smaller than I expected, but then again, we have been led to believe that there is a lot of vertical gameplay to be had with skyscrapers and such, so maybe we should really be measuring this map in cubic feet instead…

    • The map size has been corrected now, also this mistake was not made by us but by the original source of the map, which they later fixed.
      Next time, please be less insulting if you want to point towards a mistake.

      • Trevor Franklin

        you reprinted it without doing your own checks. that is even worse

        • We don’t have an access to the game so we had no way to accurately estimate the size of the map. If we had, we would have definitely verified it ourselves. Again, this was a mistake and as dumb it might have been, it has been corrected now. AFAIK, we had only one source for the map and that’s what was used for the basis of comparison for Fallout 3/Skyrim.

          • Trevor Franklin

            bawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! call the wambulace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Ahahaha

            Lol? You’re the one crying. You’re the dumb one if you can’t see the irony in your last comment.

          • Cameron

            Lol you fucking asshole, its a gaming site, not an engineering site, you fucking twat. He didn’t check his math for his gaming article. You’re the only one that cares. No one will get hurt from that mistake, he’s not an engineer, it’s a minor fact, SHUT THE FUCK UP I HOPE YOU GET YOUR HEAD BASHED IN.

          • Trevor Franklin

            sure smells lie butthurt all of a sudden. lol,umad

          • Cameron

            Lol, “butthurt,” the new hot phrase right now. You sound like an old faggot that’s trying to sound hip, or like some dumbfuck chollo or something. You heard some kid say that word and wanted to use it? I actually had fun insulting you.

          • Trevor Franklin

            that phrase is over 10 years old. i think you’re an angry old man trying to tell off a “darn whippersnapper”. i now give you permission to have the last word as you are obviously that pathetic type who will go crazy trying to get it and i have no need to read it
            the upvotes speak for themselves. enjoy what is left of your sad empty little life. try not to let online strangers make you so angry anymore. sorry i had to show what a fool you are to everyone.
            have a nice day

          • Cameron

            You were picking on that dude for posting an incorrect figure for the size of a video game map, silly math error but whatever, and you were being a cunt about it. He made a mistake and he admitted it. Lol, “the up votes speak for themselves,” and I’m pathetic but you rely on up votes to make you happy. I’m 29 years old, I think you said “are you kids really that dumb these days?” Yeah, you’re an old fucking man you nasty fuck, I can smell you from here. And fuck yah I got the last word lol, and my last word isssssss TWAT.

          • oh yeke?

            Not sure i see any upvote here…only down.

          • Cameron

            Didn’t even SEE this comment. God you’re a piece of shit. You’re the one cryin’ over a victimless mistake, and yet you mock him for “crying.” God you are just the biggest stinkiest twat I’ve ever smelled. Hope you get run over HAHAHA.

          • oh yeke?


          • Codename36

            lol what the Hell? What does access to the game have ANYTHING to do with knowing how measurements work? You go to school to learn that, not by playing Fallout 4.

          • Why is it so hard to understand that a mistake was made? As a human, everyone makes a mistake. Is it the end of the world that we just published a wrong estimate of the map size? No, it is not. So please, let it go.

            It is one thing to make a mistake, it is entirely another to start insulting the person for making that mistake, going so far to call them “fucking dumb” and “kids” and doing this all from an anonymous ID.

          • Deus

            I think the problem is more along the lines ” you are supposed to be a gaming journalist, who reprinted someone else’s article and did 0 fact checking.” This is the kind of stuff that makes gaming journalism a laughing stock sadly…

          • Well, I don’t see anything to disagree here. I guess I learned my lesson well. I will try my best to avoid doing similar mistakes in the future.

          • Boogie

            STFU DEUSBAG!

          • Cameron

            He probably thought that the accuracy of his math or another site’s measurement when listing the size of Fallout 4’s map was not a life or death matter, you fucking dumb cunt.

      • Ishot_Bambis_Mum

        I agree with the insults bit, but (yes a but!) if you post something like this, maybe, just maybe you should do the “math” first. I mean what kind of map would 145.000 square feet be? That would be kinda small and doesn’t make sense. Logic people, logic. And I do agree he worded it wrong but the point is not to post stuff that doesn’t actually make sense and then to blame the guy you “stole” the info from.
        But mum, he made me do it…I know he did son, but you went ahead and did it anyway…

    • Glenn

      It appears that you made this account just to spew your own vile crap without allowing us to do a little background on YOU. This is where I would insert mine if I wished to fall to your level
      I get it… Journalists should be fact checking their sources but you could at least respond using language that gives us a sense that you’ve interacted with humans successfully in the past

  • jacksjus

    Size means nothing if it’s empty. I just hope this game is stocked along the lines of The Witcher 3.

