Final Fantasy XV Target Build vs. PS4 Demo Comparison Shows How the Engine Scales to Consoles

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo provides an interesting insight on how Luminous Engine can work on the current generation consoles. Since we have seen most of the pre-release footage running on a devkit instead of an actual PS4, it should be no surprise to see some of the features and graphics being toned down to meet the deadline of the demo launch on the PS4 and Xbox One.

In its current state of development, Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae is not technically perfect on either console. The developers are targeting 1080p for both consoles but currently the demo runs at 900p for the PlayS.tation 4 and sub-800p on the Xbox One. Despite this resolution, the game still drops frames and even has minor screen tearing in the Xbox One version of the game. The PS4 version is the most technically sound version of the game, which should come as no surprise based on the hardware difference between both platforms.

[twentytwenty]ffxv-comp (1) FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150317162922[/twentytwenty]

[twentytwenty]ffxv-comp (5) FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150323022402[/twentytwenty]

[twentytwenty]ffxv-comp (4) FINAL FANTASY XV EPISODE DUSCAE_20150322023256[/twentytwenty]

It is clear from watching all the pre-release videos that Episode Duscae had some features cut from it, and the pre-release videos were seen running a much more advanced version of the game engine. The geometry around the Duscae region has also received a massive change from what we saw in the pre-release footage to what we get to play in the demo. Some of the enemies are missing from the demo, that can be seen in the October 2014 walkthrough video of the game. It is unclear whether they were cut due to technical issues or just because the developers run out of time The two common enemies that can be seen are Naga and Wild Horn, both of whom are missing from the demo.

The region of Duscae also seems to be trimmed down from what we saw in the October walkthrough video. If we go back to earlier comments from the game director Hajime Tabata, he reveals that the demo was supposed to have a drivable car and it was removed from the demo in order to focus on exploration. This might explain the reduced scope in the final version of the demo.

It is apparent from the first comparison that the draw distance has been increased from the target build footage. More trees are being rendered and monsters can be easily seen in the distance. At night time, we can see cars traveling on the road from a distance, visible by their headlights. It all helps in bringing the world of Duscae to life in the demo.

While the game retains most of its graphical features as seen in the pre-release footage, some of the effects have been toned down. The lighting appears much more different here compared to the Jump Festa trailer. The foliage also seems to have been toned down in quality at places.

Like it happens with most pre-release footage, there is nothing unusual about these difference. All of these are pretty much a standard of game development, and considering the release date of the demo, it is remarkable that the developers were able to retain most of the visuals on current generation consoles. There is no doubt that Final Fantasy XV is one of the best looking open world game in its current state, and we can’t wait to play more of it once the game is officially out.

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  • Niwso

    Looks identical

  • popo123

    The lighting difference can be attributed to the night and day cycle as the footage in the target demo and the actual demo may have been in different times of day. Also the grass density is the same but the demo removes self shadowing on the grass(except plants and shrubs). It seems they added more objects(rocks, plants and grass) in the demo too compared to the target demo.

    • orangpelupa

      the grass also have less variation in the demo. About different time of day. I find that its impossible to get what the 2014 footage shown. i was trying that when making the comparison video (its still under moderation in this comment but you can look for “moreuse” on youtube).

      maybe the 2014 footage was shown with weather effect active? so it became a bit more cloudy/hazy than demo. THe demo itself have cloud coverage but it never got the “cool” look of the 2014 footage. The sun is harsher on 2015 demo.

  • Spencer

    The director said long before this demo released that this is very old code. Making this comparison seems a little silly. In another year of dev time all that will be ironed out.

  • Spencer

    The director said long before this demo released that this is very old code. Making this comparison seems a little silly. In another year of dev time all that will be ironed out.

  • xboxmaster

    scales to consoles? to console from what? because from what i know, the pc faggot version is 0p 0fps 0aa

    • Graham_Douglas

      Please retire your keyboard. Make the internet a better place by not adding your thoughts to it. Kind regards.

    • GalahadsMustache

      what are you 12? who writes shit like this?

    • Иван Мордор

      PC version – the main(it is just was not announced). Try to use google

      • xboxmaster

        yeah sureeee

        • Иван Мордор

          try to use google

    • orangpelupa

      the game was developed on PC using DX11 environment.

      • xboxmaster

        whatever makes you sleep at night, ps4 has an dx 11.3 emulator in opengl so yeaah…

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