Is Final Fantasy Type-0 finally coming to the PS Vita?

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was recently released for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One but let’s be honest, we all wanted to play the game on the PS Vita. The original release of Type-0 was on the PSP in Japan and unfortunately never got a release outside Japan. Square Enix instead of porting the game to the PS Vita, excellently remastered it in HD for the new consoles.

The rumor mill for the game’s potential PS Vita release is churning again as the Brazilian rating board which recently outed new Gears of War and Dishonored HD collections, have listing for a ‘PlayStation Portatil’ version of Final Fantasy Type-0 as well. The PSP listing is probably a typo with the game instead being registered for a PS Vita release.


I would definitely re-buy the game again on the PS Vita as I feel my play-through on the Playstation 4 didn’t allow me to explore all the nooks and crannies of the game, something which a portable console would allow me to do. It’s also been some time since the game’s console release so Square Enix should not mind it either.

Would you like Final Fantasy Type-0 HD to release for the PS Vita? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Faltiere Ornalock

    I Think The Reason For FF TYPE-0 Being Only Consoles Because of Episode Duscae

  • brittany fuhr

    If I was square enix I would remake and remaster as many final fantasy games for the ps vita as possible!

  • Travis David

    They have released this game on Steam and it’s taking a lot of backlash. They can’t ignore Vita forever.

  • Æres

    Yes, its ridiculous that it hasnt been ported to the Vita yet…I thought it was, and got a Vita primarily for that!! I cant afford a PS4 anyway, and refuse to buy one till the prices drop and Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 are actually released…

  • Adam Murphy

    Two days since this article was released and not one commenter? Ok, I’ll be the first to say it.

    YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

    If I can emulate this game on my cell phone there is NO reason it hasn’t been ported to the Vita. Do it already SE!!!

  • How about you credit the sites that give you your information.