Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster Teased In Upcoming Strategy Guide – Report

Final Fantasy XII has been long due for a proper HD Remaster for the current generation consoles. Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase had talked about a potential Final Fantasy XII HD remaster depending on the success of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD.

While we are still waiting for an official confirmation of a HD Remaster for Final Fantasy XII, it might have been leaked via Prima Games.

Prima Games revealed the first look at the upcoming set of strategy guides for a collection containing Final Fantasy X, X-2 and XII. What’s interesting here is that they list Final Fantasy XII as having HD screenshots, while the original game was never released in HD format. Check it out below.


This screenshot shows an updated look at a pre-rendered cutscene in the game, which is definitely not possible via emulation, so we can rule out any PC emulated HD screenshots out of the equation here. The product listing states “brand-new HD screenshots” for the game, and Final Fantasy XII has only been released on the PS2 so far.

Final Fantasy XII Official Game Guide:

The updated Collector’s Edition FINAL FANTASY XII guide features a revised interior design, brand-new HD screenshots, and comes in at 352 pages.

This is not the first time when someone has leaked a Remaster for Final Fantasy XII, and it won’t be the last. All we need to do now is to wait for an official announcement. You can pre-order this collection over at Amazon.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • James

    Yea i’ve played many games on all different systems, but cant say that I have enjoyed any of them as much as FFXII. Been hoping for a remaster/remake for a long time, but I don’t know final fantasy seems to be going in a horrible direction since ps4 came out. I think that this game has a lot of untapped potential, a remaster would be great but in my opinion they should make a few changes to smooth out the game make it more interactive and interesting. I’ve played this game like 3 times a few changes would be welcome will make the game feel slightly newer.

  • Didn’t anyone notice that the Prima article specifically stated that “changes would be reflected to update the HD versions of X and X-2”?

  • Ricardo Garcia

    Wrong, in the original post they say they took the screenshots from a PS2 in 720p, or maybe they also meant that they took them from a emulator like PCSX2. I also want this remaster more than any other Final Fantasy, because from all of them this was the one who was downscaled the most on PS2.

  • Robert Johnson

    Needs a remake not a remaster, I like the first 20 hours but the game is allot longer than that and it all just breaks down. Story needs tweaked also with a damn better ending.

    • Rin Satsu

      *a lot

      • Robert Johnson

        LOL hmmmm use a dictionary and look up allot.

        • Rin Satsu

          It means “to distribute”, it’s not a replacement for “a lot” you fucking retard.

  • (Umar) Must be Cipher

    Maybe it’s just remastered screenshots 😛

  • AvanStrike

    yes please be true. FF12 was a great and un-appreciated game.

    • ikr right , I loved it when first played it on PS2 , I think I still have it somewhere

  • Josh Danby

    Also my original deluxe hardback guide for FFXII here only comes in at 337 pages. Although the extra pages may be artwork and stuff.

    • Ricardo Garcia

      It could also be the extra stuff if includes Zodiak Job International.

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