Feast your eyes on these beautiful retail boxes of PlayStation 4 Accessories

PlayStation 4 is launching soon and as Sony is revamping up for its launch, we are getting to see more and more of that lovely console. You can now check out new images of the retail boxes for Controllers, Charging Station, Vertical Stand and Camera.

ps4-eye ps4-4 ps4-3 ps4-2 ps4-1

These images were tweeted by PlayStation EU Community Manager Chris Owen. Personally, we are loving the design of these boxes. Blue is our favorite color after all.

What do you think of the box design? Let us know in the comments below.

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Khurram Imtiaz

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  • Gabriel

    Damn it. So many preorders I gotta wait till early next year, oh well.

  • Synthetic Construct

    I’m not an infant girl but I just soaked my chair…

  • Jim Neerland

    The usual Sony brand packaging, nothing wrong with that. Don’t think I’d say it’s beautiful, but I do like the controller packaging vs. the PS3 controllers.

  • Guest

    Same old, same old generic $0N¥ PauperStation packaging. NO THANKS!

    • Thomas

      Lol aren’t you that same guy that goes around various sites spreading the same BS?

      Some people have too much free time

  • 500

    A bit generic and boring tbh

    • Guest

      just like you

      • 500

        Sorry for having an opinion that isn’t the same as yours. Then people here vote up an insult… very mature

  • AndrewTSC

    I currently have a red Dualshock 3 and I’m hoping to make blue my color for the next console generation

  • andy

    Love the Blue packaging and the fact of the different coloured controllers too. Its mental that Gamestop UK are selling the 3 controllers for only £39.99 and them with a built in battery. The Xbox One controller is still for £44.99 without the Play and Charge Kit lol.

  • daveyj

    Looks sweet, can’t wait to get a PS4 this Xmas. The red Dualshock4 looks fantastic.

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    Always loved Playstation packaging. Very clean.
    Good call with multiple colours available at launch for controllers…not something that has hapened previously is it?

    Can’t believe they’re still charging for a vertical stand though…

    • Thomas

      Green is my favorite color, yet I’m a PS4 fan. Hmm…