Final Fantasy Type-0 HD isn’t just a remaster judging by the gameplay videos

If you’re a hardcore Final Fantasy fan like me, you’re probably searching the internet for more information about Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD after their trailers were dropped earlier today. We also got to see some offscreen gameplay of Final Fantasy Type-0, albeit most of it was off screen.

One thing’s for certain though, Final Fantasy Type-0 isn’t just a remaster where only the resolution is increased and some textures improved. As seen by the GIF below (courtesy of @Aeana), we can clearly see that Square Enix has put in a lot of work improving character models, backgrounds, environments as well as adding effects like motion blur to hide the fact the Type-0 was a PSP game. Click here for a higher resolution version of the gif.

I played a bit of the Final Fantasy Type-0 translation released for the PSP a bit, and the game is certainly very interesting. Between this and Final Fantasy XV finally getting some love, 2015 is set to be a great year for JRPG fans. Then we also have games like Xenoblade, Persona 5 and Tales of Zestiria; boy what a great time to be a JRPG fan, wouldn’t you agree?


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD releases along with a demo for Final Fantasy XV on March 17 2015. The game is being developed for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • popo123

    It’s not a complete rebuilt. Only the main characters will have new high quality models while the environment, enemies, and other characters will have the same psp quality model. They also did not update the textures on some enemies and environment and just boost the contrast and bump-mapping. In order to make these outdated aspects of the game look smoother and a bit better they added high quality motion blur, anti-aliasing, dynamic lighting and shadowing to make it look more cinematic.

  • 大王 アレクサンダー

    Well they’ve stated this back at E3 that Type 0 will be a complete rebuild for the next-gen consoles on a totaly new engine.