Final Fantasy XV Director Reveals That Players Complained That Cindy Was “Too Sexy”

Final Fantasy XV Director Hajima Tabata recently held an Active Time Report providing more details about the player’s feedback from the demo, and he also shared their main complaints and issues with the demo.

According to Hajime Tabata, each region had a different complaint with the demo. For North American players, the complaint was centered around the voice of Noctis, which sounded too much like Batman. He clarified that the voice overs were not done in time for the demo and the final game will have improved voice overs.

For the players in Europe, their main complaint was that Cindy was “too sexy” the way she was dressed despite being a mechanic.


Hajime Tabata was keen on defending her design stating that “she’s actually not meant to be an erotic character” and more of a outgoing character who is a mechanic as well. They have no current plans to change her concept but they will make sure to “maintain the boundary” by moderating the way she is presented in the game, removing any sexual themes since this is not the way she is meant to be looked in the game.

Finally if you have missed this news, Tabata also revealed that a new updated version of the Episode Duscae demo is set to release in mid-to-late May and will feature improved combat. You can read more about the demo update from here.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • deathwish

    A mechanic, don’t generalize, also some mechanics tend to scam, maybe Cindy just flashes her cleavage so that she can get a better deal

  • GBwiz

    Europe claimed that? What a load of nonsense… If “Europe” did then at least don’t include the UK in that statistic because we aren’t offended by such stupid things XD Cindy just looks like a Final Fantasy character… I mean look at Tifa, no one ever complained about Tifa right?

  • Stiggie

    Are we living back in puritan times? Grow up people, humans like sex, get over it.

  • Tim Robillard

    They should just offer players the option to change her into an outfi that’s much less reavling. It’s not wrong for us to each have our own preferences as to the amount of nudity we are exposed to in our daily lives. The game makers should rather take into consideration that many players don’t want to have see Cindy’s bare chest and underwear every time they’re at the garage.
    We love women, but a lot of us would rather appreciate their physical beauty without needing to have it flaunted directly in our faces (It’s not necessarily “modest apparel” to be honest). She is a pretty iconic and noticeable part of FFVX, so it really isn’t asking a lot of Square to add 2-3 different mechanic outfits for us to dress her in (seeing as her current one is quite telling, distracting, and potentially annoying to some players).

  • Andrew Logue

    Its not that she is too sexy. She just acts like a stripper, and its insulting to women. Whats worse is that Cid lets her dress like that while she is working. He must be a pervert, nobody would let their daughter dress like that at work, unless you owned a strip club.

    • Eden

      I don’t know what world you live in but, majority of the women in the world are whores (or worse). Any woman complaining about how Cidney looks is massive hypocrite if they’ve ever worn short shorts or bikinis. And the men complaining are hypocrites as well simply because they’ve probably fapped to women more sexually suggestive than this.

      People complaining about this tend to figure that this is Final FANTASY with fantasy being the key word. This is a fictional world with fashion that isn’t based on our world. Let the mechanic be a guy with no shirt and a six pack and there wouldn’t be a problem.

      I hope the people of this world will take these bitches off the pedestal already, we’ve spent an entire year suffering through “sexual objectification” articles and “girls can do it too” movies. Women are the bane of any logical man’s existence at this point and it seems like it’s only getting worse. Who cares if Cidney is sexy, at least give me a reason to actually care because honestly, if she wasn’t sexy I wouldn’t give a fuck.

  • for all of Europe’s bitching that America is too strict when it comes to sexuality, their main complaint was that Cindy was dressed too sexy.


  • Kratos Aurion

    Dude needs a haircut!

  • J.L

    Male and female mechanics do unzip the top parts of their coveralls when it gets hot, so I could excuse that as pretty realistic – but then, having grown up with sisters, I know that Cindy’s bra is incredibly ill-fitting and with all that physical movement, a real female mechanic would be spending every 5 seconds using her elbow to make sure her boob isn’t falling out.

    No excuse for the shorts though. ACTUAL shorts would be around the knee for men and women, since you don’t want a ton of bare skin while crawling around on the ground. And hey, there are blazing hot exhausts and sharp metal you might come into contact with that’s all around the waist level, so having your thighs exposed isn’t a smart move.

