Final Fantasy XV’s March 7th Timed Quest Rewards, Location And Hunt Revealed

Final Fantasy XV will get new timed quest since the last update and now Square Enix has updated the timed quest section in the game to reveal a brand new quest that focuses on hunting and taking down a combinations of enemies including Malboro and Malbodoom.

The quest requires the user to complete Chapter 11 and can be accessed near Cape Caem. To locate this quest, you need to go into the main equipment screen and then check the Timed Quest section.

The rewards for this new quest are rather generous as expected and the players will gain 15,000 Exp, 500 AP, 500,000 Gil, and 5 Oracle Ascension Coins. The previous timed quest was based on hunting 100 Cactuar and Slactuar and it appears to have ended now.

This can be a tough fight especially if you don’t have the Ribbon accessory which negates any status effects unleashed by the Malboro’s bad breath attack. However if you have power leveled to 99 and above, there shouldn’t be much difficulty in attempting this quest and the reward of 500 AP makes it fully worth it.

Keep in mind that this timed quest will only last for a week from March 7th to March 14th, so make sure to complete it before the quest ends.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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  • Adam Rivera

    Wouldn’t say the Ribbon is required for all characters either so if you’re on your first playthrough, just make sure Ignis (if you’re relying on Regroup) or Noctis (if you’re relying on Wait Mode and Consumable Items to stay up) is wearing the Ribbon. The other 3 should definitely use Rainbow Pendants if you don’t have enough Ribbons. Reason is, it protects Confusion which seems to be the only status that:
    1. Makes the AI for your friends think walking in circles and hitting each other is cool.
    2. Make the AI for your friends UNABLE to use ‘First Aid Kit’ from the Recovery Ascension Tree. They won’t auto-flag or recover each other.
    3. Makes the AI for your friends UNABLE to use Techniques from the Tech Bar.
    So, get rid of Confusion by using a Rainbow Pendant if you don’t have a Ribbon because at least then, you can survive not having help in this fight like Ribbon.

    Other good items to use include:
    Black Hood (Noctis Only), Field Medicine (Noctis), One of the ‘Chamberlain’ items for Ignis. Megaphone (Gladiolus), Target Scope (Prompto).

    Each baby Molboro drops 1-2 Mega-Potions so don’t be shy to wipe a few out in moments of Peril with Gladiolus’ Impulse attack or Ignis’s Dagger & Fire Attack (can’t remember name) and utilize those in-battle drops.

    Just have Noctis focus on the 4 big Molb’s and use a massive AOE Technique or Regroup if you’re being overwhelmed in the damage department. Shouldn’t be at 99 or higher. Hope this helps.

    PSA: Also it should be made obvious that the Timed Quests don’t appear to have valid pre-requisits for New Game+ players. All the Times Quests simply have “Chapter 1 and Onward” for requirements and since I did this in Chapter 3 and NOT in Chapter 11, I’ll assume it’s the same for ALL future Timed Quests on NG+ Mode.

  • Laytham

    Easiest way is by using Ribbon & Ragnarok (Booster Pack +). Warp strike them down. And also it’s not worth farming them for exp like the cactuars since they don’t hold much exp and it’s only 4 enemies.

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