Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Demo: Easy Level Up And Experience Points Guide

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae is a short demo but it is still full of fun. Players can spend hours exploring the region of Duscae and get a good taste of the combat of Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo has a level cap of 99 and since there are a variety of ways to level up easily, this shouldn’t be hard to reach, but definitely requires a lot of grinding. Of course, reaching this level cap is pointless as the game is easy enough once we hit Level 30 and higher, but for those who prefer fully completing a game, the level cap should be a target.

Following are the most easiest ways to level up in the demo during main story quest.


Important Tip: It is highly recommended to rest at a Caravan after you have accumulated a high amount of experience points, as they add 1.5x multiplier to the gained experience points, which should help in leveling up faster in the demo.

Pre-Behemoth Fight

Before trailing and figuring out the Behemoth location, players can try to gain easy experience points by fighting the Garula monsters seen roaming near the lake. The orange Garula are quite hard in the beginning but the experience point that they give are definitely worth the effort, not to mention they drop a rare item that can be sold for roughly 3000 Gils in the shop.

You can also fight the robot soldiers that are dropped from airship as they are a good source of experience points early in the game.

Post-Behemoth Fight

Once we defeat the Behemoth, leveling up becomes easier as the Behemoth can be fought again and again. He might be hard at first but once you collect all four phantom swords and level up to atleast 30 or higher, he should be much easier to take down. It can take you roughly 10 to 15 minutes to take down the Behemoth without Summon and he gives about 7000 experience points.

The other way to level up is to fight the orange Garula monsters and if the robot soldiers also join the battle, you can get approximately 2500 to 3000 experience points per fight.

Make sure to find all the four Phantom Swords (Armiger) in the demo and if you want some bonus experience points, you can also collect the 10 cherished frogs and get about 8000 experience points once you finish this sidequest.

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  • Zak Ryan

    Collect all the armiger swords and a lot of Garuda steaks and alstrooms.
    Go to the Austace Haven and set up camp. You will get the prime and sharp buffs which give an exp boost and a massive damage boost.
    Then at the same campsite choose to spar with Gladiolus. Don’t bother with normal attacks just assign partisan to the counter slot and parry and counter all his attacks.
    This gets you 1000 exp every one to two minutes.
    As you fight every two or three minutes a large group of soldiers deploys right outside the campground. Killing them gets you about 1300 exp and if you can avoid taking any damage and kill them within the first two minutes of combat you get about a 260% boost which is nearly 5000 exp.
    The best way to kill them is to use the armiger’s enhanced warp to attack tightly clustered enemies and then to pick off lone stragglers using the same attack. Then if any remain use the zweihander assigned to the ravager slot (or partisan if you prefer) to take them out.
    Do this for about an hour and you get about 70,000 exp take this to the caravan at the chocobo ranch and rest there to collect the 50% bonus exp and you can get about 115,000 exp every hour.

    Note: If you take any damage whatsoever during a soldier battle you cannot receive the 260% boost. All exp earned fighting Gladiolus only levels up Noctis. So Noctis gets 115,000 but Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto only get about 60,000 meaning that Noctis quickly out levels everyone else.

  • And if you want to warp blade kill enemies, you can take on Mesmenirs for 777 EXP each.