    Final Fantasy isn’t known for practical outfits, but this entry has the guys in relatively modest outfits. We get one dude with his jacket open revealing his abs. but while Cindy is introduced in a sexualized manner (reduced to her ass while she’s bent over) and is generally flirty and moves provocatively, the shirtless dude is a fighter and is never given fanservice i.e there’s no scene of his muscles rippling while he’s bathing while his ass is peeking out from the water.

    This character is pure fanservice, and seems to be based off Daisy Duke. All the comments about how mechanics would totally strut around with their ass cheeks literally hanging out because ~it’s hot~ are ridiculous. Cindy’s design is meant to show off her face/hair, legs, and as much boob and ass as possible without being nude. That’s it. She could very well be a ~strong female character~, but let’s call a spade a spade when it’s a glaringly obvious spade.

    • Alana

      Very well said.

  • icewolfreal

    oh come on make an option in game for those who are gays and do not like her chest and for the normal ones who want to see it and the problem is solved 90+ comments for a week job for this option(maybe even less)

  • Alejandro Monteagudo

    ¿Complaining? Who the fuck complains about that. OK She’s hot and has a cleavage, so? There is porn out there if you want to see naked women, there is hentai if you want cartoon porn and there is even computer animated porn if that’s what you want, stop obsessing about videogames.

  • Isashi

    honestly, i think she’s sexy! What I cant figure out is why is what’s the problem with that!? Sexy is common nowadays in female characters (lara croft, bayonneta, even online games that let you costumize the breasts size). Final fantasy have strong links to anime style (hairs, strange clothes etc) and everyone knows how females are on animes! I dont see any problem with Gladiolus either! call it fanservice if you want to.

  • ChatWraithShichi

    All those costumes look pretty original, imo.

    They aren’t isolated characters either. In FFX, all the guado dress like seymour; They’re swamp people with garish robes.

    Tidus and wakka are wearing what amounts to protective sports gear. Rikku is wearing a bikini. All 3 of those characters frequently swim ingame and wouldn’t obviously be wearing robes like seymour does.

    Fran is a rabbit. I don’t even need to touch that.

    You also posted a picture of rikku in her beastmaster class. All of the characters look weird in that on purpose. They look weird in the other classes too since they’re not the class they’re supposed to be.

    I didn’t like FF12 at all, so i hesitate to defend their designs, but they’re going for incorporating one article of clothing as armor. Every character has one. It might not be real-world chic, but calling it “ugly” straight out suggests you’re not willing to experiment. If every hero and main character wore something ala medieval armor realism or modern day clothing, it’d get real boring really fast.

    In each game, there’s a motif that follows wardrobe. If the world is very zany and ridiculous, the clothing will be too.

    In FF15, the world is very structured, plain, businesslike. Thus, formula.

    • merri

      I’m sorry, I thought we were speaking of Cidney’s lewdness.

      • ChatWraithShichi

        I don’t think it’s horribly lewd, it just seems extraneous, like a buttcrack sticking out.

        Daisyduke mechanic girl is so cliche. It’s not that it’s demeaning, they have plenty of boobed women and scantily clad girls (and men) across the FF universe. This one is just kind of like “really? why?” It’s somehow more blatant than any other depiction.

        It could be because of the closeups without any tongue-in-cheek. Usually when japanese games show breasts, there’s some really campy ZOOM, and blush/nosebleed, uguuu overdoing of the fact. This has none of that.

  • Amanda

    It’s a little different given that her clothing style is more realistic than the characters in your “example”. I’m an attractive female that works on cars, and if I dressed like that, I’d most-likely get a severe injury. You don’t have to have your underwear or boobs out to be sexy anyway.

    • merri

      True, but why doesn’t this standard apply to combatants?

      • ChatWraithShichi

        Cidney is supposed to join the party at some point. They didn’t say whether she’d be combat or not, but it’s probably for the reason that if you get stomped on/set on fire/shot/sliced, it doesn’t matter if your pants or coat are zipped up. Edit: Mobility? idk

        • merri

          Okay, so all the sexy combatants of FF can be sexy, but a mechanic can’t because Amanda would get a severe injury from not zipping up her coveralls?

        • GBwiz

          You have no idea what you’re talking about….. It is not the real world…. it is specifically a FANTASY game, therefore character outfits should not represent their real life counterparts, should be unique and not realistic…

  • lilwassy

    Really too sexy first time I’ve heard of men complaining about girls being sexy. If she seemed sexy to you I think it is you who inflated the idea.

