Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Reach Level 99 in less than 30 minutes using Secret Training

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a pretty tough game and requires a second playthrough to do most things in the game like the Expert Missions. So consider using this tip to easily level up your characters and tackle all the challenges the game throws your way on the your first playthrough.

This tip is more of a glitch that developers Square Enix probably forgot to fix. Follow the guide below to quickly level up your characters without participating in a single battle!


Step 1. Make the character you want to level up your leader and head over to the Colosseum in Academia.

Step 2. Talk to the guy on the right who’s in charge of the Secret Training regime. He’ll ask you to save your game, after which you’ll end up at the main menu.

Step 3. Now go to the System Settings of your console (Playstation 4 or Xbox One) and change the time to 24 hours ahead.

Step 4. Now go back to your game and load the file you saved earlier.

You’ll be back with the Secret Training teacher and he’ll award you several thousand experience for free. Your character will gain experience every two hour with it capping it at 24 hours. So do this method as many times as required to reach the level of your choice.

An item called Growth Egg can double experience gained but that is only obtainable after you rack up 50 hours of game time. If you have done that then talk to the Class Moogle flying over the entrance stairs of Academia’s main building.

Just be sure to level up all your characters equally! Having fun with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD? Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

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  • Snicket

    In all honesty there isn’t much need of a grind too much in this game. The missions are quite easy if you use King, Trey, or Cater (coincidentally these are my three favorite characters to use) since you can stay out of sight and exploit killsights from safety, sure the bosses are overleveled (Gilgamesh is level 65 in a level 32 mission) but in most cases even if you fail the boss fight the mission completes. Once you learn when an enemy’s killsight triggers (for example a rocket trooper sight will always trigger after he fires a rocket) the enemy’s become much easier. Also have Deuce with Hymn of Healing and you’re practically invincible.

    The only beef I have with this game is the fact that most of the game is locked until NG+ which I don’t like, sure you could do expert missions in NG but you’ll get one shot.

  • Victor

    I like this dont know about ya but there is too much grinding in this ff, See i wont use this exploit to go to 99 then play wheres the fun in that i use it just so that im a high enough level to tackle the next mission and so on so its still challenging.

  • Nicholas Burns

    How do you set the time ahead on Xbox one?

    • Evin Pro

      You have to disconnect from the internet or it won’t work. It’s under settings then system then all the way to right

      • Jack DeBerry

        I tried disconnecting and it still does not give me the option to change it.

  • Chris Cline

    What are the chances of them being able to patch this though?

    • Slim, pretty sure they’ll have to redesign the whole system.

      • Chris Cline

        Ok awesome thanks for replying, I won’t be able to play my copy until the weekend so I was wondering.

  • Sunny

    Wow awesome thanks

  • Julian Hardaway

    Nice to know, but i’d rather grind it out and earn my way. What’s the point of buying or even playing the game if your reward for finishing the game isn’t satisfying, because I was weak as a player and couldn’t do it myself without cheating?

    • Chris Skates

      Because how you enjoy a game isn’t how someone else will enjoy it. Instead move on to the next article cause clearly this isn’t for you. Always remember different strokes for different folks

    • The game is too grind heavy and my time is pretty limited ;(

    • joe

      because this game was designed to be played heavily in multiplayer spurts and that makes it so you are going to have to replay a retarded amount of missions single player over and over to grind and get all your characters even all the time and thats really not fun if the game still had multiplayer absolutely no problem the game will still last you atleast a couple hundred hours if you like it enough anyway and you will still get your ass kicked on the hardest mode. i would say definately would not use this on first playthrough so you can actually learn the game but on others its nice cause the game does start to expect that you are doing mass amounts of mission replays and leveling all your characters

    • joe

      i would agree with most other rpgs. i suggest playing through this game normally on your first playthrough of course unless you are starting on agito mode for some reason. but leveling is the least of what this game is about even if you max all your characters out right away the game will still last you hundreds of hours depending on how much you actually enjoy it and the hardest mode will still kick your ass. grinding is not earning in this game actually being able to play the game well and learn fights is what matters it is a action rpg you could prob go through low level without being hit and just using killshots if you are good enough the game is still very hard and rewarding no matter how you go about playing it. it is just a absolutely fantastic FF game.