Festival of the Lost Is Now Live For Destiny On PS4 And Xbox One

Last week, Bungie announced that they will be bringing back the Festival of the Lost. Today, after the weekly reset, the Halloween themed event has gone live, so talk to Eva Levante at the Tower to get started.

Eva Levante will get you started with Festival of the Lost quests. She will start off by giving you a Candy Satchel which you will have to fill with candy by talking to various vendors at the Tower. When you fill the satchel with candy, you must return to Eva Levante, and she will give you a mystery bag called the Gifts of the Lost, in exchange for the Satchel full of candy.

Festival of the Lost Treasure of the lost

The Gifts of the Lost bag can reward you with either a Jackolyte consumable or the Flight of Shadows consumable. Another reward which can be obtained from this mystery bag is the shader called Sea of Tears. She will also give you quests to complete.

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In the first quest, you will have to play crucible while wearing a Festival of the Lost mask, and then the quest continue from there. Quests will reward you with various masks and emblems, as well as Treasure of the Lost. The Treasure of the Lost is a mystery bag that gives you one of many rewards that can be obtained from this Treasure. These rewards can be masks, consumables that change your respawn animation or your guardian’s appearance, exotic weapon ornaments, and more.

This event comes around once a year, so don’t miss out on the event exclusive loot. Festival of the Lost ends on November 9th, so you have plenty of time to do everything that the event has to offer.

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    really would like to see the active player base of these mmo’s and multiplayer shooters… i get that they must be profitable otherwise not every developper and their mother would release them. but really.. i can’t imagine that the servers are full. i hardly see anyone playing them besides the usual 3-4 same guys in my list.

    • Abdullah Raza

      Destiny really isn’t a game you can keep playing for months. I play it for like a month or two whenever a new DLC comes out. It won’t keep you occupied for that long.