  • Vallen

    I liked how Noct sounds, please don’t give him a wimpy voice…

  • Grampy_Bone

    Yes, this is so unrealistic. In real life all women everywhere are fat blubbery landwhales. Thin, pretty, attractive women do not exist. Stop setting impossible standards Square!

    • Kevin Sebastian Li

      Stop using logic, you shitlord!

    • Amanda

      Um, I look like this, and work on cars, but I don’t need to dress like a whore to be sexy.

    • ChatWraithShichi

      I think he means the tanline.

    • J.L

      I mean, when has Final Fantasy ever had a fat, homely woman strutting around in shorts and her boobs hanging out while being a central secondary character?

      • Grampy_Bone

        Well there was Queen Brahne in FF9

        • deathwish


  • Anonymous

    Cidney too sexy? Before we get into that, why don’t we get into another “too sexy” problem that’s right in front of us. Look at Gladiolus, he doesn’t even dress properly like his other friends. He shows too much skin, he’s too sexy. Dammit, change his design! He’s an over sexualized character!

    Just kidding xD

  • Harrison Jaegermeister

    The complainers are probably SJW’s who wants gayass shit in the game and probably never played the demo.

  • Jesus Christ

    Grow up Harriet.

  • Mothetra

    Why is it not okay for Cidney to dress like that but it’s okay for that one guy with a 20 pack to dress as he does?

  • Kenuty

    Comon now it’s a freakin video game in an imaginary world where imaginations run rampant
    This isn’t real life and they aren’t trying to use sex to sell you the game AT ALL from what I’ve played in the demo.

    Your job is to play the game not tell him how to do his work.
    Just as your job as a person who view art is to appreciate it not tell the painter that he should had done this or that.
    With the amount of closed minded individual now or days. I would not be surprised that in the future people will forget spoons are accompanied by forks being dinner utensils.

    • Ophel

      I hope they don’t change her outfit cause of this SJWS retards.But most devs tend to cave in to them.Even if they are just a loud minority.

  • plasmacutter

    “Players” didn’t say jack squat, feminists who wouldn’t be caught dead within 100 meters of a gaming department let alone log into the game were saying this, and they can go to hell.

    I’m tired of these harridans attacking anything catering to male sexuality. Male sexuality is not evil or toxic and should not be vilified and suppressed.

    • i23sonny

      The surveys were locked to people who purchased Type-0+Episode Duscae and registered their game’s Square Enix code. The results are from Europe, Japan and US markets.

      • Kevin Sebastian Li

        I’m betting those complaining about the sexiness mainly came from Europe and the US.

  • Sandra Holm-Johansen

    Does anyone not remember first impressions of Tifa? She “only” ended up being one of the most beloved and lovable female characters out there. This could end up being similar, with people having to eat their words and all.

    • merri

      Some people wrote Cindy off as soon as they saw how much sex appeal she had in her design. Those people claim that all this sex appeal is objectifying, yet they are the ones that dismiss all other traits and components of her character because of this one aspect, while people, who don’t perceive sexuality and titillation like 2nd-graders, haven’t presumed anything of her character outside of just her looks, and don’t seem to judge or dismiss those other aspects just because she’s sexy.

      The politically correct (ironically so), double standard-addled people think a sexy person is an object by default, while those that don’t mind her sex appeal do not dismiss her character automatically because of it.

      Yeah, call me immature for changing my views about unrealistic sex design in games, but it’s at least equally disparaging to dismiss a character because of her sexiness, especially when this has been rampant in FF, and indiscriminately of gender.

      • Alana

        She could well be an interesting character, but it’s not a double-standard to be annoyed about overly sexualised female characters. I mean, is it really necessary? Why must every single female character be showing her ass, or her cleavage, or wearing clothing so minuscule that she could pack for a month in a thimble? Are erections an integral part of gaming for you?

    • J.L

      They changed her design though. Her giant gag boobs and ass revealing shorts were changed in Advent Children so she was covered up.

      And that weird slap fight she had with Scarlet in FF7 is still a disgrace to her character.

