FIFA 15 1.05 Patch release, Patch Notes for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

A new patch for Fifa 15 has been released on all platforms, along with the patch we also have patch notes listing what’s new in the update. The patch has been released for the PS4, PS3, Xbox one, Xbox 360 and PC.

The FIFA 15 1.05 patch is sized at 328.3MB, on Xbox One it’s 250MB, on PC it’s 200MB, and around 50MB on Xbox 360 and PS3.

The patch’s main additions are the new MLS teams, namely Orlando City FC and New York City FC. The patch also improves stability to match day functions, online seasons and pro clubs. FIFA Ultimate team players will also find an improved ‘compare price’ function when searching for consumables.

Check out the full FIFA 15 1.05 patch notes below:


Now if only EA could fix the passing, then I would be a happy camper. So what do you guys think of the new patch? Happy with the new changes? Or were you expecting something else? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • ltagames

    how do you install it

  • James Cooper

    If you do this after you customised / edited players, will your edits be wiped?

  • Rabbit

    Players have invisible feet after the update. And if you set the ball to Default, the ball is invisible too.

  • Joel McCarthy

    I think the passing thing is affecting some and not others, i also happen to be one of the unlucky ones. need help from EA or an explanation of why this has happened. Ruined the game for me, and for the sake of such pointless updates.

  • Ryan O’Dwyer

    Does anyone know if they fixed the glitch where if you edit a youth player in career they turn 56 years for some reason?

  • tyler

    when i updated fifa my pro club rating went to a 88 to 83 all my stats went down like wtf

  • Austin Woody Beall

    Anyone else having problems getting the expansion teams on xbox one?

  • Ryan Pierce

    Wow thanks EA for patching eveything but the gameplay. Which is the only thing wrong with this game. FIFA is more of a stock broking buy low sell high game more than a futbol or soccer game. The AI is absolute garbage. Dont get me wrong I dont expect the AI to win the game or do my job for me…. but for 2015… its just completely pathetic. Passing is random at best. The goalies are horrific at best diving out of the way half the time and the other half swatting it right back in front of the box. Man this game be great… and I fully admit im not that skilled… but man oh man what an epic fail. I have lost so many matches based on just random stuff the AI had total control over and there was literally nothing that could be done to prevent it. Thanks EA for absolutely nothing. Im sure all of 10 people will even play with the new teams considering the MLS is a joke. Hers to next september for hopefully a better game… but doubtful. One single tear*

    • ScoobaSteve

      I feel you pain; passing is bullshit post latest patch. I seem to remember the game play post October patch went to shit too; took me a while to adapt. Now you have to adapt all over again; game play is slow / sluggish, like you waiting for the game to catch up…feels like you playing couple moves ahead and the game play cannot keep up with what you doing. This whole game is just broken….and to think we paid good money for this game, including buying packs in the hope you get someone worthwhile, which happens every 100 pack openings. I do not know how this company stays in business; are we all idiots? 🙂

      • Ryan Pierce

        I surely feel like an idiot. Because this is far and away my favorite game simply because of the finess of futbol but mannnn I never get more angry at anything in life as I do when wayne effin rooney or di maria just almost in spite of me pas it to the other team when theres 3 obvious passes to make and they choose the worst one every time!

  • Got the update, goes on Fifa 15, unable to connect to EA servers…Nice update…

  • V.EZ

    What’s wrong with the passing in fifa?

    • Exactly what I thought xD.

      • Richard Gayle

        The passing is really bad. Ex: Im trying to pass to the nearest person to me, It passes it to another player way out of reach. If I barely tap it, then the ball rolls slowly and gets intercepted.

    • It has become very inaccurate over the last month or so. Especially noticeable in Ultimate Team.

  • jammy sod

    make the keepers better