Final Fantasy Type-0 HD fails to hit sales targets in Japan

Even though Final Fantasy Type-0 has already been released in Japan for the PSP, Square Enix had optimistic sales target for the PS4 and Xbox One remaster – Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The game sold around 92k units on the PS4 and just 1k units on the Xbox One in Japan, the 93k total is far below what Square Enix forecasted.

Japanese Sales Tracker Mediacreate reports (via Siliconera) that the game sold through just 59.59% of their shipment to stores. Publishers tend to ship roughly the amount of copies to stores that they expect the game to sell, so seeing such a low sell through rate means the game failed to hit Square Enix’s forecasts. The Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo packaged alongside the Day 1 copies didn’t seem to help the sales much either.


The game is expected to sell better in North America and Europe where Final Fantasy Type-o wasn’t released. PSP version for comparison sold 79.08% of its stock.

Did you buy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD? What are your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Diana Stefani Rojas

    I love this game. I don’t care about it’s graphics knowing it was originalky for the psp back five years ago. I still play final fantasy 7, 8, and 9 on my old ps2, so graphics aren’t a problem. It did seem to suck at first but by the third chapter i got real into it. Now I can’t stop playing it.

    I’ve been seeing a great deal of hateful comments about the final fantasy franchise in general, by western gamers. Don’t know where all that hate comes from but I hope it’s not affecting western opinion about the games before they are properly tried out.

    There are many reasons i love rpgs. Exploration, side quests, unlockable events. But the main one is the storyies. And now that I am properly introduced to the world of Orience and the characters (despite taking a while because of the large number of characters and being bombarded by their political struggles all at once at the beginning), I am enjoying it immensely. There are certain elements that sometimes remind me of Final Fantasy 8.

    I also played the demo for FF 15 because it was awesome. Love the characters, the banter, the stark medieval/modern elements. And the graphics are superb. Can’t wait for that game. I already preordered it. Call me a fangirl but I like what I like, and no disfavor among western gamers is going to change my oersonal experience with these games. Even final fantasy’s worst (a matter of individual opinion), is in my belief still rpg’s best.

  • Greg Lindstrom

    bought it and ordered a refund fps is locked at 30 and resolution is 720 and 1080 only….