      • Whatever happened to the characters in the FFVII compilation wasn’t my point though 😉 my point was that people’s first impressions of Tifa was that of a slutty character whose purpose was to wear revealing clothing and possibly be flirty. But when people got to know Tifa’s character, they/we realised this was very far from the truth, and that actually Aerith, the one dressed so modestly, was the pushy flirty character. It could be similar with Cindy/Cidney, she could end up being everyone’s favourite character, regardless of how she looks. I like her a lot so far. Seems funny, independent, doesn’t respond to the boys’ advances, and isn’t afraid of being herself. That’s what we know from 5 minutes. We’ll get to know her more through an entire game.

  • Damjan Šalov

    Tabata, leave her design as it is, fuck Kotaku and fuck those European SJW’s, it’s because of European’s bullshit religious ideologies back at the time we never got Xenogears in PAL regions in the first place, give her camel toe shots if you have to, don’t let yourself get suckered in to that censorship bullshit

  • i23sonny

    I’m a male, and yes she is great to look at… but I’ve never seen girls dress like that in the general public. Does this game need sex to sell it? I don’t think so. I thought that the franchise was above this, and yeh, I was disappointed. She can be sexy, fine, but her outfit is too exaggerated. She loses credibility being objectified liked that.

    Obviously, there are plenty of other things out there if you need that fix… So I’m all for her sex appeal being ‘toned down’ to a ‘realistic level’

    • Shippoyasha

      But I have seen girls dress even lewder than that even in the streets. Just normal, everyday people at that.
      And to be fair, FF characters has always been eyecandy even in the earliest FF games. The only limitation being the system power to show them off.

      • i23sonny

        Not sure where you live, but most everywhere else I think doesn’t have females walking around like this. (Otherwise in photos of places around the world you would just see these ‘tarts’ around commonly, but that’s not the case obviously lol)

        At a beach, a bikini, perfectly fine, it makes sense. But as a mechanic that’s supposed to be working? Why is she dressed so provocative? She is wearing a jacket, that doesn’t go lower than her chest.. that she decides to leave open… so her breasts are out. And shorts… that still reveal her panties anyway haha. Come on lol.

        Past FF games fashion were more fantasy than reality unlike this. But even then, it made a bit more sense. Also, there were CG scenes and artwork etc. to show, so I don’t believe there was a system limitation knowing what the characters wore.

        • Shippoyasha

          Well, in the NES and SNES days, the designs never really showed through. Especially where there were a lot of sexual designs but were simply not possible to translate that. I feel FF7-9 was more in keeping with those limitations (especially with the low polygon pushing power of PS1) and they worked with simple designs for the most part.
          As for clothing sensibility, it definitely is way more mainstream even in cities now, in my experience. Especially during warmer climates. I can barely even register such clothing as very ‘tart’ personally. Then again, maybe I just have a higher tolerance for sexual expression.
          Yeah, her design is definitely sexual, though I would say the boy characters are as well. I’m guessing with the kind of clothing and the vegetation we’ve seen so far out of the game, it’s likely a pretty warm climate overall. But I wouldn’t be against Cidney wearing different types of clothes depending on weather or zipping up in night time.

          • i23sonny

            Interesting. Yeh I guess I understand if the reason is for the climate. I would probably even be more comfortable if it was a flirt scene and she was acting the part. But since it’s out of context it’s a bit weird.

            I do agree the clothing of games past has been sexy or revealing at times also though. But it probably hit home this time around for people because of the familiarity with real life clothing the characters now have. So people complained.

          • Kain Yusanagi

            SNES? Designs not showing through? Please go back and play Final Fantasy V and VI then see if you can make that statement again.

          • Shippoyasha

            They kind of were limited to the character portrait and a few enemy art though. But they did a good job remaking that in newer editions to be fair.

          • Kain Yusanagi

            “few” enemy art? All the enemies had very high detail art, as did the espers, and the character portraits. And then there’s the combat backgrounds and overworld maps, not to mention the regular map zone designs as well.

          • master

            The girls are very sexy on SNES

        • gfgfgdfg

          Well in china girls wear short shorts since they don’t have much cleavage to show. you gonna see 1 girl out of 5 wearing shorts like this in the summer. get out of your bubble. let women dress like they want, let designer design like they want. do you tell a painter not to paint nude because people usually wear clothes?

