Final Fantasy XV’s GameStop Promo Shows No Sign Of Delay, Lists Original Date

Final Fantasy XV is rumored to be delayed to November 29, 2016. This makes it around 2 months delay for the game on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Square Enix had earlier confirmed the release date of the game in a huge marketing event called Uncovered Final Fantasy XV. The release date that was confirmed at the end of the event was September 30th. Since the event was a huge deal at that time, there was no doubt that Square Enix was seriously committed to this release schedule.

Final Fantasy XV rumored to be delayed to November 29th

Just yesterday, it was reported that the game will be now delayed to November 29th even though it was originally set for a release on September 30th.

Since the source of the rumor was a GameStop employee, some users were quick to point out that the marketing material at GameStop still has the old release date listed for the game. NeoGAF user Dominator, who works at GameStop, also confirmed that they received new promo material just two days ago and the release date was still listed as September 30th. Our friends at Game Zone believe that this rumor might be fake according to the information they received from their sources.

final-fantasy-xv-gamestop-promo-new (1) final-fantasy-xv-gamestop-promo-new (2)

In any case, we might get be able to hear more about Final Fantasy XV at the upcoming Gamescom. If the game is delayed, we will possibly get an official announcement from Square Enix at Gamescom.

Let us know what you think about this rumor regarding the delay of the game in the comments below.

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  • Ryley

    Its now around 2:00pm on August 15th in Japan and all the stores over there are also still showing the September 30th release date.

  • adam thiry

    delay means a cancellation of preorder for me

  • Ryley

    New posters just went up in my local gamestop. Date is still September 30th

  • CivilFreedom1776

    as i see it if its truly delayed (nov 29th worst date to delay it too due to december releases) they should give everyone that preordered months ago free season pass !!!

    but i take this with a grain of salt seeing how SE would have made an announcement within 24 hours about a possible delay , not to mention the sources for the delay are not well known and could not be credible !!!!

  • Who to believe :[