Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Demo Now Live On PlayStation Store

The wait is finally over. Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo voucher can be redeemed now on the official PlayStation Store.

Those who have an early access to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD copies should be able to redeem their voucher code on the PlayStation Store, as can be seen in the tweet below.

There are multiple confirmations of the demo going live on Twitter and over at gaming forum NeoGAF. The demo download size is somewhere between 6 to 6.5 GB.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae is bundled with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. It is a short demo aimed at giving the players an early look at the game mechanics, exploration and the graphics of Final Fantasy XV.

Let us know if you have any luck with redeeming the demo on the PlayStation Store in the comments below.

  • Eli Tsunderella

    so here it goes ::

    I purchased type 0 and redeem the voucher for FF XV demo on the same day .
    However due to idk reason, I was not able to play the demo that time.
    Month passed I decided to play it.
    I have no idea where can I access the game so I decided to input the voucher code again, and as expected “it has already been used” . I kept my cool at that point but when I checked my library and downloads if there are anything pending — my heart broke 🙁

    Can anyone help me or give some advise if i missed any ? 🙁

  • Very nicely written. I’m so disappointed that the FF 15 got transferred to PS4..

  • AniHSdude

    I remember purchasing consoles solely for the playing of a new FF game in the past. I wonder if some people still do this? Hopefully this latest release plays better than it looks, THEN i’ll go get a PS4 or XB1, but im not too hopeful 🙁

    • The reason i got the so called next gen ps4 which i hardly touch at all, is for final fantasy xv and kingdom hearts 3. type 0 hd is out with xv demo but i will skip that, as it is a remake of a psp game which still graphic wise not worth the money and for a demo i would not pay full price, i waited almost 10 years i don’t mind until the full game is out

      • AniHSdude

        Is it worth buying a PS4/XB1 yet in ur opinion? Im waaaaaay out of touch tbh (all the games released nowadays seem crud imho)……tyvm 4 any reply

  • Vallen

    Now if only Canada Post would hurry up and deliver my copy of type-0 so I can download this…..sigh…

  • ^^