          • i23sonny

            The reason being as the devs touched on. Her sexiness showing her cleavage bra and underwear undermines the credibility of the character. They used the word ‘erotic’ but saying she isnt meant to be that. Not that erotic is wrong, but that its out of place here. They want to portray ‘outgoing’ they said.

            Unfortunately yes, there are limits to art. Imagine the uproar if they put a rape scene just because they can, out of context etc. It’s just how it is

          • master

            American girls wear shorts like that every day.

          • Amanda

            Not all of them.

          • master

            Only the hot ones people care about.

          • Alana

            This isn’t women dressing how they want, this is old men drooling over fictional and sexualised depictions of women because they seem to think that ‘if you’re gonna have a woman around, you may as well get an old man erection out of it’.

    • Anonymous

      Well, the key is the “General Public” here. She is a mechanic, and how she dresses where she works. I don’t know if you live somewhere cold or the people there are just badass that they can stand the heat, but at where I’m at, most mechanics I’ve seen are shirtless, just wearing pants.

      Well, I’ve yet to see any female mechanics in real life, but if I were close-minded like you, I would call this game bullshit to even have a female mechanic

      • i23sonny

        Sorry if I came as close minded, I just stated how I saw things, but I wasn’t closed to other opinions. (You can see the other comment chain)

        I haven’t seen a topless male mechanic either, but probably just due to different people and culture in our locations, I don’t doubt that you have. I’ve also encountered girls working on cars coincidentally, so I’m not surprised by that, especially with the growing parity in this day and age.

        But I’m not naive either, she is dressed sexy, and many other people think so too. And to a point that otherwise we wouldn’t of heard this news, and neither would have the devs.

    • Let’sBeFriends

      I’ve seen women walk around in way less in the summer, or around coastal towns.

    • plasmacutter

      Stop with the self loathing please.

      Given the choice between a game with sexiness and a game without, all else equal, guess which one I’ll buy, and PROUDLY.

      So long as movies can have shirtless hemsworth and shirtless jackman, anyone objecting to sexy women in media as “objectification” is simply bigoted against men.

      Your stance will not make feminists want to date you or take you to bed, my poor, misled young man.

      • i23sonny

        lol. Sorry but your assumption is wrong. I’ve been in a relationship for a few years. It’s interesting how defensive people are getting about this though! haha

        I said on the other comment, if it was a flirt or romance scene and she was like that I would’nt really say anything as that would be in context. I’m not against being sexy. I just think her attire is a bit random here. If it helps, I question why Gladiolus is topless aswell, his original design wasn’t lol.

        I’m the one here that is ‘for’ a girl being dressed more appropriately haha so i dont expect the popular vote. But i knew it would be flooded with comments against her covering up. So I commented my understanding of ‘why’ for the other side for a bit of balance and insight for others.

        All in all, if it was in context i wouldn’t complain really. I’m down for a Final Fantasy with romance and a sex scene. But Cidney just looks like a slut haha, and as the devs mentioned, that wasn’t their aim…

        • gfgfgdfg

          people are defensive because it is about freedom of expression in art. you can have full on sex scenes in movies but cleavage in a video game should be removed?

    • tokyozombie

      and not all men wear just a jacket with no shirt to show how ripped he is. oh wait, your argument is only the female characters in games…

      • i23sonny

        I did question why is Gladio now topless. His earlier designs weren’t.

        Its okay i didn’t expect you to read all the comments. The article topic is Cidney though.

        • gfgfgdfg

          for the same reason you see the girl cleavage. its attractive to a certain demographic.

          • Alana

            Maybe she breathes through her skin… or is allergic to clothing…

      • Bedknobs_and_Boomsticks

        The more pressing issue is, why is that guy sporting 90s tribal tats in 2015?

    • gfgfgdfg

      idk what streets you go but i see girls dressed like that almost every day and i wont blame them for deciding for themselves what they can and cannot wear.

    • master

      Hair is way to short to be sexy.

  • Jason Mounce

    No fictional female is allowed to be sexy, or ‘too sexy’ and have any cleavage showing! Just like there’s obviously no women in the world who’re either sexy or too sexy and also there’s no females that ever show the upper regions of their breasts.

    The nerve of square.

    • Ultima-X

      Please tell me that’s sarcasm. Or are you people really that sensitive over seeing someones body.

