Final Fantasy XV Demo PS4 vs. Xbox One Comparison Shows Identical Visuals, Lower Resolution

Square Enix has released a new demo for Final Fantasy XV in Japan titled ‘Judgment Disc’. This demo contains the entire first chapter of the game but it also removes some of the sidequests while retaining the majority of the combat. It is a good way to test the game before it launches on November 29th.

Since this demo runs the final retail build of the game, we can have an idea of the difference between the PS4 and Xbox One version of Final Fantasy XV by taking direct-feed screenshots from both version of the game.

The big difference that is visible right away is that the Xbox One version of the game is blurry, due to the lower resolution, compared to the PS4 version of the game. This was pretty much expected after it was confirmed that the game will run at dynamic resolution going as low as 792p to 900p depending on render load on the engine. The PS4 version, meanwhile, runs at dynamic resolution between 900p to 1080p. This means that at its worst, the PS4 version can drop to as low as the best on the Xbox One.

ffxv-judgment-disc-comp2-1 ffxv-judgment-disc-comp2-2 ffxv-judgment-disc-comp8-1 ffxv-judgment-disc-comp8-2ffxv-judgment-disc-comp6-1 ffxv-judgment-disc-comp6-2

While the core visuals are identical, aside from some slight difference in the shadow rendering distance, the texture quality and the anti-aliasing appears to be a match. The frame rate holds up very well on the Xbox One, just like it does for the PS4. So in this way, Square Enix has done a remarkable job after the Platinum Demo to bring the frame rate closer to 30 fps on both platforms.

The key difference here is that lower resolution results in a slightly blurry look for the Xbox One, but there aren’t major visual difference here aside from the resolution and the frame rate remains stable 30 fps on both platforms. If you want to get Final Fantasy XV on any platform, the PS4 has better IQ due to higher resolution, but the Xbox One version is also a good choice aside from the lower resolution, We do know that PS4 Pro will benefit from the better hardware, we can already see it in this comparison which highlights the visual difference between PS4 Pro and the OG PS4, but if you only have an Xbox One, then you can play Final Fantasy XV perfectly fine on it.

Final Fantasy XV will be released on November 29th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

  • Mckenzie Redford

    This is a microcosm of Sony’s overall strategy to sell resolution differences as a primary factor in this “next gen” console race. And, it’s effective, albeit inaccurate. There’s obviously more attention that went into PS4/PS4Pro than into Xbox One / Xbox One S. Konami/Kojima has a similar relationship with Sony’s gaming division that exemplified this same nonsense with Metal Gear. Games like Forza Horizon 2 and 3, or Forza 5 and 6, even Quantum Break that was a giant flop shows these resolutions are not only achievable at 30+ FPS, but achieve more polish when played on Xbox One S – see Gears, Watch Dogs 2 and Forza Horizon 3. Again, it’s smart and logical for Sony’s gaming division to leverage their domestic partners but it’s idiotic for gamers to think PS4/PS4 Pro is a above and beyond due to some minor resolution differences that are a result of move time vested by Square in PS4/PS4 Pro. I know this because I happen to be one of those idiots that gave into this and bought a PS4 for Uncharted. It’s still the greatest next gen game I’ve played, but the resolution is an insignificant factor in that experience. However, since Uncharted, my PS4 has done more than collect dust. It’s become non-existent. I actually traded my only PS4 controller in for a Scuff controller for my Xbox One S. I don’t even think Sony realizes how effective this disparity in resolution has been for their gaming division. It comes down to common sense, when more time and investment dollars goes into developing a game for PS4/PS4 Pro, then it’s counter intuitive for that same development team to then quickly adhere to X1’s architecture…so, when it’s harder to develop for or doesn’t respond well to the same PS4 approach, then consumers see that as , “ah…that must mean PS4 is a superior machine…”

  • J.j. Barrington

    Can’t be identical if the resolution is different.

  • Kate Briga

    It cannot be identical when PS4 runs it at higher resolution (including all assets),.. So the title is pretty damn stupid,.. Hell why not have it at 480P ,.. if the visuals are identical,..
    PS4 version just looks better,.. and that is that.

  • Niko Zelenik

    You can’t really get a real feeling about graphics with compressed footage LOL