Final Fantasy XV Gets Info On New Monsters, Won’t Have Underwater Combat

Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has shared some new information on the in-game monsters and combat in his latest interview (Translated by Jirokichi).

According to Tabata, players will be able to fight the following monsters in the game.

Zu (Concept from Final Fantasy X)


This is a bird-like creature that is returning from past Final Fantasy games, just like Malboro. Tabata has stated that players will get into a battle instantly if they get attacked by this enemy.

Cockatrice (Concept from Final Fantasy XII)



Cockatrice had a major design change in Final Fantasy XII but they are actually birds. It seems like they will get back to flying in Final Fantasy XV since Tabata grouped them together with Zu in the way they will be able to attack players instantly.

Bull Croc (Concept from Final Fantasy XII)


The third monster can be seen on a road sign in one of the latest screenshots from Final Fantasy XV. Judging from its shape, we can confidently say that it is the Bull Croc from Final Fantasy XII.

Additionally, Tabata confirmed that the popular Final Fantasy enemies, Cactuar and Tonberry won’t make an appearance in Final Fantasy XV.

Aside from the monsters that we will be able to fight in the game, Tabata confirmed that there won’t be any sort of underwater combat in the final game, as it is not an essential factor. Personally this makes sense given how it can be difficult to get right, and if the recent games are any indication, it is better to just leave it out rather than force it like in The Witcher 3.

Final Fantasy XV is currently set for a release in 2016 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Thank god Tonberry won’t be in the game, I hated fighting those things. Why don’t they show new enemies to the Final Fantasy universe?

    • Tabata has said in an interview that he wants to go back to the root of the series i.e classic FF. So they are mostly using old enemies and all the Eidolons will be from previous FFs.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Ah ok. I mean every Final Fantasy has had mostly the same enemies as time went by, I just mean more if any new enemies at all will be introduced, I don’t mind the old enemies coming back?

    • Joey Angelo

      Aaaand a year later, Tonberries and Cactuars are confirmed!

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Haha yeah I saw a bit of game play for it. I’ll be ready for them hehe. Though tbh I found Cactuars more annoying. Will take every measure possible against Tonberry after my experience in past games. Interestingly they weren’t in X Remaster I think – playing VII again will help me refresh my memory on these things though I won’t play XV for a while. Wonder if for the next FF it’ll be more about incorporating new elements with enemies and stuff beyond game mechanics. Kind of want them to announce X-3 is in development, though I want them to say Agni’s Philosophy will actually be a FF game because I’m so mad they didn’t talk about it after that. But yeah Tonberries won’t hold me back I’m ready for whatever they throw at me now hehe. Long live Final Fantasy can’t wait for the event next month.

  • Damjan Šalov

    At least make Cactuar as an Easter egg like Cactuar chains for the car keys or something.