      • Jason Mounce

        Yes, sarcasm. Immense sarcasm. I’d have thought the last sentence would give it away blatantly.

    • ChatWraithShichi

      I mean in this case, how many mechanics do you know that walk around with their cleavage out….?

      I assume they would simply change this to a halter-top or camisole or something. Her personality/acting/etc would remain the same, but this is becoming a trend both with their new mobile game becoming de-sexified and now this. Yoshitaka amano generally draws people really really scantily clad, so even back in the golden age of FF, balance was necessary.

      Boobs are nice. Real nice. I don’t think I really need/want them here any more than noctis’ asscrack hanging out or having a wedgie/underwear protruding etc etc. There’s more practical mechanic attire than that. There’s no possible creative purpose to that costume beyond “we wanna see boobs”.

      In most cases, revealing costumes tend to make sense.

      • Anonymous

        Just asking, where do you live and how’s the mechanic out there.
        At where I’m at, there are no female mechanics, or at least I’ve never seen one yet. But most the male mechanics are shirtless and only wear pants.

        You really need to be more open to the world outside yours.

        • ChatWraithShichi


          I know two female mechanics. One of whom I went to highschool with. You need to be more open to the world you’re in. Have you ever had to take your car to be fixed? Do you have a car?

          I’ve taken mine to be fixed in 90+ degree weather and the mechanic was still wearing his coveralls and white t-shirt because that’s his work uniform.

          • Ophel

            Damn you are right.Square should remove magic,monsters and anything that is fictional from FFXV.Cause magic doesn’t exists and replace it with real life soldiers fighting terrorists.If you die you shoot yourself in the head cause well in real life soldiers die after getting shoot.IT’S A VIDEOGAME.Stop trying to apply logic in a fantasy world.But why do i even bother you are just another pussy ass SJW whinner.

          • ChatWraithShichi

            Nice hyperbole. It doesn’t help your point. We’re talking about characters, not monsters.

            In every single FF game, the characters have believable personality, and tons of background each to explain their attire and abilities. There’s always been logic behind square’s design choices in final fantasy. That’s what makes it good. People put thought into what they do, it’s just that not all decisions are best.

            Similarly, you didn’t think your argument through, because you refer to unrelated nonsense and drop the word ‘terrorist’ like you swore and it made you tougher. Go watch some porn, kiddo. Fap real hard.

          • merri

            “In every single FF game, the characters have believable personality, and tons of background each to explain their attire and abilities.”

            You say that as if their attire hasn’t often been sexy and/or horrendous looking.

          • ChatWraithShichi

            Horrendous is entirely opinionated. You might mean original, or atypical. Often sexy, sometimes. Lulu had huge boobs because she’s loosely based off of a succubus theme, LeBlanc had revealing clothing because she’s a caricature of pop idolatry, but there are also characters scantily clad like Adel from FF8 that you couldn’t possibly say is sexy by any female standard.

            Half the characters in FF12 have revealing clothing because they live in a desert. Yuna, from FFX is dressed conservatively to reflect her religious association and reserved personality, while Rikku wears a bikini, because you can’t swim in pants/dress. in FF7 Tifa/Yuffie/Aeris are dressed befitting their fighting styles and real-world influence as well. Notice that FF games made during the 90’s employ a lot of denim, midriff-shirts, and chunky sneakers in their character design – just as trends were at the time.

          • merri

            “Half the characters in FF12 have revealing clothing because they live in a desert.”

            If you want to get THIS pedantic, and arguable with semantics, then I’ll go ahead state, or posit at least, that exposing more of the body in extreme climates is actually less efficient, more damaging, more dangerous, etc.

          • ChatWraithShichi

            They have things like vests, like aladdin. He’s got pants, but he wears an open-chested vest.

          • Omar Beydoun

            Wow you sound like a long-winded fool. You’re grasping at straws and failing to convey any effective message. What a tool.

            @ Chat

          • ChatWraithShichi

            I feel like I don’t need to point out the fact that the the strong majority opinion is that Cindy needed to be toned down.

            When a mass amount of people disagree with you, you aught to consider why that might be. Regardless, this post is two weeks old.
            Why are you trolling cold articles?

          • Anonymous

            Seriously, if you want to complain about Cidney’s appearance, at least stick with your point. I can counter your examples easily using your own “principals”.

