Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Screenshot Comparison With Original Release

Square Enix has just dropped a huge news silently and announced Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster for the PS4. This remaster will feature plenty of new changes including re-worked music, dual-audio support and improved graphics. Along with the announcement, we also had out first look at the upcoming HD Remaster in the form of a trailer.

Since there is gameplay footage of the remaster, we decided to see how it compares to the original release. Along with the improvements that have been made, particularly with the textures and resolution, the remaster also adds has some new effects namely depth of field and motion blur. You can find a comparison between the two different version of the game below.

Top is the original version while bottom is the remaster for the animated GIFs below.

This upcoming remaster doesn’t appear to feature any drastic changes unlike Final Fantasy X
X-2 HD Remaster, which might please some of the hardcore series fans. The character models appear to remain the same while the graphics are tweaked to improve the shadows, textures and effects like depth of field are used to improve some of the in-game cutscenes.

The most important part of this announcement is that fans will be finally able to play the International Zodiac Job System for the first time in English. This was previously exclusive to Japan and never made it to the West. The Zodiac Age is based on this new version of the game that fundamentally changes the gameplay of the original with a new level up system.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is set for a release in 2017 for the PS4.

  • Joshua Pirog

    Don’t notice much of a change outside of saturation levels. Don’t know why they bother touting these as remasters, there’s not enough new, from a graphics perspective, to consider it such.

    • Gilbertify

      Do you even lighting/hair textures?

    • Turn Into Liquid

      Watch the trailer in motion. It’s a marked improvement. Plus, one of my biggest gripes of the original was how horrible the dialog recording was, and apparently that’s been cleaned up. Finally, the characters won’t sound like they’re talking in tin cans.

  • Waiting for the inevitable PC version, I would like to support one of my favorite games on the greatest platform. Improvement wise not much as the emulated version with sweetfx looks about the same.

    • strifeo

      Lmao you sound like a right sad nerd

      • Casper

        You are a troll

        • Fleming_007

          He’s a console peasant actually.

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          • ayylmao

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          • Fleming_007

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    • Super Space Marine

      Oh I didn’t know that sweetFX re-renders the FMV’s in 1080p, gives everything higher-res textures, fixes the awful pop-in problems, adds high quality DOF and remasters the voices and soundtrack.

      Hint: It doesn’t. I’ve played through the IZJS version in 4k using PCSX2, it looks amazing, but this here is quite a step up regardless. Not to mention that this version will also have true 7.1 sound support, SSAO and some other benefits.

      Hopefully we won’t have to wait for a PC release too long.

      • I am not sure where you are pulling out all that from but they are definitely not from these screenshots or the trailer. Please give me the source where you got all these extra info from. And you can inject even ENB’s and use custom shaders in PCSX2 and can push it even higher. I am frankly quite sick of people like this, all I did was judge based on the images don’t get all defensive over nothing.

      • Keep your goddamn sarcasm to yourself. I don’t appreciate it.

        • Super Space Marine

          And I don’t appreciate sharing of false information, yet you still did it.

          • All I made was an assumption based on the images presented above. I did not say as a matter of fact that the sweetfx version is superior. But from the images present they look about the same. If you can mistake that for facts then you need to go read up on some grammar.

          • Super Space Marine

            “Improvement wise not much as the emulated version with sweetfx looks about the same.”

            That’s what you claimed, I never said it was fact. If you can mistake that for something I never said, then you need to brush up on your reading comprehension skills.

            Also, if that was just an opinion of yours, then it was a very uneducated one, but judging from your reading comprehension issues, I can’t say I’m surprised.

          • ayylmao

            Ya got rekt son

          • Thank you. Good to know.

    • Gilbertify

      Yeah. I was freaking out when I only saw PS4. I don’t want one. It’ll inevitably come. FFX/X-2 HD already sold amazingly on Steam. 200,000 units right now. Imagine this in 4K. Looks they improved the lighting and put some sort of filter on the game. Looks nice.

    • askjiir

      You’re pathetic