    I have never played Fallout before so forgive me for not knowing what to expect.

    • Mithan

      Previous games are full of content and locations to explore. If you played Skyrim, you know what to expect. If not, it will be loaded with stuff.

  • スミルノフ ニコライ・


  • Kyle

    I don’t understand how these things are measured. It takes about half an hour to traverse Skyrim from end to end – how is this one considered “larger” if you can do it in a third of the time?

    If you’re just going based on “size” relative to the player, couldn’t you say that Sonic’s Emerald Hill Zone level is the largest? Sonic has to travel a few hundred miles, although he does it in the course of about 3 minutes.

    • Aggelos Papageorgiou

      It takes 14minutes to run from one corner to the other in skyrim.

    • Leon Thörnqvist

      I just tested and it took me 10 minues to run like he did from the Red Rocket factory to Raven Rock in Fallout 3.

      • Gary Whitham

        in fallout 3 you didn’t run as fast as the sprinting in fallout 4, the fallout 4 map is 2.5 times bigger than FO3, fallout 3 is 289 grid squares and fallout 4 is about 729…the distance from megaton to the river or from the citadel to the jefferson memorial is 2 grid squares and that can be covered in a minute easily at fallout 4 sprinting speed.

        • Tommy Zoma

          I tested it using Fallout New Vegas, and for accuracy I installed Project Nevada to be able to sprint. took me a bit less than 10 minutes, and that includes going over and around the mountains in the game.

  • pocketdare

    You said it was bigger than Skyrim, then superimposed it as a smaller image over the Skyrim map. Which is it?

    • Hailey

      Looks to be only about 2/3 the size of Skyrim’s map, but without the mountains to waste space…I’d say it’s about the same size.

      • OKManNoOne .

        i like witcher 3 map structure even if it was 3 seperated “maps” still u have know that they will allow player to build settelments so u will stick to one place for longer…i hope so

      • franky4fingerz

        The actual land area of the Fallout 4 map is roughly 30 square miles. That is about twice the size of Skyrim in addition to not having all the mountains.

        • Hailey

          I seriously hope that’s true! Do you have a link that backs it up? I’d love to see it. I’m all for it having an even bigger map.

      • Gary Whitham

        wrong, skyrim is 15 sq miles and fallout 4 is about 35, skyrim does look bigger but if you look at the map carefully the “larger parts” are all offlimits, behind markarth? next to riften? the ocean, skyrim is deceptive, it has a lot less space then you think, its mountains take up over half of the map and the footprint they leave is massive if you closely examine it, i played it for years myself and the mountains are in between the holds and take up lots of area, now skyrim had lots of dungeons it was still huge, it had plenty to do but its not a more playable area.

        • Hailey

          Once I have played through Fallout 4 6 times, like I did with Skyrim, I’ll be better able determine the size difference.

          I really do hope there is more land area to explore this time though. Here’s hoping you’re right!

    • franky4fingerz

      When you put out all the mountains that you can’t cross walking on skyrim you have from a similar to bigger surface for fallout 4 which is completely explorable.

      • Not Mr. Pickels

        What happens to FO4 map when you pull out the Atlantic Ocean?

        • franky4fingerz

          It’s supposedly not included in the comparison, of course.

        • Kevin Walsh

          the ocean may be traversable

    • franky4fingerz

      When you put out all the mountains that you can’t cross walking on skyrim you have from a similar to bigger surface for fallout 4 which is completely explorable.

    • Dirkster_Dude

      Skyrim is the map in the background, the square yellow map that is overlaid on the background map is Fallout 4, and the square green map is Fallout 3. The Skyrim map with the mountains and other impassable terrain features gives you less area to explore and is therefore smaller for the purposes of comparison I guess. Also Fallout 4 is said to have more stuff in it.

      • gaz

        Thank you. I couldn’t remember the Fallout 3 map and was unsure which was which (except for the Skyrim map). If it’s bigger then Fallout 3 i’m a happy bunny. If it was the same size as fallout 3 i’d also be a happy bunny.

    • Gary Whitham

      over half of skyrim is not playable, the entire borders is basically off limits and the mountains thruout the game take up a big footprint of the map, skyrim is big but its also deceptively bigger than it really is, meaning the playable area is smaller than the map by a huge margin, but its spread out, you’re funneled around in valleys often or in between the mountain ranges and so it seems bigger than it is. FO4 has none of that its much more playable area over twice the playable area of skyrim even with the water, cause the skyrim map had water and mountains all around its border that were totally unplayable.


    Holy crap

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