            In the desert? Well, I’ve never been to a desert before, but you’re far to exposed to the sun like that, and it’s dangerous. You argue about what clothes are for before, and I’m going to use it against you, it gives you protection. DO YOU WEAR CLOTHES? And that Aladdin example, he live at a TOWN in the desert, not sunbathing in the open desert like that.

            Reflects her religious? WTF? NOW you’re open to religious differences?

            Bikini so you can swim? Have you ever heard of a full body swimsuit?

            Dress befitting their fighting styles? Have you seen one of their “younger version” when she haven’t learn how to fight. But regarding to fighting, have you been to a martial arts school? More importantly, have you tried it?

          • ChatWraithShichi

            “he live at a town in the desert”

            Yeah, religious. Yuna was a summoner for Yu Yevon, one of the major religious groups in FFX. That was a huge theme of FFX: the struggle of faith versus atheism. Her clothing reflected that.

            Rikku had a full-body swimsuit as well for deep-diving, in the intro. She took it off after since it’s burdensome on land, but they still swim. If she took off her diving suit and had full pants on, that’d be weird, or she’d have to change constantly ingame.

            I’ve studied various martial arts? (do u even lift lol omg) Yuffie has her cast-looking ninja-tool storage arm and headband, Tifa has boxer shorts+gloves, Aerith/Aeris is again a conservative religion-inspired caster with a dress and staff.

          • Anonymous

            I’m guessing you don’t even study science.

            Again, you’re fine with different religious view, yet you’re so close-minded to cultural differences

            So apparently just because it’s a burden then it’s ok? Wearing Cidney’s uniform and working around cars like that and it’s possible that it’s outside would prove more of a burden than wearing full body swimsuit.

            “do u even lift” This question is more suited for you. Are you that skinny that you have to take off all your clothes to move properly. And by your comment, you obviously haven’t studied any martial arts, heck, you look like you don’t know anything about martial arts

            Aerith’s dress isn’t really open like the others, so I won’t say much about it except the same reason as Yuna’s.

          • ChatWraithShichi

            I was being facetious. You proved my point.

          • gfgfgdfg

            ”In every single FF game, the characters have believable personality, and tons of background each to explain their attire and abilities. There’s always been logic behind square’s design choices in final fantasy.”

            i don’t think you’ve played final fantasy very much. Typical for a game-hating, pink haired SJW

          • ChatWraithShichi

            FF8 they wear military uniforms, FFX they wear swimwear since…they swim. FF1 through 5 involved costuming almost purely to show you what abilities the character had equipped. There was rationale.

            I think you think you’re trolling, but you might be trolling yourself.

          • merri

            “I’ve taken mine to be fixed in 90+ degree weather and the mechanic was still wearing his coveralls and white t-shirt because that’s his work uniform.”

            I suppose it depends on the industry. Overseas, our mechanics relaxed their uniforms often.

          • Anonymous

            I’m open to our cultural differences, that’s the goddamn point of my comment. If that’s how the mechanics are at your place, then I’ll believe it. I’m saying that you need to be more open to these cultural differences.

            If I was to take your attitude, I’d say that every female mechanic characters are “bullshit” and any male mechanic who wears shirt are also “bullshit”.

            And 90 degrees is about 30+ Celcius right? At where I’m at, it’s around 40+ Celcius on a sunny day. So if you’re trying to sound like a badass, it”s not working.

          • ChatWraithShichi

            30, 40 celcius? what the fuck are you talking about?

          • Anonymous

            “I’ve taken mine to be fixed in 90+ degree weather and the mechanic was still wearing his coveralls and white t-shirt because that’s his work uniform.”

          • Skiddywinks

            Does Cindy work for a company, or herself?

            You’ve never met a female mechanic that was not ashamed of their breasts? So? I’ve never met a trans person, does that mean they can’t exist?

          • ChatWraithShichi

            Ashamed of their breasts has nothing to do with sticking them out there.

            My balls might get hot working in the sun, but I don’t let ’em hang out in case some hot/sharp metal hits against my body, or oil spills, or whatever. That’s what they’re for, to keep you clean/protected. Otherwise mechanics would just wear normal everyday clothes. Do you know how clothes work? DO YOU WEAR CLOTHES?

          • merri

            Balls and cleavage are not the same. Not at all a comparison. Testicles are not a component of fashion (excluding weird-ass, high fashion runway stuff) the way cleavage is. That said, I’ve known many a mechanic to work in relaxed uniform. Shirtless, undershirt on the girls. This was the military though, and it black flag regions. I imagine most civilian stuff is not the same.

            Plenty of mechanics wear normal, every day clothes often, so long as they don’t mind ruining them.

            Of all the combatants, male and female, that are showing much skin in the Final Fantasy series, this one mechanic sure seems to be causing quite the kerfuffle.

      • 2112

        when shes working she can just zip it up and have full body covered, when shes not working she unzips it so its not too hot and cramping seen that many time tho in real life its not so spectacular 🙂

      • merri

        “I mean in this case, how many mechanics do you know that walk around with their cleavage out….?”

        How many mechanics do you know that are super kawaii/drop-dead gorgeous women for that matter?

        • ChatWraithShichi

          super kawaii ? ‘drop dead gorgeous’?

          you really want to keep those digital boobs, don’t you

          • merri

            So, none then?

            No, actually, I don’t really care much. I’ve always had an eye-roll reaction to tasteless, or irrational titillation in games, but recently, arguments against it have become extremely divisive, subversive, loaded with double-standards and dismissiveness in those contexts, and also very, very accusatory and presumptuous, often even belittling to women, despite having a veneer of defensiveness toward them.

            -That-, specifically, is what I care about. That it is perfectly okay to accuse people of certain biological compositions of being incapable of engaging in a bit of titillation, or enjoying their sexuality, without being undermined, belittled, accused and derided, especially when more female-oriented industries and hobbies do exactly the same things.

            Yeah, if it’s okay for some self-professed fraud to make psychological and sexist claims, and her supporters to call it mere “conversation,” then I would rather the kids keep their boobs than the weak men and women, who belittle others with unfactual, baseless claims, masquerading as mere grievances, get their way- their way, it seems, to not actually care about any issue or non-issue that does not benefit them in some way.

          • ChatWraithShichi

            You realize that making an argument of reality v.s. videogames is hurting your argument just as much as mine.

            The character design has never directly reflected real life, but it’s generally “realistic”. I think you’re smart enough to understand that.

          • merri

            “You realize that making an argument of reality v.s. videogames is hurting your argument just as much as mine.”

            I’m not making my own argument of reality vs. videogames; I was questioning your argument by expanding upon your own analogy.

            “The character design has never directly reflected real life, but it’s generally “realistic”. I think you’re smart enough to understand that.”

            And I understand that the franchise’s designs have been absurd, sexy, and often times flat-out ugly and nonsensical throughout its entire 3D life. “Generally realistic” is not how I would describe it a majority of the time. I’m beginning to wonder if you’re talking about the industry in general, rather than this specific franchise.

          • ChatWraithShichi

            saying it’s nonsensical and ugly is opinionated nonsense, and that’s your overarching problem. Give me an example.

      • Red-x-deR

        That’s the beauty of video games, they represent ideas and fashions that aren’t real. Why would anyone complain about this. If it was anyone’s medium through which they expressed their creativity and art, who are we to complain? I like drawing sexy females, they’re fun.

        The point is, the community at large resonates this self-entitled echo that everything in the present time should be moderated, equal for everyone, and there should never be extremes on any scale, fantasy or not. This character does not affect my real life in any way, and it doesn’t affect anyone else’s real life. Why would someone complain about this design? Simply put, people at large will complain about something. Why not complain about something that actually needs changing and is tangible and real. So she’s a mechanic? So what. Who wouldn’t want a sexy woman working on their car for them? It’s fun, it’s light-hearted. Why must a rally exist around such a frivolous aspect? The amount of depth that people, especially gamers, will dig to in order to see some self-implicated justice because they don’t feel like looking at boobs on a mechanic. Get over it.

      • GBwiz

        It’s not even that….. it’s called fantasy styling… Why the fuck would she dress like a real world mechanic when she isn’t? Also I think the only real problem here are the losers that can’t keep their hands off themselves while playing a video game, end of story.

    • deathwish

      Might I point out that people are getting into a blood, sweat and tears flame war over tit jiggle? I like boobs but this is insane